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RoofersCoffeeShop® is on the constant look-out to find Industry related webinars to share. Webinars are a terrific way for an introduction to products and services or for training. Whether it be live, where you can ask questions, or On Demand for your convenience, webinars are a good investment.

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En este episodio especial y primero de su tipo, de Coatingtalk, ¡Heidi J. Ellswoth se dirige al Techo! Ùnase a ella, John Athanasion y Mike Negrete de APOC mientras recorren un proyecto activo de restauración de techos. John quien tiene más de 20 años en la industria habla sobre consejos ... Read More
In this special, first of its kind episode of CoatingsTalk, Heidi J. Ellsworth is headed into the field! Join her, John Athanasion, and Mike Negrete from APOC as they walk an active roof restoration project and share time-saving tips and tricks from John’s 20 plus years in the industry. John ... Read More
Ron Harriman introduces a transformative approach to roofing projects, emphasizing the importance of early collaboration among key stakeholders. By fostering synergy between owners, facility managers, engineers, and insurers, alongside consultants, contractors, and manufacturers, you can streamline project prioritization and implementation. This method ensures that all parties are aligned from the ... Read More
S1:E4 In this episode of CoatingsCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth and Amanda Paterline, Americas Commercial Marketing Manager, Coil and Extrusion Coatings at AkzoNobel and Tessa Slagter, Sustainable Innovation Manager - Industrial Coatings at AkzoNobel, delve into the world of sustainability. They examine the critical role that coil coatings play in environmental conservation ... Read More
WATCH THE WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Insurance restoration roofing is a highly competitive market. To win more insurance jobs and grow your profits, your roofing business needs cutting-edge tactics and tools. AccuLynx has been helping contractors sell more insurance jobs and work more efficiently since 2008. In this on-demand webinar, we share our best ... Read More
Are you considering a replacement roof, or is your current commercial roof warranty approaching expiration? You’re in the perfect position to consider an elastomeric roof coating, a roof coating that can be both economic and environmentally friendly. You might think the phrase “eco-friendly” automatically means “more expensive,” but that’s not ... Read More
Roof coatings have been around for centuries. Even the Egyptians applied coatings like beeswax for waterproofing. Over the years, coatings have been used to maintain existing roofs or applied over new roofs, and have gained popularity thanks to their time-tested, proven performance. Just how time-tested? Watch this webinar to ... Read More
Course Description This 6-hour course covers a range of concepts, including a discussion of the steps required for the roof consultant to successfully evaluate an existing roof and to make decisions regarding roof design using available references, resources, and evaluation techniques. Speakers will present a review of reroof options and decision-making ... Read More
Mass timber offers challenges and benefits as a construction material. This course reviews the critical importance of creating a moisture protection strategy to preserve the beauty of the wood and reduce liability and structural damage. As interest in mass timber building design grows, there are new protection strategies that must ... Read More
The roofing assembly is a critical element in a building's infrastructure. This webinar investigates the history of roofing underlayments and how advancements in breathable roofing underlayment technology can extend the life of the roofing assembly. Some roof underlayments can trap moisture, degrade insulation performance, and create excessive condensation accumulation. Breathable, ... Read More
Join John Kenney, Karen Edwards and Heidi J. Ellsworth for another Affinity Webinar where they discuss the importance of training for your entire company. Many office staff and especially marketing, do not receive product training that can help them be strong brand ambassadors for your company. Join us for ideas ... Read More
Unlock peer power with our professionally facilitated peer learning cohorts. Roundtables offered in partnership with Owens Corning and Owens Corning University partner Sue Hawkes of YESS! - Your Extraordinary Success Strategies. Sue Hawkes helps business owners be intentionally great in their businesses, as leaders, and in their lives. In addition ... Read More
In this CoatingsTalk, Karen Edwards is joined by a panel of industry professionals to talk about inspections. Eugene Zukowski with Jobba, John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group and Joe Sorrentino from The Sherwin Williams Company give their insights into taking inspections from a nuisance to a valuable source of information ... Read More
Heidi J. Ellsworth, Karen Edwards and John Kenney talk about how to make sense of social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn they will talk about how to determine the best social media platform for your company. They talk about all of the platforms and strategies to help grow your business. ... Read More
