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Your company's digital reputation has always been of utmost importance. Now that the economy is starting to open back up from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's imperative that your reputation management strategy is strong. We invited Emily Washcovik, a Small Business Expert and Senior Field Marketing Manager from Yelp to help our community understand what has changed with COVID-19 and reputation management. The advice from Emily and other experts has been compiled into this eBook!

Download our Reputation Management Strategy eBook today to start inspiring great reviews organically, while learning how to respond to negative reviews with feedback that is thoughtful and valuable!

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Product Details:
This roofing manual provides you with comprehensive information including design, materials and installation techniques applicable to metal panel and spray polyurethane foam roof systems used in low- and steep-slope applications. With two complete sections, Metal Panel Roof Systems and SPF Roof Systems, this manual is a welcome addition to your technical library.

The Metal Panel Roof Systems section includes guidelines applicable to metal and metal panel roof systems, substrates, architectural metal panel systems and structural metal panel roof systems in addition to 84 construction details. The SPF Roof Systems section includes information about materials, design considerations, application and design guidelines, as well as 72 construction details, including SPF details for reroofing and roof systems with fleece-backed membranes.

FREE for NRCA Members!

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Does Your Roofing Professional Follow a Best Practices Manual?
AARA Members do!

The AARA provides a Best Practices Manual for its members to follow when working on your home. The guide was developed by our members and based on industry practices. The manual also references material from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and various product manufacturers literature.
The AARA Best Practices Manual is another reason why we are a leader in Alberta’s competitive roofing industry and why customers can trust our members are following strict guidelines and best practices while working on your home.

Contact the AARA to get your copy today!

The second biggest threat to the construction industry, behind the lack of skilled labor, is the unchecked expansion of regulatory agencies. Recent government expansion has granted the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) the authority it needs to single-handedly put contractors out of business through targeting, and repeat or excessive fines.

The purpose of this book is to provide contractors, trades, design professionals, suppliers, manufacturers and others in the industry with an understanding of their rights during an OSHA inspection as well as critical defenses to use after an OSHA citation has been issued. Topics include safety compliance, recordkeeping and reporting, responsible use of social media, constitutional protections, witness statements, settlements with OSHA, willful citations, and a discussion of defenses including unpreventable employee misconduct, multi-employer site defense and the greater hazard defense.

Finally, the book discusses some of the recent regulation changes including the new silica standard, the new confined space standards, and the increase in OSHA fines.

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We know there is a lot of uncertainty with your business right now. You probably have concerns about how you'll be able to keep your doors open during this whole mess.

The great news is we made a Contractor's Survival Guide to help you out.

If you have spent any length of time in the construction industry, you know that it is not uncommon for disputes to arise on projects.

Far too often, parties are placed in a situation where they must commence litigation to obtain full or additional compensation owed for work performed on a job. On the other hand, parties are often forced to defend themselves in litigation even when they are not at fault.  This book focuses on preparing for the unexpected.

Download Today!


This Case Study Explores how to enhance your company's in-home selling process to provide a faster, high-quality experience for prospective customers.

See how to create a positive first impression during the in-home sale and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Download your copy of the case study today!

Our eBook covers all you need to know about working with Tilcor stone-coated steel panels.  

In our guide, you'll discover:

  • All about Tilcor's stone coated steel panel product
  • How Tilcor's Roofing System makes installation easy
  • The extensive Tilcor product range
  • Key information to help you make the switch to Tilcor products.

Download your Guide now.


Interested in learning more about fluid applied roofing? Get a heads up on the preferred equipment and methods to use.

Download our overview of best practices for:

  • Equipment
  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance

Provide a superior roof for your clients and save money in labor, production costs in materials.

Click here to download the booklet.

The Roofing Alliance has released A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its Workforce, the result of research conducted by Arizona State University and funded by the Alliance.

The roofing industry always has suffered from a lack of reliable workforce data available, making it ill-equipped to fully understand the magnitude of labor shortages and worker retention issues. But no more!

