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Special offer for customers – Get this new book ... Read More
MBTechnology's Selfstick SA Cap, ecotorch & supercap SBS come in ... Read More
The SureCoat Systems team is now offering remote commercial roof inspection ... Read More

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The world is changing by the minute and those in the roofing industry are seeing unprecedented change in how they run their businesses.

Technology is taking the front seat and with it comes many questions. Roofing companies need to be able to understand how to incorporate technology into their business, in the office and in the field. For many, it is a daunting task. As with anything it often comes down to understanding the right questions to ask upfront.

Download to understand the 10 questions roofing companies need to ask when looking for new software.

Download the Ebook Now!

Editor's note: Contractors, please share this with your homeowners.

You’ve done your part. Now it’s our turn to serve our military and protect your home and loved ones.

Active members of the United States Military or veterans can choose to receive a $250* or to have IKO donate $350 to Wounded Warrior Project® on their behalf.

Find out more. Get the online submission form at:

Schedule A FREE Safety Evaluation Today!

Our evaluation and recommendations could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines from fall protection violations.

Get Started By Completing the Short Form Below. 

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Please, Download the FREE Safety Solutions Literature.

Digital editions can be found on the dedicated Tremco Safety Solutions landing page under Literature. You can read them on any device and have the option to conveniently download, print and share!

These two books are available in English and Spanish for $5.00 per book.

  • Is This A Roof? For young children to stimulate their career curiosity.  Roofing workers take pride in their profession!

  • Be Safe, Rafe!  For roofing workers to take home after safety training to read to their children and reinforce important total safety messages.

Only available in English

  • Is This A Roof? Coloring book! 

Need copies for someone special?  Learn More Here!


Everything For Your Business in One Place by JobNimbus

Track leads, jobs, and tasks from one easy to use software. You can access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business.

Track Your Jobs & Manage Production

See and manage your roofing jobs like never before with interactive boards. Super easy to organize and with our drag and drop feature it was never been easier to update what jobs are in what part of the process.

Attach job photos, contracts, estimates, and more, then access it all from wherever you are.

Maintain everyone’s schedules together.

Use the calendar to see everyone’s open tasks across your entire organization and plan each user’s day accordingly. JobNimbus also features 2-way sync with Google Calendar, making it even easier to see your JobNimbus tasks wherever you are.

You can also subscribe to your JobNimbus calendar in Outlook and Calendar for Mac/iOS.

All your contacts in one place.

Manage all your contacts in one simple-to-use and easy-to-search place. Move your contacts through your sales process. See important notes and communications like email and phone calls as soon as you view a contact.

Are you using multiple systems to manage your sales and your projects? With JobNimbus, everything is right at your fingertips in one application.

Get Started Free - No Credit Card Required


NRCA has partnered with more than 15 recognized vendors and service providers to help you reduce operating costs on many business expenses you already have! NRCA’s Member Savings Program is updated regularly, so check back often to see the newest offers and how much money you can save. Some of our current partners include:

  • Avis/Budget
  • NEW! ConsensusDocs
  • Electronic Data Payment Systems
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Lenovo
  • Roofers Coffee Shop
  • Staples Advantage
  • UPS
  • YRC Freight
  • And more!

When it comes to your company's bottom line, your NRCA membership pays dividends!

Click here to learn more about the NRCA Member Savings Program.

Are you looking for basic explanations of metal roofing and rollforming terms? Maybe you just need to better explain one of these industry processes or components to a potential customer?

Metal roofing and rollforming are important operations in the construction, architecture and residential building industries, but they can be difficult to understand or explain to others. 

We've got you covered! Introducing the new "Metal Roofing & Rollforming Glossary"!

Download this comprehensive guide of metal roofing and rollforming terms you need to know.

Use this awesome tool to upload a picture of your home, or one of the pre-loaded templates, and visualize different color options. Try it today! 

See how easy it is to use from your mobile device with this demo on Instagram.

Learn more about DECRA's $500 rebate for homeowners looking for adding fire protection to their roof. Check out this first-hand testimonial how DECRA Metal Roofing saved this home.


