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Please note:  This website was built for the use of roofing and building industry professionals.  The offers, discounts, gifts, and promotions are offered only to readers that work in the roofing and building trades. Although this policy may not be specifically stated in the individual posts it is implied by the nature of the offer.  Please be notified that if you apply or make a request for any offer, discount, gift, or promotion, or the advertiser making the offer is not obligated in any way to fulfill that request if you do not meet our/their criteria.



  Give your roofing business a JumpStart™ – with up to ... Read More
At Sherwin-Williams, we offer a full portfolio of products that ... Read More
Titebond DuraMaster Sealant is the FIRST elastomeric, water-based sealant with ... Read More
NRCA has partnered with more than 15 recognized vendors and ... Read More

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MBTechnology's Selfstick SA Cap, ecotorch & supercap SBS come in a huge array of stocked colors. Even better, MBTechnology can match shingle colors too! Just send a piece of the shingle. Click here to order your free samples. Read More
LET’S SEE IF YOU’RE THE RIGHT FIT During a 2 hour complimentary session, a BTA Assessment Specialist will take the time to learn about you and your business. Together, you’ll strategize and go through the following: Review your personal and professional goals Assess the current state of your business Analyze your biggest challenges and opportunities Walk ... Read More
Our subscription services are designed specifically for the ongoing needs of the construction industry. We provide you with the flexibility to choose an affordable plan, open access to our team of experienced construction attorneys, and the protection your business needs to thrive. We're offering a special introductory price of $399 a ... Read More
Send us your Best Roof Hugger project and we will buy you a $50 steak and lobster dinner in your town. Not a Roof Hugger contractor? Sign up to learn more about becoming one. Read More
See a Demo of AccuLynx AccuLynx users see 35% increase in job profits on average! We’ll show you how it works. One of our Product Engineers will contact you to coordinate an online demonstration of AccuLynx where we will walk you through the software. Please fill out the form Here Visit AccuLynx's RCS Directory Here Read More
  The world is changing by the minute and those in the roofing industry are seeing unprecedented change in how they run their businesses. Technology is taking the front seat and with it comes many questions. Roofing companies need to be able to understand how to incorporate technology into their business, in ... Read More
Interested in sending an employee to an NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference?  Visit HERE to view dates / times and register for any of the 6 Conferences offered!  NRCA has 3 different ways to take advantage of additional discounts! Early Bird Pricing -- Save $200 for members ($400 for non-members) If you send a worker to the ... Read More
Looking for contractors offering or looking to offer fluid-applied membrane services who can run leads. Astec is a leading brand of fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, tanks, piping, ductwork and other industrial surfaces.  Astec® coatings can add advantages to virtually any substrate and lead to maintenance and ... Read More
Get your free sample of Metalflex SBS now! An elastomeric membrane manufactured with an embossed foil surfacing and reinforced with a woven fiberglass mat.  Metalflex SBS is available in standard aluminum and colored aluminum.  The aluminum top surface offers unparalleled reflectivity and weather ability. It is Class A fire rated over ... Read More
NRCA has partnered with more than 15 recognized vendors and service providers to help you reduce operating costs on many business expenses you already have! NRCA’s Member Savings Program is updated regularly, so check back often to see the newest offers and how much money you can save. Some of ... Read More
Do you work in the gutter contracting or installation business and are considering buying your first portable gutter machine? Wondering if this type of machine is right for your business? We can help you find the answers you need with our e-book A Guide to Buying and Owning Your First Portable Gutter ... Read More
  Give your roofing business a JumpStart™ – with up to 5,000 reasons to try DECRA! DECRA is looking for roofing contractors who have never installed DECRA and are interested in growing their business with a proven product. Find out more about JumpStart! Read More
Use this awesome tool to upload a picture of your home, or one of the pre-loaded templates, and visualize different color options. Try it today!  See how easy it is to use from your mobile device with this demo on Instagram. Read More
CLOSE DEALS FASTER AND EARN MORE REVENUE Experiencing delays with your current sales process? You aren’t alone! Just about every roofing business has had issues with getting sales closed on time. But we have few tips that are guaranteed to help streamline your sales process, decrease turnaround time and produce more ... Read More
Coach John is here for you and your business.  Running a roofing company is not straightforward get your Cotney Consulting Group Business Checkup Today. Learn More and Sign Up Now! Read More
Finding the right team to help grow your business is essential. Cotney Consulting can provide flexible support for long- or short-term company issues and projects, and in addition, they can tackle more expansive needs affecting all parts of a company’s operational structure. Get your free consultation with Lee Lipniskis, an ... Read More
  4 Day Metal Roof Boot Camp How to sell metal roofing using our proven, in-home sales process This intensive 4-day sales training program is the same step-by-step sales program used by companies throughout North America to develop 1.5 million dollar producers. By implementing these selling systems into your company, you will be ... Read More
