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RoofersCoffeeShop® is constantly on the look-out to find Industry related videos to share. Videos are a terrific way for an introduction to products and services, for training or for some fun. With these video’s we are proud to educate and inform the roofing industry as only can do. Thanks to our great industry partners for helping make watching a video educational and entertaining.

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With a low investment and ease of installation, GAF coatings are a great way to grow your business, whether you’re a low slope or steep slope contractor. Welcome to the GAF Coatings Challenge with Michelle Carlin, GAF senior product manager, coatings.

Learn more, check out the GAF Pro-Blogs.

Coatings Challenge: Converting a warehouse into condominiums with a new roof.

Coatings Challenge: A structurally sound roof on a beautiful stucco building

Coatings Challenge: A steep slope roofer looks to expand his business.

Roof cover boards are often overlooked in a project, but they are crucial to protecting a building. Watch the video below to learn about the need for cover boards, the different types and how they defend against damage.

USG provides a broad portfolio of roof boards to meet the needs of any job. To learn more about the secret behind a successful job visit their website.


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Beacon Pro+ from Beacon Roofing Supply on Vimeo.

This new video series from GAF will explore some of the technical questions that crop up when specifying a low-slope roof.

How Strong is a Thermoplastic Weld?

In this episode, Tom Taylor PhD, Executive Director Research and Development for GAF, and James Willits, GAF Building and Roofing Science Specialist, head to the R&D lab to find out exactly how strong a thermoplastic weld is, and how that affects the roof system.

How Chemical Resistant are TPO and PVC?

In this episode, Tom Taylor PhD, Executive Director, Research and Development for GAF, and James Willits, GAF Building and Roofing Science Specialist, discuss the chemical resistance properties of TPO and PVC. They also present some valuable tips for avoiding or minimizing the damage chemicals can do to your roof.

What is a roof coating?

In this episode, Jennifer Keegan, Director of Building and Roof Science, GAF, and Jim Kirby, Building and Roofing Science Architect, GAF, address a deceptively straightforward question: “What is a roof coating?” Answering that question requires an understanding of the many differences in use, benefits and application scenarios between roof coatings and liquid-applied roof membranes.

Air Barrier vs. Vapor Retarder

In this episode, Jennifer Keegan, director of building and roof science, GAF, and Jim Kirby, GAF building and roofing science architect, address a common area of confusion: “What is the difference between an air barrier and a vapor retarder?” While an air barrier stops air leakage, a vapor retarder reduces moisture diffusion to reduce the risk of condensation forming in the roof assembly. But can an air barrier be a vapor retarder?

What is the difference between a metal roof and a metal deck?

 In this episode, James R. Kirby, AIA, GAF Building and Roofing Science Architect and James Willits, GAF Building and Roofing Science Specialist, discuss the structural and end-use differences between metal decks and metal panels. They also visit Senior Research Associate Erica Sherman in the R&D lab to examine the fundamental differences in deck and panel strength, thickness, and geometry.

The MRA(Metal Roofing Alliance) was formed to help educate consumers about the many benefits of metal roofs. The main objective of MRA is to increase awareness of the beauty, durability and money-saving advantages of quality metal roofs among homeowners, as well as to provide support for metal roofing businesses and contractors.
Listen and watch these video presentations from the At Home with Gary Sullivan radio program featuring MRA. Learn more at

Interview with MRA's Executive Director on At Home With Gary Sullivan

In this radio spot, the Metal Roofing Alliance's Executive Director Renee Ramey is interviewed on the At Home With Gary Sullivan show on the facts and history of metal roofing.

Choosing Metal Over Wood Shake From At Home With Gary Sullivan

In this radio spot, Gary discusses metal as an alternative to wood shake for a caller's new roof.

MapBrowser: An Introduction to the Projects Tool

A quick video walkthrough of the new Projects tool in MapBrowser. Now you can create and save projects on Nearmap's high resolution aerial imagery. Projects also lets you take aggregate measurements of areas and distances; style objects with color and opacity; save site features in distinct layers; and organise projects with custom tags. For more information, visit the product documentation site on

Watch an overview of attic ventilation system planning steps. Learn how to calculate the minimum Net Free Area, select the correct NFA ratio and design a balanced vent system for proper attic ventilation.

Roof Hugger provides the industry’s most effective way of installing a metal over metal retro-fit roof, with ROOF HUGGER SUB-PURLIN SYSTEMS.

The Roof Hugger Systems can fit ANY existing metal panel, support ANY new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs. Roof Huggers allow you to install a new long life metal roof over an existing metal roof in a way that is structurally correct, non-disruptive, and cost effective. It is a system that adds strength, is environmentally friendly, cooler in summer, warmer in winter and conserves energy.

Watch the Video and visit us at


Roofing Marketing Pros is laser-focused on delivering PROVEN marketing systems that provide you 5-10 X ROI. Unlike most generalists, we specialize in a specific type of marketing that puts you in front of prospects looking to get their roofs replaced. Our main objective is helping roofing companies generate more customers through online marketing. We are experienced and get results for roofing companies!

Tyler Melton the owner of ProClaim Roofing in Dallas, just like many contractors, had a negative experience with a marketing SEO agency.

Mauricio talks to Herbie Hyde out of Foley, Alabama.

From a skeptic to a believer, Clyde Greg Bryan from LOA Construction learned to overcome his fear of being in front of a camera in order to maximize his success with Facebook Ads

Steven Langman from Aesthetic Elements talks about his experiences working with Roofing Marketing Pros.