Rewards calculated on total squares or rolls of Qualifying IKO Products purchased between March 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2020.

For complete details, restrictions and requirements see program terms and conditions.

FiberTite® Blue Roof™ Temporary Roof Membrane is designed for use on flat commercial and industrial roofs, or sloped roofs, as a temporary roof membrane for damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made, or as a temporary roof for tear-off areas or new construction until the final roof assembly can be installed.  Get Your FREE Sample Here!


MBTechnology's Selfstick SA Cap, ecotorch & supercap SBS come in a huge array of stocked colors. Even better, MBTechnology can match shingle colors too! Just send a piece of the shingle. Click here to order your free samples.

A new approach streamlines legal services and provides access to attorneys on demand.

The Cotney Construction Law subscription plans are easy to navigate. You simply choose the plan that provides the level of services your business needs and you get open access to experienced construction attorneys while giving your business the legal protection it needs for success. Having fixed monthly costs allow you to budget for your legal expenses and avoid being hit with an unexpected, jaw-dropping legal bill. The open access to the construction attorneys means you have someone to contact anytime you need it without additional fees.

There is a plan that is right for you!

Find out more about the CCL subscriptions.


MBTechnology Contractor Rebate Program is Simple at 1, 2, 3: - $1 rebate per supercap® roll purchased - $2 rebate per ecotorch® roll purchased - $3 rebate per selfstick/layfast SBS TU70 roll purchased

Click here to find out more about the rebate program.

Transform the Way You Roof with Nearmap! High-resolution maps improve roofing estimate speed and accuracy, reduce the number of costly site visits, and balance workflows to keep your roofers roofing.

  • Prospect Remotely – Scan entire neighborhoods for new business in minutes
  • Visualize Fine Roof Detais – Clearly identify vents and other features
  • Real-Time Qualification – View the customer's roof while you're on the phone
  • Lower Material Costs – Order the correct number of squares for the job


Request your virtual reality goggles today.

When you arrive in SOPREMA City, you will be transported into a world all about SOPREMA. Visit our training center, learn more about our history and read about projects that used SOPREMA products. Fill out the form below to receive your own goggles and get the full experience!

Get Your Goggles Here!

Quality gear for your team does not have to come at a steep price! Ocean Breezes Design is offering roofing contractors an exclusive discount on a variety of apparel!

Click Here to See Killer Deals!

Get in touch! Visit Their RCS Directory Today

Are you a contractor struggling to get the clients and projects you want? Are you afraid that you're too reliant on weather events and a low bid world and revenue feels unpredictable, kind of like a scary rollercoaster? 

My name is Ryan Groth and I help contractors transition from living in an unpredictable world to a high performing sales organization that makes revenue predictable. I help people grow for sales success in your ideal markets so that you can grow the way you want and live the life you want.

If you're interested in growing your people and getting more clients with predictability, schedule a FREE Remote Selling Strategy Session today!

To learn more about Sales Transformation Group, visit their RCS Directory.

Get your 20-minute free consultation with the leading business consulting team in the industry - Trent Cotney and John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group

Unlike other “business” consultants, Cotney has 65+ years of experience solving the problems of roofing companies. With real experience running 8-figure, multi-million dollar companies, our consultants did not learn about business consulting from a book — we have experienced the same problems that you have, solved them and moved on to create a storied history of success. We can share our experiences with you and help you achieve success. 

Sign up today!

The SureCoat Systems team is now offering remote commercial roof inspection support to save you time and money!

1. Why are remote roof inspections a great idea? Video inspections eliminate wait times and allow us to view the roof with you and offer recommendations.

2. How do remote roof inspections work? Video inspections are simple, we are able to work with you and whatever software is most convenient; Facetime, Skype or Zoom. You name the app, schedule a time and we'll be right there on the other side of the camera.

Schedule your free remote inspection today!