This new study reports on current roofing workforce demographics, including:

  • Types of work
  • Skilled and unskilled labor shortages
  • Effects of labor shortages at national and regional levels
  • Industry challenges and potential solutions

NRCA Member price: $395
Nonmember price: $1,495

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Experiencing delays with your current sales process? You aren’t alone! Just about every roofing business has had issues with getting sales closed on time. But we have few tips that are guaranteed to help streamline your sales process, decrease turnaround time and produce more profits. Interested in learning more? Click below to get your FREE copy.

Download your free tip sheet now!

Your first step to learning everything about roofing software

If you recently started your search for the perfect software solution to add to your roofing business, you probably have a lot of questions about how roofing software works, how to get started and why so many contractors prefer it over other methods. In this eBook, we’ll cover all the important basics you’ll need to know, including: 

  • What roofing software is
  • Why roofing software is different than a standard CRM
  • Why it is better than a DIY solution

Download today!

Download the free guide to help homeowners understand the value and performance of investing in a metal roof.

For homeowners, there's no question that putting on a new roof is a significant investment. Making a good choice is key to performance, reliability and long-term value for the dollar, while a poor decision can result in expensive repairs, or worse, having to re-roof again in just a few short years.

The new MRA Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide covers topics including:

  • How to know it's time for a new roof
  • Regional considerations/protection against severe climate conditions
  • Roofing materials comparisons
  • Metal roofing styles, colors, and coatings
  • How to choose a quality metal roof
  • Performance capabilities
  • Understanding the roofing process
  • Warranties
  • Care and maintenance
  • Metal roofing project DIY checklist

Download now


The world is changing by the minute and those in the roofing industry are seeing unprecedented change in how they run their businesses.

Technology is taking the front seat and with it comes many questions. Roofing companies need to be able to understand how to incorporate technology into their business, in the office and in the field. For many, it is a daunting task. As with anything it often comes down to understanding the right questions to ask upfront.

Download to understand the 10 questions roofing companies need to ask when looking for new software.

Download the Ebook Now!

Learn the difference between a product with proven performance and one that leaves you with a veiled sense of security.

There's a lot to consider when selecting a roofing membrane.  The roofing material must meet standards that make it possible for your roof to perform regardless of climate or the contaminant contract. Unlike FiberTite, modified bitumen (MB) roofing membranes are made up of a blend of rubber and asphalt properties, resulting in inherent sensitivity during the installation phase. This blending also causes Modified Bitumen to be more susceptible to a variety of environmental factors compared to roofing membranes using KEE technology. This whitepaper provides a side-by-side comparison of Modified Bitumen and FiberTite's roofing membrane. Fill out the form to receive your copy.

View the Whitepaper 


This is a very challenging time for contractors with a lot of confusion aboutmanaging the current situation and preparing for the comeback. 

Smart business owners, many of them LEAP customers, running interior and exteriorhome remodeling businesses are using this time to setup their businesses to keeprunning and prepare for the comeback. The more you can preserve, the less youhave to rebuild. Some questions that are top of mind for business owners are:

  • How do I maintain what little business I have?
  • How do I try to keep somecore staff?
  • How do I get small?
  • Where do I invest my time while small?
  • How do I keep my costs down and when should I begin scaling back up?

Download your FREE E-Book.

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Contract provisions can make or break any roofing project. Cotney Construction Law shares this E-book to help roofing contractors identify key contract provisions that affect both commercial and residential roofers. A roofer that can issue spot and focus on key provisions may be able to reduce liability. 

Download now to learn how you may reduce your liability.

Estimating can make or break your business. Incorrect data, human error, and mathematical mistakes can eat into your job profitability. Many contractors turn to estimating software platforms to help improve their accuracy and efficiency, but the role of estimating is so important that choosing a new software is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. Here are five things from Estimating Edge leaders Joe Pettit and Mike Mouw that contractors should consider when looking for an estimating platform.

Download today!

In America, roof coatings provide jobs, enhance building performance, reduce maintenance costs, promote energy efficiency and improve the environment.  Learn more about roof coatings and how you can add them to your business model.

Click the image below to download the informational infographic for RCMA!


Sustainable Masterpieces - Metal Roofs Deliver When It Matters

Today's homeowners are more interested than ever before about metal roofing options, and are searching for good resources that can help them make an informed decision. New from the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) in partnership with Green Builder magazine, a downloadable, online resource is now available. Called the "Metal Roofing Inspiration Guide," this e-book has great information about metal roofing styles and designs, real-life case studies, performance and features information and much more. Download it now for free, use it as a customer resource tool and help your clients feel good about their metal roofing decision! 