Join our expert panelists as they explore cutting-edge advancements in metal construction and its role in shaping the future of building design. Discover how advanced technologies, such as solar-integrated metal panels, reflective coatings, insulated metal panels, and above sheathing ventilation (ASV) systems, are revolutionizing sustainability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics in ... Read More
Join Jobba’s Eugene Zukowski and Ryan Kline, as they connect with members of Jobba’s professional services team to share how you can maximize your software provider’s professional services. Get guided through Jobba’s customer journey while learning best practices and tips to ensure you’re getting the most value out of a software ... Read More
Would you like to book a virtual or in-person lunch and learn session for your firm? Two of our classes offer HSW credit and all are worth 1 LU each. We offer these classes: Wet Seal Plate Panel and Rainscreen Systems 101: 1 AIA LU|HSW Architectural Aluminum Coatings: 1 AIA LU Designing ... Read More
Success is based on a repeatable process that can scale without being dependent on “rainmakers” to drive the business. In the evolving roofing industry, technology has become a key to success. From automating tasks to enhancing communication, contractors are embracing technology as a means to streamline their operations and boost efficiency. ... Read More
Hickman Edge Systems is proud to offer three courses to assist in the continual education architects, consultants, and contractors desire and require. Each session is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). To set up a continuing education session for your ... Read More
AIA and IIBEC Continuing Education Programs Metal-Era is proud to offer the following continuing education programs to help architects, consultants, and contractors expand their industry knowledge and complete any required education credits needed throughout the year. Schedule your continuing education session today! Learn more about Metal-Era's Webinars. Loss Mitigation through Building Design The ... Read More
How to Sell Everyday and Not Burnout- Service Alignment, FourtyFive & Centerpoint Connect Roofing Webinar No Reps Left Behind Webinar in April 2023 Watch on Centerpoint's YouTube! Read More
Tour of New AI Tool for Roofing Contractors See how our new Lead Intelligence feature can supercharge your sales. Watch this on-demand webinar for a tour of the newest features in AccuLynx. In just 30 minutes, we’ll show you how Lead Intelligence—and other tools in AccuLynx—can help you improve your lead qualification ... Read More
Make sure your Architects and Building Code Officials understand the versatility and economic benefits that Post Frame Construction will offer for their upcoming projects. Learning Objectives: Learn how to conduct 2-D design of a post-frame (PF) system (Principles + Design Example) Learn how to conduct diaphragm design of a PF system (Principles + ... Read More
Designing to accommodate thermal movement is just one of the many critical details for the long-term success of a metal roof installation. Attendees will learn design and specification considerations as well as architectural details that impact project requirements. In addition, we’ll cover the components and the energy-efficient features of metal ... Read More
AIA Credit and Certificates of Completion – Next Steps To receive AIA credit, individual registration is required. In addition, attendance and completion of the webinar is mandatory to qualify. Upon verification that everything checks out, AEP Span will submit your information to AIA for credit. To receive a Certificate of Completion, individual ... Read More
John Kenny, Karen Edwards and Heidi Ellsworth discuss how businesses can benefit from implementing cause marketing strategies. Discover how giving back yields great rewards for your company. In this webinar, cause marketing is demystified. The steps to take for starting your non-profit collaboration are clearly outlined. Read More
Join Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries as he shares information on residential re-roofing with metal. Residential has the largest share of the roofing market. For many years, metal has been outpacing other materials in terms of growth. This seminar digs into what contractors and architects both need to know in order ... Read More
Adapt a tech stack that gives your customers a great experience at every touchpoint. Five of the top technology companies for the home improvement industry join forces to share how they work together to create a professional and effective customer journey. This webinar maps out the must have tech stack ... Read More
Together Sean and our guest speakers discuss topics around how contact rates have dropped in 2022, and what successful companies are doing to fix this. They discuss how companies are maximizing their call center bandwidth with fewer callers, what companies are doing to work old or stale leads in their ... Read More