  Whether you are an installer, contractor, architect, engineer, consultant or distributor, the diversity of our educational webinars offers multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge base. These FREE online courses offer practical application of all things mounted to metal roofs from solar and snow guards to utilities like HVAC, satellite communications, roof service ... Read More
Receive 10% off membership dues when you join the Western States Roofing Association! Enter code: F1LX06DTB99M at check out for 10% Off! WSRCA Membership is a Good Business Decision – Learn more and join today!     Read More
Get your 20-minute free consultation with the leading business consulting team in the industry - Trent Cotney and John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group Unlike other “business” consultants, Cotney has 65+ years of experience solving the problems of roofing companies. With real experience running 8-figure, multi-million dollar companies, our consultants did ... Read More
Ready to Get Started? Join the MRA today and receive homeowner leads for your business.  The MRA is a national trade association dedicated to expanding the residential metal roofing market. Start by completing this form. You can learn more about the complete membership approval process here. Being an MRA Member will allow you to ... Read More
  MBTechnology Contractor Rebate Program is Simple at 1, 2, 3: - $1 rebate per supercap® roll purchased - $2 rebate per ecotorch® roll purchased - $3 rebate per selfstick/layfast SBS TU70 roll purchased Click here to find out more about the rebate program. Read More
SOPRA-XPS is a thermal insulation panel composed of extruded polystyrene. It is made of closed-cell foam and is mainly used as thermal insulation for SOPREMA foundation systems, walls, and inverted roofs including plaza decks and green roofs and parking decks. Learn more about SOPRA-XPS and request your free sample! Read More
Get your free sample of Metalflex SBS now! An elastomeric membrane manufactured with an embossed foil surfacing and reinforced with a woven fiberglass mat.  Metalflex SBS is available in standard aluminum and colored aluminum.  The aluminum top surface offers unparalleled reflectivity and weather ability. It is Class A fire rated over ... Read More
Special offer for customers – Get this new book on Amazon – Sales and Marketing for Roofing Contractors Click Here To Learn More Read More
Cotney Construction Law will be providing NRCA ProCertified® roof system installer performance exams at no charge for anyone in the Tampa or Orlando areas interested in testing for the asphalt shingle or thermoplastic ProCertification designation by NRCA.  “We are excited to support NRCA’s efforts on increasing ProCertification membership and professionalism ... Read More
  SureCoat Systems offers a wide variety of roof, wall and deck repair and restoration solutions for the commercial and DIY industry, with special formulations that keep moisture out and eliminate the worries and leaks that ponding water areas can cause. Once you try our product you will for Sure use it again. Request ... Read More
Have you ever seen a roofing CRM App with 100% functionality from desktop to mobile? Probably not. Meet SSA, the roofing industries most versatile and easy to use CRM. SSA is simple to learn and use, affordable, and accessible from any device. With the world trying to go more touchless SSA ... Read More
Are you looking for basic explanations of metal roofing and rollforming terms? Maybe you just need to better explain one of these industry processes or components to a potential customer? Metal roofing and rollforming are important operations in the construction, architecture and residential building industries, but they can be difficult to ... Read More
NEW HIGHLY REFLECTIVE GRANULE SURFACED ROOF MEMBRANE DEVELOPED THROUGH COLLABORATION BETWEEN 3M™ AND SOPREMA® New SOPREMA® SG granule-surfaced cap sheets are improved with 3M™ Highly Reflective Granules, bringing improved durability and an even brighter white appearance to the market. The new 3M™ ultra-reflective granule is integrated into SOPREMA® SG surfaced roof membranes to create ... Read More
Answer me this…? A Question of the Week.  Help us build the way you want to buy.  Click here to answer our weekly question or answer 5 more for a chance to win a pizza!  Answer Today Read More
Titebond DuraMaster Sealant is the FIRST elastomeric, water-based sealant with 100% joint movement*. This revolutionary sealant offers fantastic adhesion to most common building materials including: vinyl, metal, glass, wood, PVC, concrete, aluminum, and all types of siding. It spans gaps up to 2” wide, stays flexible, crackproof, paintable, and VOC-compliant. ... Read More
These two books are available in English and Spanish for $5.00 per book. Is This A Roof? For young children to stimulate their career curiosity.  Roofing workers take pride in their profession! Be Safe, Rafe!  For roofing workers to take home after safety training to read to their children and reinforce important total safety ... Read More
The SureCoat Systems team is now offering remote commercial roof inspection support to save you time and money! 1. Why are remote roof inspections a great idea? Video inspections eliminate wait times and allow us to view the roof with you and offer recommendations. 2. How do remote roof inspections work? Video inspections are simple, we are ... Read More
Are you a contractor struggling to get the clients and projects you want? Are you afraid that you're too reliant on weather events and a low bid world and revenue feels unpredictable, kind of like a scary rollercoaster?  My name is Ryan Groth and I help contractors transition from living in an ... Read More
Interested in becoming an NRCA ProCertification® Qualified Assessor? Now is the time do it! For a limited time, applicants who meet certain requirements can take their Qualified Assessor exams from home! NRCA has made it much more convenient to become an NRCA Qualified Assessor including taking the final exam remotely. As an ... Read More
Everything For Your Business in One Place by JobNimbus Track leads, jobs, and tasks from one easy to use software. You can access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business. Track Your Jobs & Manage Production See and manage your roofing jobs like never before with interactive boards. Super ... Read More