Order your copy today!

The Roofing Alliance has released Moisture in New Concrete Roof Decks, a 272-page research report addressing moisture release in structural concrete roof decks.

SRI Consultants Inc., Middleton, Wis., performed research and analysis of moisture release in structural concrete roof decks. This comprehensive report describes the research methodology and presents the research’s extensive data and conclusions.

You need to know how to address moisture in concrete decks; it is a must-have for your technical library.

NRCA Member price: $150
Nonmember price: $300

Order your report today!

The Manual of Practice is intended to provide a peer-reviewed structure for the practice of consulting in the construction of the building enclosure. In simple terms, it describes what a professional consultant does and how the consultant does it. It is recognized that consultants may utilize professional judgment as the basis for modifying the procedures presented in this manual.

This brand-new edition is available only in digital format. 

Sections Include:
Recommended Practices for Building Enclosure Consulting 
Recommended Practices for Quality Assurance Observation
Specialized Areas of Practice

Member- $349.00    Nonmember- $429.00


The Modified Bitumen Design Guide for Building Owners from ARMA is a valuable resource for roofing professionals installing and maintaining asphaltic roofing systems. The guide is broken up into sections and addresses relevant aspects, issues and concerns of modified bitumen roofing systems and its associated components, substrates, construction techniques and innovative uses. It includes considerations for latest trends in roofing that call for the roof to provide more than waterproofing, including solar, garden and recreational surfaces.

Click Here to Purchase Now!

Jobba houses a number of tools and features to help grow and maintain your roofing business.

Our roofing software solution can help you tackle any roadblock and meet specific goals, including:

  • Boosting profits
  • Speeding up project timelines
  • Understanding how business is performing
  • And more!

Curious how Jobba can work for you? Click the link below learn all the benefits we provide industry leaders like you.

See the benefits!

Fire-retardant materials can play a crucial role in both preventing fires and limiting their damage, making proper fire testing and certification critical if you want your roof to be safe, protective and long-lasting. This whitepaper provides an in depth look at the comprehensive FM and UL testing processes that expose roofing systems to incredible challenging environments and threats, and how these major testing agencies assign roofing system classifications based on performance. Download the whitepaper!

CertainTeed wants to demystify warranties for your residential customers with this basic Q&A format.  Download this great E-book to add to your presentation materials. - Download today!

Astec® Fluid Applied Solutions brochures are available to download in Spanish! 

Astec is a leading brand of fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, tanks, piping, ductwork and other industrial surfaces. Our elastomeric products and component systems provide seamless, waterproof and weathertight barriers, as well as providing high solar reflectivity and dissipation of heat, all while reducing UV light degradation. Astec® coatings can add advantages to virtually any substrate and lead to maintenance and energy cost reductions.

To learn more about Astec, visit their RCS Directory.

More than ever, we are seeing a blend of generations working together to collaborate on the ways a job site is run. While the older generation has the “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” mentality, the younger generation is eager to bring new technologies and change to the construction workplace.

In this white paper, we dive into what you can do to keep up with the younger generation when it comes to technology.

Download Now 

NORTHGATE® Designer Roofing Shingles by CertainTeed

Made from a blend of premium roofing asphalt that includes specialized SBS modifiers, NorthGate architectural shingles offer durability that cannot be matched by standard asphalt shingles.

• Industry-leading Class IV impact resistance
• Excellent resistance to damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle
• Available in a wide selection of eye-catching Max Def colors

Learn more and view the NorthGate color palette. Download the NORTHGATE Brochure Now.

Are you looking for basic explanations of metal roofing and rollforming terms? Maybe you just need to better explain one of these industry processes or components to a potential customer?

Metal roofing and rollforming are important operations in the construction, architecture and residential building industries, but they can be difficult to understand or explain to others. 

We've got you covered! Introducing the new "Metal Roofing & Rollforming Glossary"!

Download this comprehensive guide of metal roofing and rollforming terms you need to know.