Watch this webinar from one of the leading ladies of roofing, Heidi Ellsworth, as she talks about the importance of being a part of online communities. Get a free demo. Check out Project Map It on their RCS Directory. Read More
High-performing, long-lasting, and resilient, PVF film is the technology of choice for corrosive environments. Learning Objectives: Identify the unique performance properties of PVF film including durability, longevity, UV protection, formability, adhesion, cleanability, weathering, and chemical and stain resistance. Discuss key case studies establishing the high-performance qualities of PVF film for metal exteriors. Establish the ... Read More
Hosted by: Madelyn Wightman Do you want to join an online community but aren’t sure how? Ever thought about generating leads with a community social media group? Looking to network with like-minded professionals? Joining an online roofing community is important to building your brand in 2023. Online roofing communities range from Harness ... Read More
We dive deep into the lead to sales process and extract best practices on how leads should flow through a roofing companies business. Learn more about Centerpoint Connect at their RCS Directory. Read More
The best customer relationships are built in the post-close phase, but with a recent trend of customers canceling deals post-close, what can you do to ensure they stay the course? John Hicks, Senior Account Executive from the legacy sales team at Dave ... Read More
Heidi J. Ellsworth, president of RoofersCoffeeShop and Melissa Dunson, marketing director for TAMKO, share insights and views seen every day on RoofersCoffeeShop and through TAMKO. From material and labor shortages to new product and technology trends, Heidi and Melissa share what they are hearing on RoofersCoffeeShop from across the country ... Read More
The Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement is the newest addition to the NRCA Health Care Program. Available for member firms of all sizes, ICHRAs were created under the Affordable Care Act to ensure significant savings for members while offering great coverage to their employees. In this webinar, learn about ICHRA, its ... Read More
We have some great conversation around service and Bryan takes us through his slides. Watch today! Read More
The end of the year is quickly approaching but there’s still plenty of time to make changes that will impact your business for years to come. Join Ingage and Mark Richardson from Remodeling Mastery who will share 5 ways to build success along with his pro tips for navigating tough ... Read More
This is the first half of a webinar of which we cover the story behind Centerpoint and how it was created with a sales philosophy focused on client retainage. Watch now! Read More
It’s been a roller coaster ride with the economy, with many contractors asking what does the rest of 2022 and 2023 look like. Join Owens Corning’s Training & Development Leader Jon Gardner and ANGI’s Chief Economist Mischa Fisher who will dig into this important topic. Mischa will walk through important ... Read More
Free Webinar: Fire Concerns and Code Complexities in Waterproof Deck Coatings As of November 2020, the California Residential Building Code requires that all decking materials must pass a 30-minute ASTM E84 fire test, which evaluates key fire resistance characteristics of building materials. Previously, California required that decking materials pass a 10-minute ... Read More
What does mentoring mean to you and what do you expect? Come join us and find out! Have you experienced group mentoring Have you been a mentor/mentee? Have you had a mentor/mentee? If, so – join us! If you want to learn more about mentoring – join us! We would love to ... Read More
Learn more about Adams & Reese LLP by visiting their RCS Directory. Subscribe to the Adams & Reese LLP Youtube Channel. Maximizing Part 107 Waivers for Drone Program Implementation Adams and Reese drone attorney Grant Guillot is joined by Brendan Stewart of DroneUp, Brandon Packman of SkyWatch.AI and Trent Nichols of JE Dunn ... Read More
En este webinario presentado en una serie de 4 segmentos, los mejores especialistas de SRS, IKO y Select Adjusters conversarán acerca de la oportunidad que presentan para los contratistas los proyectos de reclamaciones de seguros de daños por tormentas. El objetivo de estos encuentros es demostrar cómo podemos usar las ... Read More
In this 4-part webinar series, SRS, IKO, and Select Adjusters will talk about the business opportunities available for contractors related to storm related insurance claim projects. The goal is to show you how to use insurance claims to get more roofing projects and grow your business, by giving you the ... Read More
This presentation speaks to current code requirements involving “ci”, delving into the relationship between continuous insulation and other performance components within the wall assembly. We will discuss how sound building envelope design addresses thermal performance, proper air and water management, and fire performance needs within wall assemblies. To support advancements ... Read More
Frustrated with disconnection within your team, lack of communication or simply feel like it's time to try something new to move the needle? This webinar is focusing on new tools, strategies, and opportunities within the industry that in some cases are already a benefit available! Watch Now! Read More
