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RoofersCoffeeShop® is proud to be able to list Podcasts from many of our terrific partners. The podcasts listed here are interesting to listen and learn more about good installation techniques, business practices and tips to make your days run smoother!

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To learn more about ASTEC, visit their RCS Directory.  10 Steps to Walk More Roofs in 2021 Listen to this podcast and join ASTEC’s Kyle Ziebarth and RoofersCoffeeShop’s Heidi Ellsworth for their top 10 steps to walking more roofs in 2021. With the unique chemistry of STEC’s liquid applied roofing systems and ... Read More
METALCON Live is your online weekly business boosting broadcast that connects you with other metal construction company owners, contractors, fabricators, suppliers and experts for the strategies that enable us all to BUILD BACK BETTER. With the COVID-19 crisis, the metal construction industry faces a new challenge every week, so METALCON Live! ... Read More
  To learn more about Breakthrough Academy, visit their RCS Directory. Ep 4: Ex Athletes - The Best Recruiting Pool for your Contracting Business - Angus Reid  Ep 3: Little Known Red Flags to Look out for in Your Partnership - Scott Foran & Barry Hartman  Ep 2: A Proven Method to Build a ... Read More
  Please enjoy these podcasts and join us as we add more podcasts throughout the month. Learn more about Cotney Attorneys & Consultants by visiting their RCS Directory. Lee Lipniskis - A Life in Roofing In this episode of Roofing Road Trips, Heidi Ellsworth, RCS CEO, chats with Lee Lipniskis about her journey through ... Read More
The mission of the FRSA Young Professionals is to bridge the gap between current and future roofing industry professionals through networking, technology, and education. They strive to promote the advancement of the roofing industry through new and innovative technologies while preserving the roots that our industry was founded upon. Listen ... Read More
Coffee Conversations: Roofing CEOs' Industry Outlook S2E15: Join Heidi Ellsworth as she welcomes CEOs Adam Oaks of Estimating Edge, Deryl Kratzer from National Roofing Partners and Will Lorenz of General Coatings. These industry leaders share in depth what the first quarter of 2021 has truly looked like for the industry. Amid ... Read More
  Please enjoy these podcasts and join us as we add more! To learn more about Cotney Construction Law visit their RCS Directory.  S2:E8 Coffee Conversations - Giving Back in the Roofing Industry Sponsored by Cotney Construction Law Join Heidi J. Ellsworth for a Coffee Conversations that hits the heart of the roofing industry: giving ... Read More
Listen to the new podcast from NRCA! Presented by NRCA, the Stories of an Extraordinary Industry podcast is meant to enlighten, educate and inspire. From the roof system installers to the manufacturers and everyone in between, the roofing industry is made up of incredibly talented people. This is where we tell ... Read More
  Hosted by Tom Basch, Leaps and Bounds is a podcast for the professional home services and contractor community, presented by Leap. Starting in this industry 20 years ago, Tom never realized what went into making a home-improvement business successful. Now, having met with thousands of contractors, helping adopt technology and ... Read More
A Podcast to help small businesses think creatively so they can grow better brought to you by Boostpoint, a SaaS company affiliated with Equipter. Every one of our business started with an idea and a dream. To create a better life for yourself and for the people you love. So ... Read More
In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to the SureCoat Roof System. Jesse starts out discussing how the product came to be and why its formulation is so crucial to its success in the field. He highlights how it is possible to do small repairs and ... Read More
Accurence Roofer Podcast 1 Tim Bruffey talks about claim management workflows and the future of roofing. TIM BRUFFEY is the VP of Innovation for Accurence, Inc., a Colorado-based technology provider with inspection and scope automation solutions for insurers and contractors. Tim is an industrial engineer and inventor with 25 years of solution-oriented ... Read More
Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) chats with BUILDINGS editor-in-chief Janelle Penny about cool roofing, California initiatives and the dialogue being had across the country about what’s happening in the industry. Click Here to Listen Now Read More
Listen as Frank Farmer and the team at Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) share secrets of the proven systems they’ve employed to grow one of the country’s leading residential metal roof companies. Training their clients in the development of these systems, MRC has helped dozens of contractors and manufacturers learn the ... Read More
Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson of TAMKO share with Heidi the importance of remote selling and marketing during this time of sheltering in.  They share that this is not a momentary practice but the new normal for roofing contractors.  Learn about new technologies for remote selling including visualizer software with ... Read More