Digitizing Your Sales Process

Going paperless is something that gets thrown around a lot, but at Leap we truly believe that #PaperSucks! It’s no secret that companies that have embraced technology gradually over the past 10-15 years are better positioned to make it through industry changes, like the one we are experiencing today. In the three years Leap has been in business, our team has talked to thousands of companies about how to digitize the home improvement industry sales process. From these conversations, we’ve developed considerations and steps for taking your sales process digital.

Download your free infographic today!

Duro-Last, Inc. is pleased to introduce Duro-Last Solvent-Grip™ Spray Adhesive.

As the first non-fleece PVC spray adhesive in the roofing industry, Duro-Last Solvent Grip is designed to improve rooftop productivity through efficient adhesion of Duro-Last and Duro-Tuff® membranes to a variety of substrates on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Additionally, when paired with the custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, contractors can significantly increase labor savings and finished aesthetics.

Learn More Get the Product Data Sheet now!


This guide was prepared by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) as a general guide for the installation of three-tab asphalt shingles. This publication provides guidance for the installation of three-tab asphalt shingles during new-roof construction, reroofing and roof recovery, as well as special procedures for low and steep-slope roofing systems. Several other relevant topics are discussed, such as proper attic ventilation, ice dam protection, correct nailing methods, roof deck preparation, installing drip edges, and much more. 

Click Here to Purchase

The 2017 NRCA Roofing Manual now is available in Spanish!

For the first time, the NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems—2017 is available in Spanish!

The Spanish version of NRCA’s popular roofing manual contains the latest information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to steep-slope roofing applications. It includes five complete sections that address the following roof systems:

   1. Asphalt Shingle
   2. Clay and Concrete Tile
   3. Metal Shingle
   4. Slate
   5. Wood Shake and Wood Shingle

Member price: $0 (electronic download)
Nonmember price: $445 (electronic download)

Click here to find other popular NRCA Spanish-language publications and programs, including:

Learn about the differences in a tried and true technology versus a new and unproven roofing membrane.

TPO was introduced in the roofing world in 1992. However, TPO roofing membrane manufacturers are constantly reworking their formula to make improved generations. FiberTite, on the other hand, came to market in 1979 and still uses the same proven technologies today. Get a side-by-side comparison of TPO and FiberTite roofing membranes by downloading this whitepaper.

Click here to fill out the form to get your copy.

Protect, Seal, Repair and Restore

We offer a complete selection of metal roof coatings, sealants and paint products that all work together by design. Pair that with our depth of industry knowledge, and BUILDING SOLUTIONS from Sherwin-Williams will elevate your business to a whole new level.

Our family of products can help you tackle residential and commercial projects. Whether its coatings, sealants or paint, it’s all designed to work together and help you ELEVATE your craft.

Download the PDF Now

Do you work in the gutter contracting or installation business and are considering buying your first portable gutter machine? Wondering if this type of machine is right for your business?

We can help you find the answers you need with our e-book A Guide to Buying and Owning Your First Portable Gutter Machine.

This e-book has all the information you need to understand:

  • Types and benefits of using portable gutter rollforming machinery
  • The buying process, cost of seamless gutter machines, and financing options
  • Machine owner best practices and tips to keep your gutter machine in top

Download today!

9 Digital Sales Tools for Contractors 

To win business with today's digitally-savvy homeowners, home improvement businesses have embraced a series of tools and digital technologies to make the in-home sale easier for the homeowners.

Download your free infographic today!

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Download the second edition of the strategic defense guide for building and preparing new and existing properties—to withstand nature's fury.
Next generation homes must be built with worst-case climate scenarios as their baseline.

Learn more about:

  • Flood Preparation
  • ICF Best Practices
  • Defensive Irrigation
  • Metal Roofing Tips
  • Disaster-Ready Products


More for the Contractor

Helping you understand the products is only the surface. We want you to succeed, win projects and close deals. We are here to help. Need specifications or roof details - we got it. Need help promoting your business and tools to win project - we have that too!

Download IB Roof Systems' 2020 Product Guide for Free.

Get your copy now.

FiberTite Case Study: Westin Denver International Airport

When choosing a roof for a hotel located at the 15th busiest airport in the world, Denver International Airport had many factors to consider. Among these were the membrane's ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, long-term exposure to harsh UV rays, and overall resistance to jet fuel in order to protect occupants. FiberTite professionals worked with the prominent architect and roofing contractors to develop a solution that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also able to withstand the Colorado environment. 