John Kenney, CEO of Cotney Consulting Group Presents Live With Roofers Coffee Shop Presents Live At The Roofing Contractors Association Of Washington Tenacious Trio Event on Estimating The Right Way. Watch Now! Read More
In this session, join Heidi J. Ellsworth, president of RoofersCoffeeShop, as she brings together roofing contractors to talk about what is happening today with metal roofing. With a combination of commercial and residential roofing professionals, they will discuss how the roofing industry is navigating material shortages, labor shortages and a post ... Read More
RoofersCoffeeShop® is proud to team up with TAMKO to bring this iconic roofing digital community to the fingertips of TAMKO Certified Contractors and Team TAMKO Contractors. Showcasing the power of digital marketing and business services, RoofersCoffeeShop’s Heidi J. Ellsworth will share a special tour of the site along with overviews ... Read More
Roofing sales teams need a defined process that allows them to keep up with changes as fast as they happen. But with surging material prices, supply chain issues, and evolving weather conditions, how can you move roofing jobs forward and ensure customer expectations are met without causing chaos for your ... Read More
Presented live at the IRE expo this February, watch our panel hosted by Jobba Trade Technologies, Optelos and Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. We will show you the future of roofing – focusing on industry training with technology and virtual worlds. You will see how you can utilize advanced drone imagery, ... Read More
Sales Transformation Group was built for you...the contractor who wants more out of life and business. Because we know that you need just 2 things to ramp your business FAST 1) A Strong Sales Process 2) Impeccable Execution. And that’s exactly what we help you do best. Pure and simple. Watch ... Read More
Sales Transformation Group was built for you...the contractor who wants more out of life and business. Because we know that you need just 2 things to ramp your business FAST 1) A Strong Sales Process 2) Impeccable Execution. And that’s exactly what we help you do best. Pure and simple. Watch ... Read More
Greg Hayne and Ryan Groth are industry-leading coaches and host their sixth episode of "Unlocking Service Growth" by welcoming an industry leader in the Commercial Roofing industry and joint client, Kyle King. Greg Hayne, a coach who facilitates peer groups with CEOs and trains roofing companies on creating a great service ... Read More
Learn how to grow your company with the TAMKO Edge Contractor Loyalty program. Listen in as Melissa explains the inspiration for the program, how it better supports roofing businesses (regardless of the size) and how contractors can do more digitally with manufacturers. Join today! Read More
What is the best method for preventing dangerous snow avalanches on your exposed-fastened metal roof? How expensive and complicated is the solution to this problem? Can it be done without worry of system failure or a leaky roof? Find out the answers to these questions and more during this product ... Read More
Unfortunately, sales is too often seen as a male-driven industry, where aggressive alpha-types rise to the top. But buying into that stereotype when you’re hiring can be detrimental to a team’s performance, especially when you consider the range of communication and relationship-building skills that are required to generate success in ... Read More
In this live webinar, John Kiesel and Kerrick Willis hosted a dynamic live demo and overview of Optelos. Optelos offers patented technology combined with visual data management, data visualization, and automated AI computer vision, to deliver targeted business insights at scale. Join John Kiesel, President of Division 7 Roofing and President/Co-Founder of ... Read More
Join Greg Hayne and Jobba as they discuss everything related to material shortages in the roofing industry. With contractors everywhere feeling the effects of an industry-wide material shortage, the discussion between Greg Hayne, Karol Weyman, and Eugene Zukowski becomes all the more necessary. In a recent webinar hosted by Jobba Trade ... Read More
This time of year, keeping up with the influx of roofing jobs can be challenging for contractors. However, storm season also brings new opportunities to expand business and grow profits. AccuLynx has helped thousands of roofing contractors scale by enabling them to accelerate the sales process and take on more jobs. ... Read More
Heidi J. Ellsworth hosts a very special RCS Webinar with Eduardo Figueroa of Better Employees and Charles Antis and Susan DeGrassi of Antis roofing talking about the importance of training and the Latinx workforce. Eduardo has worked with the Antis team to teach leadership skills to the Antis team ... Read More
Do you know what your roofing crews are doing? Contractors have a lot going on during busy season. Between processing new business, scheduling jobs, and managing labor and material orders, checking in with all of your crews can feel rushed, or get neglected altogether. It may feel impossible to keep everyone ... Read More