When you install a custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, up to 85% of the seams are completed in a factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, Duro-Last dramatically reduces the potential for leaks — and adds the advantages of a faster, quieter and easier installation, with less maintenance and reliable roof performance for years to come.

Roof membranes are available in 40, 50 and 60 mil thickness, and an array of color choices. Request your free samples!

Coach John is here for you and your business. 

Running a roofing company is not straightforward get your Cotney Consulting Group Business Checkup Today.

Learn More and Sign Up Now!

A Vibrant Vision

Challenges to the entrepreneurial spirit are complex, particularly in a family business if the entrepreneur wants to have the business survive him/herself and successfully grow into future generations. This vision contrasts sharply with the lifestyle business or “harvest your business” mentality promoted by venture capital or private equity models. To have a vision of growing a small family business into a sustainable multi-million dollar business requires distinctive processes that support innovation, human capital development, strategic planning, and quality assurance in manufacturing and service. Additional distinct processes must be created and implemented that support good governance and effective education and stewardship of future generations of family shareholders. A Vibrant Vision shares the experiences of the author in his growing family business after his father passed away, and building this industrial fabrics business into a multi-million company while at the same time encouraging his children and grandchildren to become stewards of this treasure we call a family business.

About the Author

Richard Seaman is the Board Chairman of Seaman Corporation, where he served as CEO from 1976 to 2015. He assumed the leadership role of this family busi­ness in 1978 after his father passed away at the young age of 55. Under his leadership, Seaman Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial coated fabrics used for FiberTite single-ply roof membranes and other applications, grew from $10 million in annual sales to nearly $200 million in sales today. 

Richard serves as a Trustee of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, whose mission is to support entrepreneur­ship and the free enterprise system. In 2012, he was asked by the Governor of the State of Ohio to serve as a Commissioner of the Ohio Third Frontier, a billion dollar initiative focused on creating an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state. He is a member of the Young President’s Organization and a Trustee on the board of the College of Wooster.

Download your free sample chapter!

To learn more about FiberTite, visit their RCS Directory. 

SOPREMA’s ULTRA-STICK® line of products are SBS-modified bitumen membranes specifically formulated for self-adhered applications. These membranes have a special permanent film surfacing designed to aid in the application of a SOPREMA® self-adhered cap sheet. This surface also eliminates the need for interply priming, resulting in material and labor savings. The ULTRA-STICK® line is manufactured with a superior, high tack self-adhesive blend on the underside to give these membranes the best initial tack in the industry.

Self-Adhered Application Advantages

Safety is always the principal concern in roofing. When the use of a roofing torch or hot asphalt is a concern, or there are special circumstances that require near odorless application, SOPREMA® ULTRA-STICK® membranes are the answer. The ULTRA-STICK® system provides a multi-ply, redundant SBS roofing system with all of the advantages of self-adhered application including quick and easy application, no open flames or odor, and immediate bonding.

  • No odor from primers, adhesives or asphalt
  • No hazards due to open flame or hot asphalt
  • Time and labor savings
  • Material savings
  • No special equipment needed

Learn more. Download the product brochure. Click Here to Request Your Sample!

Send us your Best Roof Hugger project and we will buy you a $50 steak and lobster dinner in your town. Not a Roof Hugger contractor? Sign up to learn more about becoming one.


SureCoat Systems offers a wide variety of roof, wall and deck repair and restoration solutions for the commercial and DIY industry, with special formulations that keep moisture out and eliminate the worries and leaks that ponding water areas can cause. Once you try our product you will for Sure use it again.

Request your FREE sample today! Simply tell us where to send it.

To learn more about SureCoat Systems, visit their RCS Directory. 


Experiencing delays with your current sales process? You aren’t alone! Just about every roofing business has had issues with getting sales closed on time. But we have few tips that are guaranteed to help streamline your sales process, decrease turnaround time and produce more profits. Interested in learning more? Click below to get your FREE copy.

Download your free tip sheet now!

Special offer for customers – Get this new book on Amazon – Sales and Marketing for Roofing Contractors Click Here To Learn More

Interested in sending an employee to an NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference? 