Download a printable copy of the case study. 

The 'True Square & Coverage' Advantages of IKO

Could you use an extra $ 25,675 to invest in your business this year?

When you buy an IKO square of Dynasty or Cambridge roofing shingles, a square is what you get. Three IKO bundles cover precisely 100 sq. ft. You’ll get accurate measurements and an exact number of shingles in every package every time.

By using fewer shingles and nails, contractors perform fewer actions during installation. And, IKO’s larger-than-average size and exposure means each shingle covers more area compared to most comparable competitive shingles.

Beyond the value and savings, IKO offers contractors in the True Square Advantage is a lucrative contractor promotion called PRO4 Plus. With this program, contractors who install IKO shingles along with three IKO PRO4 accessories earn rebate money on every single job, up to a maximum of 100 squares per job.

Take a look at the total IKO advantage. Download the IKOnominc$ Brochure now and calculate your savings.

How To Choose The Right Roofing Tear-Off Shovel

The most challenging decision isn’t whether or not you need a tear-off shovel, but rather which one is right for raising efficiency and keeping your roofing crew happy.

What's Included in This Essential Guide?

  • How to Choose the Right Roofing Shovel for Your Crew

  • Pros & Cons of Industry-Leading Tear-Off Tools

  • What the Right Tools Do for Your Roofers and Your Business

Don't waste another day with tools that slow production and may lead to long-term lower back pain. Fill out the form to get your free copy of "How to Choose the Right Roofing Tear-Off Shovel for Your Crew" to raise production and your bottom line. 

Download now!

To learn more about Equipter, visit their RCS Directory

What is it?  Why is it so great?  Download this helpful E-book today and find out?

The TremPly® KEE single ply product line is designed to provide superior performance by featuring a base fabric that is engineered to extend strength and durability. These membranes also resist delamination and wicking issues, giving your customers a great looking roof that lasts decades. Learn More Here.


Are you a metal roofing contractor buying your first portable rollforming machine? Trying to find out if using portable roof panel equipment is right for your business?

We’ve got you covered in our e-book: A Guide to Buying and Owning Your First Portable Roof or Wall Panel Machine.

This e-book has all the information you need to understand:

  • Types and benefits of using portable roof and wall panel machinery
  • Reasons to consider buying a portable roof and wall panel machines for your business
  • The buying process, cost of portable roof and wall panel machines, and financing options
  • Machine owner best practices and tips to keep your roof and wall panel machines working well

Get your FREE eBook now!


The estimating process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your project's scope of work. Whether it is scope prepared by an owner's designer or your own companies' scope recommendation, your estimating team must be able to visualize and mentally build the project, starting with the site mobilization through project completion. This estimating skill is best developed by having handson experience in the field, which gives you a better insight of means and methods, materials, labor durations, and the challenges faced during installation. A knowledgeable and well-trained estimating team is only one key component to your success. You must have solid processes and procedures in place.

Download your free eBook today! 

Download this Very Severe Hail Requirements Spec Sheet that uses FiberTite Fleece Back Membranes.  The Very Severe Hail Requirements keep roofs safe in the FM VSH Zones.  Contractors can share the security of FM along with these important performance attributes and design requirements, including:

   • Weathering performance

   • UV resistance

   • Uplift performance

   • Fire resistance

A resilient roof system designed for hail performance is highly recommended, where significant hail events occur regularly as a measure to prevent losses. Having a resistant building envelope can help you withstand disruptions, fortify against breaches, and endure extreme conditions. 

Download this important document today!

One of the most widely recognized technical publications in the U.S. roofing industry, The NRCA Roofing Manual provides you with extensive information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to almost all types of roof systems. This manual makes an excellent addition to your technical library and is reliable reference material for state roofing contractor licensure exams. It contains the following four volumes:

Purchase here today!


Program Title: Utilizing Utility Rebates to Drive Energy-Efficient Roofing

LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this article, you should be able to: 1 Identify ways in which incentive programs for enhanced insulation and cool roofing options help drive energy efficiency in commercial roofing. 2 Provide an overview of common incentive programs offered by utility companies for enhanced insulation and cool roofing installations. 3 Describe strategies for incorporating incentives and rebates into roofing projects in order to enhance energy efficiency and lower overall costs. 4 Discuss common misconceptions about installations eligible for rebates and incentives.