Do you know what your roofing crews are doing? Contractors have a lot going on during busy season. Between processing new business, scheduling jobs, and managing labor and material orders, checking in with all of your crews can feel rushed, or get neglected altogether. It may feel impossible to keep everyone ... Read More
El día de hoy vamos a repasar nuevas tecnologías disponibles con SRS Distribution y Atlas Roofing para ayudar a crecer su negocio. Empezando con la nueva aplicación de SRS Distribution Roof Hub. La aplicación Roof Hub tiene la habilidad de enseñar un seguimiento de entregas en todos tus pedidos ... Read More
Fama Construction, Atlanta GA Únase a nosotros, amigos Contratistas de Techos, al comenzar la serie de entrevistas de Contratistas de SRS para Latinos y CertainTeed. Estas entrevistas resaltarán el impacto del mercado Hispano (instalador, propietario y consumidor) pero también discutirán las tendencias en la industria de los techos. Nos acompaña Manaya ... Read More
Únase a nosotros, contratistas de techos, para nuestra primera entrevista de contratistas exitosos con nuestro amigo de IKO Roofing Mark Pass. En esta entrevista platicaremos con Luis Echeverría propietario de Final Touch Construction en Fontana, CA. La entrevista con Luis resaltara sobre su historia en la industria de Roofing, las ... Read More
SRS y OC presentan el camino de un Contratista de Techos ... Ayudando a llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel. En esta serie de seminarios web de cinco partes, SRS y Owens Corning compartirán herramientas fácil de implementar, recursos y mejores prácticas diseñadas específicamente para el contratista de techos Latino. Cada ... Read More
Nick Nobbe of Quarrix leads this informative RLW sharing with Heidi J. Ellsworth the importance of educating homeowners on ventilation. Highlighting recent statistics and survey results, they share how 92% of homes across the U.S. do not have the right ventilation. Nick talks about the benefits of understanding ... Read More
To learn more about Johns Manville, visit their RCS Directory. See more webinars from Johns Manville. Johns Manville BURSI - Market Trends in Low Slope Roofing Johns Manville BURSI - System Selection and Design Johns Manville BURSI Insulation & Cover Boards Design Read More
To learn more about Johns Manville, visit their RCS Directory. See more webinars from Johns Manville. Johns Manville BURSI - The Advantages of Adhered Single Ply Systems Johns Manville BURSI - Product Testing and Building Code Compliance Code Change Impacts Johns Manville BURSI - Expansion Joint Covers & Edge Metal Solutions Read More
Download the presentation and infographc from the 2021 Tremco Talks with Heidi J. Ellsworth, a partner at RoofersCoffeeShop® (RCS). She shared roofing insights for 2020 into 2021 commercial roofing trends. Focusing on COVID, technology, and performance roofing influences, Ellsworth shared insights from the roofing industry gathered through RoofersCoffeeShop in ... Read More
Commercial Roof to Wall Connections (1 AIA/IIBEC CEU) Model energy codes continue to set higher efficiency standards. As the industry recognizes the key role enclosures play in overall building performance, continuous insulation (CI) has come to the forefront as an effective method in addressing these increased performance requirements. A critical element ... Read More
Competition within the roofing industry is at an all time high. Thanks to new technology, roofing companies of all sizes have already laid the foundation to streamline their processes, win more jobs, expand business operations, and grow their profits in 2021. Implementing the right technology now can have a huge ... Read More
MRCA Steep Slope University - 2nd Session Did you miss our second session of Steep Slope University Winter Semester?! NO WORRIES! You can check it out HERE! Knowing Your Numbers: Interpreting Financial Statements This course addressed: guidance through sample financial statements so you can be sure you’re keeping an eye on the key numbers ... Read More
Date: January 27, 2021 Time: 11:00 AM (PST) In an exclusive interview, Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner talks with John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group about his new book “The Blueprints to Your Business.” Known for his excellence in roofing operations, Kenney is not only releasing a new book in 2021 ... Read More
Anna Chapman Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, is a renowned marketing expert who regularly speaks on national stages across the United States and works alongside business owners, helping them obtain success. Anna sits on the board of the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) and is the Communication Chair for National ... Read More
Join ASTEC’s Kyle Ziebarth and Roofer’s Coffee Shop’s Heidi Ellsworth for their top 10 steps to walking more roofs in 2021. With the unique chemistry of ASTEC’s liquid applied roofing systems and lead generation strategies for our partner contractors as well as Heidi’s tips for marketing your contracting business, attendees ... Read More
NWIR Together More Than Ever Series: Tremco Presentation Women Adapting and Leading Change Presented by Mardee Billingsley with Tremco. Date Recorded: October 7th, 2020 Watch On Demand NOW! Read More