Visit HERE to view dates / times and register for any of the 6 Conferences offered! 

NRCA has 3 different ways to take advantage of additional discounts!

  1. Early Bird Pricing -- Save $200 for members ($400 for non-members)
  2. If you send a worker to the Qualified Trainer Conference, you can purchase TRAC at a 50% discount.  TRAC is NRCA’s roof system online training modules which is a great training aid for Qualified Trainers). For more information on TRAC, CLICK HERE
  3. Already haveTRAC? You can still receive a $500 discount to send someone to the Qualified Trainer Conference to learn how to be the best trainer possible.


Get a free 15-minute digital marketing consultation with Jay Taylor from LEVERAGE. 

LEVERAGE partners with you to engage your audience at the local level with custom tailored location-based digital marketing strategies that result in higher Google rankings, greater social media visibility, more traffic, better engagement, increased opportunities, a shorter sales cycle, and ultimately more revenue.

Click here to schedule your consulting!

How To Choose The Right Roofing Tear-Off Shovel

The most challenging decision isn’t whether or not you need a tear-off shovel, but rather which one is right for raising efficiency and keeping your roofing crew happy.

What's Included in This Essential Guide?

  • How to Choose the Right Roofing Shovel for Your Crew

  • Pros & Cons of Industry-Leading Tear-Off Tools

  • What the Right Tools Do for Your Roofers and Your Business

Don't waste another day with tools that slow production and may lead to long-term lower back pain. Fill out the form to get your free copy of "How to Choose the Right Roofing Tear-Off Shovel for Your Crew" to raise production and your bottom line. 

Download now!

To learn more about Equipter, visit their RCS Directory

With Lunch & Learn Presentations, American WeatherStar Field Representatives can bring the learning to you. Whether conducted in-person or remotely, these presentations give commercial roofing professionals an opportunity to select and discuss specific topics related to the roof restoration industry.

Download presentation topics here.

To learn more about American WeatherStar, visit their RCS Directory

A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Insurance Coverage and Claims

NRCA's newest publication, A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Insurance Coverage and Claims, is now available!

This informative reference tool answers your insurance-related questions in an FAQ format. Learn more about insurance coverages, claims, certificates of insurance, subrogation, additional insureds, errors and omissions, workers’ comp and much more.

Insurance is an essential part of every roofing contractor's business. Download your copy today!

Member price: Free
Nonmember price: $95

Would you like to see additional risk management resources? Visit NRCA's Bookstore now.

The Pipe Collar from Wil-Mar Products eliminates the problem that exists when sealing a vent pipe to a roofing flashing. Because you attach the Pipe Collar to the pipe and not the roof flashing, you eliminate the need for tape or mastic that wears out, breaks or pulls the flashing away from the roofing causing costly roof leaks. Try one for FREE today!

The choice for cost-effective, enduring building repairs.

When a building façade leaks, the usual choice is between costly, invasive renovations or quick, temporary fixes. GE Silicones Optic translucent coating offers the refreshing alternative—without compromising your budget or building performance. Prevent repeated failures, minimize maintenance, and keep your building looking great.

Optic is the product you didn’t know you needed. We would like to show you with a Free sample.

Get Your Sample Today.

Why run a flat bead with a round nozzle?

Offer valid for the first 200 contractors!




Whether you are an installer, contractor, architect, engineer, consultant or distributor, the diversity of our educational webinars offers multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge base. These FREE online courses offer practical application of all things mounted to metal roofs from solar and snow guards to utilities like HVAC, satellite communications, roof service walkways and, wind reinforcements. (To see the complete list of courses offered, click here).


New SOPREMA® SG granule-surfaced cap sheets are improved with 3M™ Highly Reflective Granules, bringing improved durability and an even brighter white appearance to the market. The new 3M™ ultra-reflective granule is integrated into SOPREMA® SG surfaced roof membranes to create solutions that provide the solar reflective index (SRI) ratings needed to comprehensively meet the highest U.S. requirements. Building upon the individual success of SOPREMA® and 3M's reflective roofing products, the new SOPREMA® SG granules provide the proven protection of multi-ply SBS-modified bitumen roof membrane systems.