Download Here.

Installing Synthetic Underlayment over Taped Seams 

Download HERE

Installing Drip Edge in Hurricane Areas

Download HERE

Fastening Sheathing on Existing Roofs in Hurricane Areas

Download HERE

Installing Self-Adhered Starter Strips

Download HERE

Installing Starter Strips Using Roof Cement

Download HERE


Sealing Roof Seams with Tape

Download HERE

Sealing Roof Seams with Two Layers of Felt

Download HERE


Learn more about FORTIFIED and visit their RCS Directory. 

Frustration at work. We all know this feeling too well. Whether it’s not knowing the answer to questions about customers and employees, being called multiple times a day by the same people asking the same questions, or talking to angry customers who don’t know what’s going on, we can all agree that life would be a little easier if we didn’t have to deal with these things. The nice thing is, customer relationship software makes it so you don’t have to (at least not as much). The real trouble is trying to convince your boss to buy new software. In this eBook, we’ll go over the fundamentals of CRM software and how it benefits your business so winning your boss’s approval will be the least of your worries.

Download your eBook today!

Jobba Trade Technologies is focused on making it simple and intuitive for contractors to use cloud technology however and wherever they need it. It’s very simple, their software solves problems, helps reduce your pain points and saves everyone time. The right software can do that, but you need to ask the right questions to ensure you choose the right product. Click here for your FREE eBook from Jobba.

This is one crazy roof - a dodecagon! Yep, twelve sides. Imagine the time it would take to measure this one by hand. Check out this EagleView report to see all sides of this roof and to review the measurements. 

Download the report HERE

This white paper will review the challenges of cold weather roofing applications using liquid-applied roofing products and systems while reviewing the technologies that are creating opportunity for year-round, cold weather roofing applications.   Download Here.

Tremco Roofing is pleased to announce the launch of our AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat color line. The line includes six AlphaGuard MT Top Coat colors, giving you options to support customer color requirements on your AlphaGuard BIO projects. - Learn More

This book focuses on six areas of a good succession plan. A good plan won’t rest on any single document, but rather is a holistic approach to providing "rules of the road" for any of those unknown unknowns whether they crop up in the first month of the business or one month away from the sale of the company you've spent much of your adult life building. Click Here To Download

You'll need this ebook to view the critical processes to be managed by commercial roofers who want to grow their profits and service revenues.

View the 25  proven strategies now by downloading the ebook by Jobba.

Download Now.

Learn how businesses are reducing field work, boosting productivity, and gaining a competitive edge with high-resolution aerial imagery. Download this white paper and learn how to:

  • Rapidly accelerate business
  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Enhance proposals & communications
  • Streamline planning & design

Download the paper.

How partnerships & employee development can change your employment forecast.

Download and read this fantastic article by Mardee Billingsley

Whether you have experienced dwindling employment applications, a lack of management-level talent, and/or delayed or canceled work yourself, you’ve likely already felt the widening shortage of skilled workers in some capacity. With more students being pushed to pursue bachelor’s degrees for white-collar jobs and the growing number of construction projects nationwide, recruiting a skilled workforce for your business is becoming increasingly challenging. In fact, the Associated General Contractors of America reported that 70% of construction companies nationwide are having difficulty finding qualified workers.

Read this article for ideas and strategies to help make it rain in a labor drought.


FREE Coloring Book Page Downloads.  Get your copy of the covers of these two children's books about roofing and safety!

Written by Karen Cates, these two books are available in English and Spanish for $5.00 per book at the link below. "Is This A Roof?" For young children to stimulate their career curiosity.  Roofing workers take pride in their profession! "Be Safe, Rafe!"  For roofing workers to take home after safety training to read to their children and reinforce important total safety messages. Need copies for someone special?

Download these fun pages here!

These books make great gifts, Buy Some Today!

Chemicals are everywhere, and different roofing membranes react to chemicals and fats differently, some with costly and negative consequences. From factory discharges and pollutants in rain to fats and oils from food processing plants, roofs made of certain compounds can be sensitive to one or more of these chemical contaminants.