Presenter: John Trifonoff, Vice President of East Coast Metal Systems What makes some metal manufacturers better than others? In this webinar, John Trifonoff of East Coast Metal Systems delves into this question and reveals the truth behind quality MCM fabricators. Trifonoff’s goal is to help you determine what to look for ... Read More
Did you miss NRCA’s Virtual Legal Conference, Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets? You are in luck! All nine conference session recordings now are available for purchase in NRCA's bookstore for only $49/session ($69/session for nonmembers). This is a great opportunity to learn the latest legal, business and technical information from ... Read More
REAL. SIMPLE. RESULTS. If you are the owner or leader of an organization who wants to see your business begin to consistently run better and grow faster, Sue Hawkes and EOS will help you and your team simplify, clarify and achieve your vision with these 3 (2-hour) workshops sponsored by Owens ... Read More
Watch now! Study after study has concluded that there is a clear link between workplace diversity, increased productivity, and the bottom line. In fact, according to a study by Forbes, companies with a diverse workforce produce 19% more in earnings than their less diverse counterparts. You need talented workers now more ... Read More
Watch On Demand! “Construction, Metal Construction and Design: Trends and Outlook” What are the jaw-dropping economic and market changes for metal construction and design decision-makers just over the horizon? How MUST your businesses fundamentally change to grasp these once-in-a-business-cycle opportunities – and sidestep the strategic blunders that await the unprepared? Only METALCONLive! ... Read More
To learn more about CertainTeed LLC, visit their RCS Directory. See more webinars from CertainTeed LLC. Product Training Webinars Demystifying Low-Slope Roofing: Level 1 - Modified-BUR Alphabet Soup An introductory breakdown of the fundamentals of Modified and Built-Up-Roofing (BUR) low-slope asphaltic roofing products. Click to view webinar. Demystifying Low-Slope Roofing: Level 2- CertainTeed Torch-Applied ... Read More
New Webinar Recordings Available from NWIR! Hosts Lee Ann M. Slattery, ATAS International, and Maureen Greeves, WTI, Inc. will facilitate a conversation with panelists who have and currently hold a range of positions across the roofing industry. Just like a roof is just one part of what protects a home, a ... Read More
NWiR at the WRE: How to Get Women on the Roof – Successful Strategies & Case Studies Through attention to detail, to enhancing professionalism on the roof, to a fresh perspective on operations, women on the roof can be a tremendous asset to a crew and the bottom line. This panel ... Read More
In this two-part webinar series, Heidi J. Ellsworth of RoofersCoffeeShop® shares current trending demographics within construction and roofing that are influencing the financial success of roofing contractors with both the labor force and consumers of tomorrow. In the first webinar, Ellsworth focuses on the need to retain and recruit ... Read More
RCAW produced a webinar featuring Jennifer Richards, President of Safety Matters Training Institute in Seattle, as well as RCAW Board Member. She shares some valuable information on the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and what that means for your business. In case you missed it - please follow ... Read More
¡Mira todos los S-5! seminarios web en su página de seminarios web, aquí. ¡Aprenda más sobre 5-S! ¡Visita el S-5! Directorio RCS. Las Mejores Prácticas para Instalar Paneles Solares sobre Techos Metálicos – SPANISH ONLY Descripción del Curso: Con la alta demanda de energías renovables en estos tiempos, propietarios de edificios y residencias, comienzan ... Read More
Learn more about S-5!, visit their RCS Directory. Rail-Less Solar on Metal Roofs: Wire Management & Best Practices December 2, 2021 Presenter: S-5!’s Director of Solar Business, Mark Gies Credit: NABCEP-Approved – Earn 1.5 JTA hrs Learning Objectives: 1. How/why a metal roof is a perfect solar platform 2. Advantages of rail-less PV mounting systems 3. Best practices ... Read More
Tremco LIVE is a video series hosted by Tremco Director of Building Science, Marcy Tyler, along with Paul Hoogenboom, President of Tremco Inc. to educate architects, consultants and others on building envelope design challenges and trending topics. Latest Videos: Tremco CPG LIVE: March 2022 Tremco CPG Live - Roofing Systems and Restoration ... Read More
Leap is transforming the home services industry as the first-ever end-to-end point of sale application digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting and real-time communication. Created by seasoned home services professionals, Leap’s application helps businesses eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating the ... Read More
Do it better! Don' t miss these informative webinars from TAMKO. Learn more about TAMKO, visit their RCS Directory. Top Tips for Remote Marketing and Selling Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson of TAMKO share with Heidi the importance of remote selling and marketing during this time of sheltering in. They share that ... Read More