The Pipe Collar from Wil-Mar Products eliminates the problem that exists when sealing a vent pipe to a roofing flashing. Because you attach the Pipe Collar to the pipe and not the roof flashing, you eliminate the need for tape or mastic that wears out, breaks or pulls the flashing ... Read More
Instantly qualify for a $75 Manufacturer’s Rebate when you rent the Equipter RB4000 for the first time. The RB4000 is all the rage in the roofing industry right now, and it’s growing in popularity among construction crews. With over 100 rental locations across the US, it’s easy to find the closest ... Read More
When you install a custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, up to 85% of the seams are completed in a factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, Duro-Last dramatically reduces the potential for leaks — and adds the advantages of a ... Read More
The Power of Protection Actively Monitor Your Rooftop for Problems Water can be devastating to your roof or building. Leaks create major problems as water continually enters the roof. Clogged roof drains can be even worse; the enormous weight of trapped water can lead to catastrophic damage. KnoviSM Monitoring Technology from Tremco Roofing can help you ... Read More
Make the switch to synthetic underlayment and get rewarded with a Visa® Reward Card. The Roofing Contractor Customer Loyalty Program invites contractors to get a $100 Visa® Reward Card for every 30 rolls of Titanium®, 60 rolls of Titanium® X30, or 90 rolls of RhinoRoof® U20 synthetic underlayment purchased. Learn More and ... Read More
A new approach streamlines legal services and provides access to attorneys on demand. The Cotney Construction Law subscription plans are easy to navigate. You simply choose the plan that provides the level of services your business needs and you get open access to experienced construction attorneys while giving your business the ... Read More
Earn more with PolyFlash® 1C! Are you ready to double up with PolyFlash 1C? Seal those roofing elements with this one-component, state-of-the-art, silane modified polyurethane flashing compound. Along the way you’ll earn double points and be entered into our latest promotion. It’s win/win/win! How it works Earn DOUBLE POINTS during the promotional period Now ... Read More
Between the dates of January 1, 2021, and June 30, 2021, builders who use the ForceField® Weather Barrier System can receive a rebate of $1 per panel on up to 400 panels per home of ForceField sheathing. This rebate is valid for the first FIVE homes you build using ForceField.  Earn ... Read More
Did you miss NRCA’s Virtual Legal Conference, Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets? You are in luck! All nine conference session recordings now are available for purchase in NRCA's bookstore for only $49/session ($69/session for nonmembers). This is a great opportunity to learn the latest legal, business and technical information from industry experts ... Read More
Inspired by the power of the trees, SOPREMA’s ECO3 granule surfaced membranes are a unique collaborative effort between 3M and SOPREMA for low slope roofing. This roofing granule is designed with a specialized photo-catalyst coating applied to the mineral that absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases in the atmosphere that are then ... Read More
At Sherwin-Williams, we offer a full portfolio of products that can efficiently touchup your projects. Through the innovative work from Ready Match, a division of Sherwin-Williams, we provide our customers with touchup products that are ideal for the metal building products market. Enter to win here!  Read More
Fill out this form to receive your free 30-minute consultation with one of Leap’s Home Service Software Specialists! This is a custom live tour of Leap where you will discover strategies to improve your sales process and increase your revenue. Total efficiency, total transparency, total control. See how Leap will ... Read More
Schedule A FREE Safety Evaluation Today! Our evaluation and recommendations could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines from fall protection violations. Get Started By Completing the Short Form Below.  Schedule Now   Please, Download the FREE Safety Solutions Literature. Digital editions can be found on the dedicated Tremco Safety Solutions landing page under Literature. You can read them ... Read More
  Beacon 3D+ transforms smartphone photos of any home to a fully measured, customizable 3D model so you can save time measuring, provide an accurate estimate and help homeowners easily visualize what the final project will look like. How It Works Snap a Few Photos - Capture 8 photos using the Beacon 3D+ app. ... Read More
A Vibrant Vision Challenges to the entrepreneurial spirit are complex, particularly in a family business if the entrepreneur wants to have the business survive him/herself and successfully grow into future generations. This vision contrasts sharply with the lifestyle business or “harvest your business” mentality promoted by venture capital or private equity ... Read More
A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Insurance Coverage and Claims NRCA's newest publication, A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Insurance Coverage and Claims, is now available! This informative reference tool answers your insurance-related questions in an FAQ format. Learn more about insurance coverages, claims, certificates of insurance, subrogation, additional insureds, errors and omissions, workers’ ... Read More
FiberTite® Blue Roof™ Temporary Roof Membrane is designed for use on flat commercial and industrial roofs, or sloped roofs, as a temporary roof membrane for damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made, or as a temporary roof for tear-off areas or new construction until the final roof assembly can ... Read More
  Want a new pair of work boots? Join the Tremco/WTI team and after 30 days, your shoe stipend will be loaded to your account.  See their open positions here. Read More

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Review for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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