  Please enjoy these podcasts and join us as we add more! To learn more about IKO Manufacturing, visit their RCS Directory.  Elevate your Roofer Brand Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner visits with Jeff Williams, IKO Brand Director and Jack Gottesman, IKO Marketing Manager about branding in this informational and thought-provoking Roofing Road Trips ... Read More
To learn more about Sales Transformation Group, visit their RCS Directory.  Deploy the Best Roofing Sales Strategy with Ryan Groth Building a Team of Sales Athletes with Ryan Groth Redefining What Success Means - Ryan Groth How To Recession Proof Your Business By Building A Quality Sales Organization The Sport of Business : Creating Predictable Revenue ... Read More
  Are you young? Are you in the roofing industry? Are you a professional? Then this podcast is for you! THE ROOF DECK - Episode 2  Episode 2 of THE ROOF DECK dives into topics of material shortages in the roofing industry, COVID-19 challenges that are still present a year since the initial ... Read More
  Above It All is a podcast by Johns Manville dedicated to the roofing industry. The goal of this podcast is to bring knowledge from a Johns Manville perspective on trends, innovations and people shaping the roofing industry. Join us as we dive head first into enriching conversations about the people and passion ... Read More
In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to SureSet, the fast drying SureCoat roof coating that can be used as a base coat. Jesse discusses how this product was developed out of necessity while struggling to complete jobs due to certain weather conditions. He addresses some ... Read More
E001: Innovating with Rackley Roofing Roofing Technology Thinking is a consortium of thought leaders exploring technology for the roofing industry. The RT3 Podcast highlights emerging and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry. Grab your notepad, buckle in and let’s get ready to innovate! Listen Here Learn more ... Read More
How do you know if a product you’re installing on a customer’s roof is really waterproof? Will you have to repair a failed installation or have you been dealing with these failed types of installations already? In this episode of “Field Tested”, SureCoat Innovator Jesse Martinson details the importance of ... Read More
Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) is a consortium of thought leaders exploring technology for the roofing industry. The RT3 Podcast series highlights emerging and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.  Listen to these captivating podcasts and subscribe! E001 | Innovating with Rackley Roofing E002 | Innovating ... Read More
During this worldwide pandemic, many owners of roofing companies have questions and concerns about their ability to thrive in this uncharted territory. Join the following experts to hear how a roofing company can virtualize their business. Host and Marketing Expert: Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited Sales Expert: Ryan Groth, Sales Transformation Group Commercial Roofing: ... Read More
Law & Mortar is Cotney Construction Law's podcast to discuss all things legal related to the roofing and construction industries. Check out these podcasts with Trent Cotney and John Kenney! Each episode features a discussion on issues relevant to the construction industry. Available on or your favorite podcast platform! Questions? Please contact Episode 1 Episode 2  Episode ... Read More
Owens Corning Roofing stepped into the podcast-space on August 23, as National Training Leader Jon Gardner joined Dave Sullivan, host of The Roofer Show (  for a podcast conversation about three critical challenges contractors face:  Generating more leads Converting leads into sales Achieving margins  Podcasts  - internet hosted audio programs – first gained attention a decade ago, but ... Read More
In The Right Lane is a podcast specifically for anyone working in metal roof installation and management.  The podcast features Dan Lane, a 20 year veteran of the residential metal roofing business on the Installation side.  Dan’s engineering talents and leadership vision make him the go-to guy for construction insights, ... Read More
  To learn more about SSA, visit their RCS Directory. Roofing Company CRM Job Calendars Listen Here E-Checks & Touch-less Payments for Roofing Contractors Listen Here Production for Roofers in SSA Listen Here Gathering Up Google Reviews with Roofing CRM SSA Listen Here Organize Your Roofing Company with the SSA Task Calendar Listen Here   Read More
Episode #4 of Field Tested brings you the cold hard facts of the roof coating industry. Host Jesse Martinson from SureCoat Systems shares what the roof coating industry looks like from an expert point of view and discusses the most prominent issue he sees within the industry. He talks about a ... Read More
Ryan is joined by Rast Bryant of Target Roofing. They discuss how to solve problems using data and when that method is and is not ideal, as well as how Target Roofing approaches marketing, optimization and educating the client.  LISTEN HERE Check out RT3 by visiting  To learn more about our guest Rast ... Read More

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