Released on May 6, 2020 Guests: Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson, TAMKO Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth, RoofersCoffeeShop Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson of TAMKO share with Heidi the importance of remote selling and marketing during this time of sheltering in. They share that this is not a momentary practice but the new ... Read More
SPEAKER John Ferrante NERCA Director of Government and Industry Relations John Ferrante will provide an overview of the MA Paid Family & Medical Leave Law. This seminar will educate roofing contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers on everything they need to know regarding the new Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law. New Payroll deductions ... Read More
Visit the BEACON On-Demand Website Learn more about Beacon Building Products, visit their RCS Directory. Better Understanding Executed and Pending Contracts in Today's Environment with Trent Cotney Winning With Social Media Business Fundamentals with Larry Janesky Leadership Strategy & Tactics with Jocko Willink Beacon PRO+ Beacon 3D+ Advice Every Contractor Should Know Read More
You're invited! Due to the overwhelming support and demand we have received for webinars and learning opportunities, we are continuously adding more topics and dates. For those unable to attend, recordings are available here for on-demand viewing. Please join us. View all of the on-demand Webinars and Traning. Read More
Each Wednesday at 1:00 pm ET, these industry titans – featuring their industry guests - host this FREE online no-BS discussion of current challenges and workarounds. Ready to put the brakes on sliding sales and negativity about the economic outlook? Want to know what other metal construction industry sales pros are ... Read More
Presented by industry expert Charlie Smith, learn how to enter the emerging market of Recover Roofing to grow your business and outsell your competition. Listen today! To learn more about McElroy Metal, visit their RCS Directory page. Read More
The recording of our recent webinar, "Financial Relief for COVID-19 Business Impact" featuring Clark Schaefer Hackett CPA's and Advisors is now available. Click here to access the recording The following topics were covered: Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Liquidity and Financial Assistance State and Federal Tax Filing Updates Families First Coronavirus Response ... Read More
Legal Updates, Connecting with Community & Special Message from NRCA Chairman of the Board Nick Sabino Read More
RT3 panelists: Ryan Groth (Sales Transformation Group), Michelle Boykin (Rackley Roofing), Steve Little (KPost Roofing Company), Karen Edwards (RT3), Anna Anderson (Art Unlimited), and Ken Kelly (Kelly Roofing) discuss key components to virtualizing your company effectively. If you missed the first webinar in the series, you can watch the ... Read More
To View the Webinar, Click Here This Webinar is provided by the Association as an industry service at no charge. The content includes the latest information as it relates to the Coronavirus in the following 3 areas: OSHA requirements Employee Policy A summary on the proposed Families First Coronavirus Response Act Our webinar speakers ... Read More
The RT3 special webinar on March 18, 2020 featured experts in marketing, sales, technology and legal areas who discussed how to virtualize your business as well as legal ramifications to consider. Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry, held ... Read More
Webinar On-Demand Sponsored By GAF The roof meets the wall at the intersection of design aesthetics, functionality, durability, construction sequencing and maintenance. Each of these perspectives are critical for the long-term performance of the building, but are often at odds with one another. At such a critical interface, proper parapet detailing, installation ... Read More
In this webinar, Heidi J. Ellsworth a partner at RoofersCoffeeShop® (RCS) will share roofing insights for both commercial and residential roofing, looking back at 2019 and forward to 2020. Heidi will share what is happening in the roofing industry through associations, groups and the growing roofing community of RoofersCoffeeShop.com Focusing on ... Read More
Learn About Our Hands-On, Classroom-Style Training Thank you for your interest in the FiberTite® training program. At this time, we are offering a course for installers and a course for foremen. LEARN MORE and SIGN UP Read More
Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance's Phillip Harris, Jr. and Shari Carlozzi lead a discussion on what it takes to understand, identify, and recognize required safety standards for rooftop fall protection to bring your buildings up to compliance. You will receive a Certificate of Completion Competency area: Quality, Operations & Maintenance, Leadership ... Read More
Calling all residential builders, contractors, and installers! The solar market is expanding at meteoric rates as consumer demand increases and enhanced codes mandate solar capacity on new homes. Are you up to speed on everything you need to know about residential solar system installation? After all, the ... Read More

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