Learn more and sign up for a FREE, no-obligation, 30-minute strategy session with Roofing Marketing Pros.

Corey Johnston, a long-time roofing contractor and now a Tremco Roofing Contractor Support Specialist, is your host for Contractor Corner By Corey (CCBC).

CCBC will bring you tips, tricks and processes -- many of which Corey invented -- to help make roofing contractors even more productive and successful. We will also include videos on ways that you can solve common roofing problems. Our goal is for the Contractor Corner By Corey channel to become the go-to source for a wide variety of training. For that to work, though, we need to hear from you, so tell us what you would like videos on. And please subscribe to the CCBC channel so you know when there are new videos.

YouTube Channel -

Introducing Contractor Corner by Corey

Easy Roofing Cutting Tool

If cutting your single plies or fiberglass reinforcement can be ragged, this rotating knife from the textile industry helps you cut straight and quickly for smooth edges.

Hands down, the best way to clean up

You’ll never need to use gasoline, lighter fluid or harsh chemicals to clean your hands again after a roofing project so long as you bring a box of…baby wipes. Safe, gentle and completely effective with no side effects, baby wipes clean completely and don’t leave any residue.

How to Roofing - Applying AlphaGuard™ BIO base coat

With less than five minutes of mix time, the AlphaGuard™ BIO base coat is ready to start applying. It can be squeegee/roller applied, spread or sprayed across the field of a roof, and used in smaller containers for detailing work. If sprayed, there is no need for mixing beforehand.

How To Roofing - Outside Corner Details

A straightforward way to easily detail outside corners. Apply the primer, then the base coat after the primer dries. Lay in and smooth the fabric (PERMAFAB preferably), then saturate it with additional base coat. After four to eight hours of curing, tie the detail into the roof. Besides working well with Tremco Roofing’s AlphaGuard BIO NR fluid applied (FA) roofing system, this process is also effective with other FA systems.

How To Roofing - OneSeal Q&A

Tremco’s innovative OneSeal cleaner/primer and roof sealant simplify minor roof repairs on almost any kind of substrate. Clean and prime, spray on the sealant, move on to the next job. Contractors can use them almost anywhere and at any time in their daily routines. When the job’s done, you can even clean the tools you used with OneSeal cleaner/primer!

How To Roofing - Scupper Details

Here’s a thorough way to fully detail around scuppers. Ensure that the roof around the scupper is clean, then apply primer followed by base coat (using a brush or roller) Cut your fabric (preferably PERMAFAB) to the appropriate size and lay it in on all four sides, including inside the scupper.

How To Roofing - Wall Flashings

Wall flashings come in many types and sizes, and the AlphaGuard BIO fluid applied system can detail them all. Clean and prime the roof first, then apply the base coat evenly to the roof after the primer cures. Cut then embed the fabric, preferably PERMAFAB, and smooth it out. In four to eight hours, you can apply another layer of base coat to fit the flashing into the roof field. Besides working well with Tremco Roofing’s AlphaGuard BIO NR fluid applied roofing system, this process is also effective with other fluid applied systems.

How To Roofing - Staying Clean on the job

Roofing projects can get dirty and damp. See how something as simple as an old sock, some corn starch and kitty litter can help keep gloves and tools dry and usable, and prevent the spread of footprints across a job or into the building.

How To Roofing - Easier and Faster Seam Applications

With an easy-to fabricate tool that Corey developed, contractors can now apply seams almost as simply as walking across the roof. All you need to do is pour your sealer on the seam, run the seam applicator along the seam, then run your reinforcement into the sealer. There’s no wasted material, and one, two, three, you have perfect seams with every single pass.

How To Roofing - 3 Course Mesh Detailing Completely & Without Bridging

Applying a three course mesh stripping detail to such membranes as TRA elastomeric sheeting, Hypalon elastomeric sheeting and TPA flashing or as a permanent patch over rooftop splits seems simple but the reinforcement must be completely embedded in the mastic and it can easily wrinkle, especially at an angle. Corey shows how you can apply this detail smoothly and problem-free.

How To Roofing - Seal Metal Roof Fasteners Quickly With Little Waste

Sealing fasteners on metal roofs can be time-consuming and needlessly use up a lot of sealant. Corey demonstrates how his innovative solution dispenses the perfect amount of sealant every time, securing the fasteners, minimizing waste and dramatically increasing your productivity. This simple process can seal as many as 2800 fasteners in a hour.

How To Roofing - TREMFIX: For Temporary Roof Repairs Under Water

Every roofing contractor has to deal with patching and repairing splits that are underwater. Tremfix, a coal tar pitch mastic, is a one-pass, temporary solution to fixing submerged leaks on granulated MB, EPDM, TPO and other membranes.

How do you give an older home maximum curb appeal while protecting it against extreme weather?

That’s the challenge Susan and Barker Stein from Alabama faced as they considered replacing the old, damaged roof on their 2,000 square foot 1978 home.

The Steins couldn’t be happier with their decision to install a gorgeous new Arrowline shingle-styled metal roof in Statuary Bronze, made to last for decades and withstand hurricane-force winds. Manufactured by MRA member EDCO Products and installed by Metal Roofing Head Quarters, the Steins’ new roof and their home’s updated curb appeal will be featured this month on Today’s Homeowner nationally-televised show.

Check out the preview below submitted by MRA.


2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Roof of the Year

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner-Custom Fabrication

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Edge to Edge Deck to Sky

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Metal Roofing

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Specialty Membrane

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Sustainability

Duro-Last - Banner Ad- Beat the Clock

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