SG Granule Benefits:

  • Meets all U.S. reflectivity requirements (Title 24, FBC, IECC)
  • Lighter weight for easier handling
  • Highly reflective surface
  • Increases occupants’ comfort while reducing energy costs
  • A bright white surface that doesn't sacrifice durability or redundancy: Available on SOPRALENE® & ELASTOPHENE® cap sheets

Learn about a project using SG granules.

For more information and to request a sample, visit

Make the switch to synthetic underlayment and get rewarded with a Visa® Reward Card. The Roofing Contractor Customer Loyalty Program invites contractors to get a $100 Visa® Reward Card for every 30 rolls of Titanium®, 60 rolls of Titanium® X30, or 90 rolls of RhinoRoof® U20 synthetic underlayment purchased.

Learn More and Submit Your Invoices.

© 2020 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

Receive 10% off membership dues when you join the Western States Roofing Association!
Enter code: F1LX06DTB99M at check out for 10% Off!
WSRCA Membership is a Good Business Decision – Learn more and join today!  


Exclusively from American WeatherStar, Terminator Roof Sealants are the premier roof maintenance and repair products in the industry. Terminator 622 (brush-grade) and 624XT (vertical-grade) are 100% solids, moisture-cure sealants specifically developed to perform even on the most extreme roofing environments.

  • Stops leaks instantly
  • Extreme adhesion—even to silicone-coated surfaces
  • Applies and cures to wet or underwater surfaces
  • 100% solids siliconized-urethane formulation
  • Low VOC and environmentally safe

Request your free sample today!

To learn more about American WeatherStar, visit their RCS Directory.

The Power of Protection

Actively Monitor Your Rooftop for Problems

Water can be devastating to your roof or building. Leaks create major problems as water continually enters the roof. Clogged roof drains can be even worse; the enormous weight of trapped water can lead to catastrophic damage. KnoviSM Monitoring Technology from Tremco Roofing can help you prevent a possible disaster through our SmartDrain™ solutions. Monitoring occurs 24/7, with all data captured in our mobile-friendly roof management system.

Know Your Roof is Protected With Knovi℠ SmartDrain™

Attached to your rooftop drains, SmartDrain sensors send automatic alerts through the SmartGateway™ when they detect rising water levels around your drain. The more water, the bigger the problem; imagine being able to avoid drain disasters before they happen!

24/7 Rooftop Monitoring 

Our monitoring solutions are fully integrated to provide you with unmatched services, such as:

  •  Quick identification of priorities and support for financial decisions
  •  Easy tracking and management of roofing assets
  •  Round-the-clock accessibility and security
  •  Access to historical data
  •  Unmatched, customizable reporting that includes inspection reports; budget summaries; and work, maintenance and budget recommendations.

Find out More and Get your FREE Evaluation

Interested in becoming an NRCA ProCertification® Qualified Assessor? Now is the time do it!

For a limited time, applicants who meet certain requirements can take their Qualified Assessor exams from home! NRCA has made it much more convenient to become an NRCA Qualified Assessor including taking the final exam remotely.

As an NRCA Qualified Assessor, you can:

  • Generate additional revenue by charging NRCA ProCertification candidates appropriate fees for conducting their performance exams
  • Become more profitable as your marketability increases
  • Gain access to NRCA ProCertification materials
  • Achieve professional recognition and an NRCA Qualified Assessor digital badge

Support NRCA’s efforts to increase professionalism throughout the roofing industry. 

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity and apply today! If you have questions, please contact Denise Malcolm, NRCA’s manager of certification administration, at or (800) 323-9545, ext. 7560

Give your roofing business a JumpStart™ – with up to 5,000 reasons to try DECRA! DECRA is looking for roofing contractors who have never installed DECRA and are interested in growing their business with a proven product. Find out more about JumpStart!

Answer me this…? A Question of the Week.  Help us build the way you want to buy. 