Use this guide to understand how different roofing membranes react to various chemical compounds they might face.

In the commercial roofing context, most roofers receive their contracts from their customer which is usually either the owner or the prime contractor. Often, these contracts contain a variety of critical provisions that can affect a roofer’s ability to get paid on projects or defend potential claims upstream. This book focuses on five of the most important commercial roofing contract provisions.

Download your FREE E-Book Today!

When installing a roof on a food processing plant, it’s important to look at the various substances it will come in contact with over its lifetime. These can include oils, grease, fatty acids and overall foot traffic. To help withstand the many effects of a food processing plant, FiberTite professionals installed almost two million square feet of roofing membrane onto Tyson Foods’ various operating facilities.
In this case study, you will learn why Tyson Foods chose FiberTite for its complex roofing needs.

Click Here to Download!

Fire may not be the first thing on the mind of most shoppers considering various roofing materials, but it’s an issue that all manufacturers must consider. Fire-retardant materials can play a crucial role in both preventing fires and limiting their damage, making proper fire testing and certification critical if you want your roof to be safe, protective and long-lasting.

In this whitepaper, you will be able to look at the comprehensive FM and UL testing processes that expose roofing systems to incredible challenging environments and threats, and how these major testing agencies assign roofing system classifications based on performance.


Contrary to popular belief, Jobba isn't like other roofing software providers on the market. 
It's a complete roofing software solution that follows a contractor-driven development approach—meaning we create the tools roofers like you tell us they need to successfully run their business. 
So how does this approach separate Jobba from other providers? 

We've put together a feature comparison guide that shows the different tools that are offered by various CRMs, including Jobba. This guide helps breakdown and highlight pieces of functionality that are the most important to you.   

Download today!


Are you struggling to sustain sales during COVID-19? This FREE checklist will provide you with seven things you can do right now to help keep sales coming in the door.

Download your checklist now!

To learn more about LEVERAGE, visit their RCS Directory. 

Small businesses reap significant advantages by using HD aerial maps. Learn how to prospect smarter, communicate better and win business faster.

  • Plan and Communicate with Precision
  • Prospect with Confidence
  • Quote with Speed and Accuracy
  • Transform your Business

Download Today!

All roofing systems are not created equal. So when it comes to choosing the best solution for your roofing needs, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. These factors will help you determine the “real value” of your roof.

In this tip sheet, you will learn which questions you should be asking in order to make an intelligent roofing decision.

Download the PDF 

Marco does not manufacture or sell metal roofs. What we do offer are the many components vital to the efficiency, durability and protective performance of a metal roof.

Closure, Ventilation, Fasteners, Flashing, Sealants, Underlayment, and other Accessories.

See all of these and more in the Marco Product Catalog...then Just Add Metal.

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Are you tired of running your own business but love roofing?  Discover an exit plan for you and your employees.  There may be a way for you to continue running your operation with your current employees by working for a larger company that can provide all the benefits you need including competitive salaries, benefits, and retirement.  

Find out more about the Benefits of a Contractor Employment Program including:

  • Office Staff & Field Personnel Job Security
  • Career Advancement & Opportunities – current employees
  • Client Satisfaction & Retention
  • Retirement Planning (401K)
  • Life Insurance
  • Additional Income (leases, equipment, commissions)
  • The opportunity for low risk/high benefits - annual revenue/profitability
  • Exit Planning  vs. Succession Planning


The MRA would love to bring you on-board and showcase your services/products to interested consumers. Learn about the MRA for more information on how they can help you grow and excel at your business.

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An employee manual contains company policies and procedures delineating how a company and its employees are to act when in the office, at the shop, on a project site, or traveling for work. The handbook serves as a written understanding between you and your employees and can be referenced when disputes arise. A well-written handbook (and related documents) sets the rules and expectations for employees and can save you money in a number of ways. A good employee manual serves to increase administrative efficiency, decrease operating costs, and limit potential liability and legal costs. Get your FREE copy today!

Learn how to plan the ventilation system for your next job with this FREE guide from Roof Saver Ridge Vent. Download the guide.


NRCA's premier technical publications give you the most current and useful technical information in the roofing industry.

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