Click here to answer our weekly question or answer 5 more for a chance to win a pizza!  Answer Today

Instantly qualify for a $75 Manufacturer’s Rebate when you rent the Equipter RB4000 for the first time.

The RB4000 is all the rage in the roofing industry right now, and it’s growing in popularity among construction crews. With over 100 rental locations across the US, it’s easy to find the closest Equipter rental place near you.

Why wouldn’t you take the chance to test this innovative piece of roofing equipment with your crew?

Find Rental Location

First Time Renter? Here’s How to Claim Your Rebate!

Once you commit to renting the RB4000 for the very first time regardless of location, Equipter will give you $75! Just follow these steps.

1. Rent the RB4000 from one of over 120 rental locations in our database.

2. Fill out the form HERE

3. Upload your receipt

4. Click Submit

5. Check your mailbox

*Most renters receive their rebate--a check from Equipter for $75--in 2 to 3 weeks after submitting their info.

Download the flyer and bring it to your rental company. Ask for Eqipter.

TRP-655 ULTRA PURE HAND SANITIZER is a refreshing alcohol-based sanitizer that kills 99.9% of most illness-causing germs. Germs transferred by hands are the #1 reason people become ill. #655 Ultra Pure is safe on hands, and you may reapply as often as needed. It does not replace hand washing to remove heavy soils, but it is an important step in keeping hands germ-free. Reduces workplace and school absenteeism by as much as 20%. Leaves skin smooth and conditioned without a medicinal smell.

• Concentrated and economical
• Easy to apply—simply squirt into hands and massage into skin
• Leaves hands clean and soft.


To learn more about Tropical Roofing Products, visit their RCS Directory.

Inspired by the power of the trees, SOPREMA’s ECO3 granule surfaced membranes are a unique collaborative effort between 3M and SOPREMA for low slope roofing. This roofing granule is designed with a specialized photo-catalyst coating applied to the mineral that absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases in the atmosphere that are then cleaned and washed away by rainwater. This process drastically reduces the amount of ground-level pollutants, decreasing the greenhouse effect and creating healthier communities. For more information and to request your free sample, visit

Watch the ECO3 video to learn more!


Fill out this form to receive your free 30-minute consultation with one of Leap’s Home Service Software Specialists! This is a custom live tour of Leap where you will discover strategies to improve your sales process and increase your revenue. Total efficiency, total transparency, total control. See how Leap will transform your sales process!

Request your free consultation today!

To learn more about Leap, LLC, visit their RCS Directory.


This is a “One Family, One Fight” promotion designed to give back to First Responders, while also helping our customers close more sales. Here’s how it works:

We are offering a $250 Amazon gift card to any First Responder homeowner who purchases remodeling services from one of our customers (as long as the contractor purchases $2500+ in material from us for that job).

Our customers can use this as a selling tool:

  • Contractor lets homeowners know that if they are a First Responder, they are eligible to receive a $250 Amazon gift card when they use the contractor’s services
  • Contractor looks like the good guy while we pay the promotion – now that is VALUE ADDED from SRS!
  • Contractor and homeowner follow the two simple instructions on the flyer and homeowner is emailed gift card

Get this into your customers’ hands so that they can print stacks, or keep it digitally, and use it on their sales calls!

Learn More Here!  also En Espanol

Promotion runs now – end of year (12/31/2020).

Severe weather can be devastating to your roof. Learn more about DECRA's $500 rebate for homeowners replacing their roof due to recent storms, or looking to add preventative measures to their home. Learn more!

Looking for contractors offering or looking to offer fluid-applied membrane services who can run leads.

Astec is a leading brand of fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, tanks, piping, ductwork and other industrial surfaces. 

Astec® coatings can add advantages to virtually any substrate and lead to maintenance and energy cost reductions.

Interest? Please contact us at


Churches, temples, synagogues, and cathedrals are the architectural centerpieces of the community and DECRA metal roofs can fulfill the highest aesthetic standards required for your place of worship. Install at least 30 squares of DECRA Metal Roofing, and receive up to a $1,000 rebate for your organization.

To receive a manufacturer’s mail-in-rebate of a $500 or $1,000 gift card, please complete the form on this page. Rebate eligibility requires an agreement to purchase a new or complete replacement with a DECRA roof by December 5th, 2020. Repairs, additions and partial replacements do not qualify. Only complete roofs are eligible. Please see terms and conditions and registration page. 

Register your rebate today!


Cotney Construction Law will be providing NRCA ProCertified® roof system installer performance exams at no charge for anyone in the Tampa or Orlando areas interested in testing for the asphalt shingle or thermoplastic ProCertification designation by NRCA.  “We are excited to support NRCA’s efforts on increasing ProCertification membership and professionalism within the roofing industry,” says Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Construction Law. 

To learn more about the ProCertification® Program, please visit To inquire about the free  ProCertification installer performance exams, please email

The FORTIFIED Wise–Roofing Contractor demonstrates a solid understanding of the critical aspects of installation and documentation for roofing a new or existing home to meet the FORTIFIED standards. This course is ideal for experienced roofers looking to expand their business and marketing opportunities.

Backed by science and proven to work in field and lab studies, FORTIFIED Roof construction standards help build stronger communities. Now, new on-demand virtual training makes it easier than ever to become a FORTIFIED-certified roofing contractor for hurricane and high wind areas.

Courses offered include:

  • FORTIFIED Wise™ Roofing Contractor–High Wind & Hail
  • FORTIFIED Wise™ Roofing Contractor–Hurricane
  • FORTIFIED Wise Roof Contractor–Hurricane + Exam
  • FORTIFIED Wise Roof Contractor–High Wind & Hail + Exam

Access your free preview today! 

To learn more about FORTIFIED by IBHS, visit their RCS Directory.

Ready to Get Started?

Join the MRA today and receive homeowner leads for your business. 

The MRA is a national trade association dedicated to expanding the residential metal roofing market. Start by completing this formYou can learn more about the complete membership approval process here.

Being an MRA Member will allow you to showcase your services and products to interested customers in your area. Some of the benefits you will receive as a member include:

  • Quality homeowner leads
  • Professional training for crews
  • Business development resources
  • Industry growth and support

If you have any questions or are having trouble finding what you need please contact us or email

Do you work in the gutter contracting or installation business and are considering buying your first portable gutter machine? Wondering if this type of machine is right for your business?

We can help you find the answers you need with our e-book A Guide to Buying and Owning Your First Portable Gutter Machine.

This e-book has all the information you need to understand:

  • Types and benefits of using portable gutter rollforming machinery
  • The buying process, cost of seamless gutter machines, and financing options
  • Machine owner best practices and tips to keep your gutter machine in top

Download today!

Titebond DuraMaster Sealant is the FIRST elastomeric, water-based sealant with 100% joint movement*. This revolutionary sealant offers fantastic adhesion to most common building materials including: vinyl, metal, glass, wood, PVC, concrete, aluminum, and all types of siding. It spans gaps up to 2” wide, stays flexible, crackproof, paintable, and VOC-compliant. It can be used in interior and exterior applications. DuraMaster™ is available in 13 colors and is UV-resistant. DuraMaster™ offers 4X durability versus other high-performance acrylic latex sealants. *Clear offers 25% joint movement.

Request your free tube today!


Right now, Cotney Construction Law is offering RoofersCoffeeShop visitors a chance to get one month of their Gold plan for free!

There are many benefits to the Gold plan including access to an attorney on-demand, unlimited phone calls, demand letters, manual reviews and updates, lien and bond claims, document drafting, manual drafting, and an annual I-9 audit. It’s time to make sure your business is in a positive cash flow situation and Cotney Construction Law can help.

When you sign up for the Gold level or higher monthly plan, you'll also receive unlimited collections benefits (Including litigation but excluding defense). Now is a great time to implement processes for collections and Cotney Construction Law is ready to help you get started.

Learn more and sign up!


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