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RoofersCoffeeShop® is proud to be able to list Podcasts from many of our terrific partners. The podcasts listed here are interesting to listen and learn more about good installation techniques, business practices and tips to make your days run smoother!

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E002: Innovating with Charles Antis

Ryan is joined by Charles Antis, CEO of Antis Roofing & Waterproofing. They discuss the unique way Charles and his team approach their marketplace and how they have branded themselves to really stand out. They go in depth as to what, and more importantly, why you should implement some of these innovative and adaptive strategies with your brand and positioning.

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E001: Innovating with Rackley Roofing

Roofing Technology Thinking is a consortium of thought leaders exploring technology for the roofing industry. The RT3 Podcast highlights emerging and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.

Grab your notepad, buckle in and let’s get ready to innovate!

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Learn more about RT3 in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory.

Check out Ryan's guest appearance on Tatsuya Nakagawa's "Tats Talks" podcast as they discussed entrepreneurship, implementing predictable sales systems, and how to build a high-producing sales team. STG delivers this message often throughout the Sales Accelerator course, consulting and coaching, but Tats' knack in asking compelling questions made for a thoughtful conversation that makes this episode an easy listen.

Now, more than ever it is paramount to build your sales team with elite professionals that will help create predictability as we move forward into a post-COVID selling landscape.

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Listen to the new podcast from NRCA!

Presented by NRCA, the Stories of an Extraordinary Industry podcast is meant to enlighten, educate and inspire. From the roof system installers to the manufacturers and everyone in between, the roofing industry is made up of incredibly talented people. This is where we tell their stories.

Episodes are available at; on NRCA’s website; or wherever you get your podcasts, including AppleSpotifyGoogle and Stitcher. Subscribe now!

Learn more about the NRCA, visit their RCS Directory.


Episode 1 - House Flipper to Roofing Industry Leader

Episode 2 - Roofing Industry Rallies Around Ambitious Goal - Featuring Antis Roofing and Waterproofing

Episode 3 -  A Roofing Roll-up

Episode 4 - The Daughter Becomes the Boss

Episode 5 - A Company Failure Alters Roofing History

Episode 6 - No Room for Hostility

Episode 7 - Innovation Comes from Unlikely Places

The mission of the FRSA Young Professionals is to bridge the gap between current and future roofing industry professionals through networking, technology, and education. They strive to promote the advancement of the roofing industry through new and innovative technologies while preserving the roots that our industry was founded upon. Listen to these podcasts to learn more about the generations that are the future of roofing. Listen here!

Episode 1 - Family Business Acquisition with Adam Purdy of Edwards Roofing

Episode 2 - How to best manage your insurance risk with Phillip Lane of Insurance Offices of America

Hosted by Tom Basch, Leaps and Bounds is a podcast for the professional home services and contractor community, presented by Leap. Starting in this industry 20 years ago, Tom never realized what went into making a home-improvement business successful. Now, having met with thousands of contractors, helping adopt technology and watching them grow, he's excited to invite in a variety of guests to discuss what's made them successful, what they're doing today to stay ahead of their competition and the advice they have for others. Join us as some of the industry’s most successful CEO’s, sales leaders and home-improvement professionals provide insightful conversation about business growth, trends and how to stay ahead of competition in the technology-age.

Episode 4 - Successful Selling Means Focusing on the Why : Michael Lyons, Long Roofing

Episode 3 - From Top Sales Rep to Tech Founder: Steve Stencil, Founder of Leap, LLC

Episode 2 - The Best Companies Train Their Employees Well: Daniel Young, CEO of Kingdom Roofing Systems 

Episode 1 - A Unique Path to Becoming Highly-Successful: Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap, LLC


To learn more about Leap, visit their RCS Directory



Accurence Roofer Podcast 1

Tim Bruffey talks about claim management workflows and the future of roofing.

TIM BRUFFEY is the VP of Innovation for Accurence, Inc., a Colorado-based technology provider with inspection and scope automation solutions for insurers and contractors. Tim is an industrial engineer and inventor with 25 years of solution-oriented IT expertise for the property and casualty insurance and construction industry. Previous work includes plant QA manager for GM’s Cadillac brand, founder of MonitorBot™ – a remote moisture monitoring system for mitigation vendors (merged into Accurence in 2008), and operator of a ServiceMaster franchise for more than 15 years. At Accurence he works with insurance carriers to innovate their claims workflows and aids contractors in system implementations that generate consistency and scalability. 

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A Podcast to help small businesses think creatively so they can grow better brought to you by Boostpoint, a SaaS company affiliated with Equipter. Every one of our business started with an idea and a dream. To create a better life for yourself and for the people you love. So we launch our business and start providing value to our community and somehow things start to work and we’re off to races to building our dream. But every day we run into roadblocks that try to keep us from reaching our goals and sometimes we get stuck not knowing what to do and how to grow. Welcome to the Small Businesses, Big Growth Podcast.

Top Takeaways from this episode include:

  • Building your brand within your community is all about building the culture within your company
  • Get involved with your manufacturers and distributors! 
  • Join and engage in associations

Listen today!

Owens Corning Roofing stepped into the podcast-space on August 23, as National Training Leader Jon Gardner joined Dave Sullivan, host of The Roofer Show (  for a podcast conversation about three critical challenges contractors face: 

  1. Generating more leads
  2. Converting leads into sales
  3. Achieving margins 

Podcasts  - internet hosted audio programs – first gained attention a decade ago, but are experiencing a resurgence driven by mobile communications. Podcasts might be a nice tool to share with your community. According to Edison Research’s annual report, The Podcast Consumer share of ear increased 122% between 2014 and 2019.  During the Roofers Show podcast conversation,  Dave and Jon chatted about how contractors can differentiate their business in a highly competitive marketplace through on-demand education, field training and networking.  Listen to the conversation here.

Episode #4 of Field Tested brings you the cold hard facts of the roof coating industry.

Host Jesse Martinson from SureCoat Systems shares what the roof coating industry looks like from an expert point of view and discusses the most prominent issue he sees within the industry. He talks about a recent client case study that demonstrates how the wrong product wastes time and money, and later, Jesse shares how the wrong product can impact your business and how to find the right roof coating to protect your business. 

Big Three from Episode #004:

  1. Know what you’re buying
  2. Go to a products website and dig for the technical data
  3. Know the perm rating number the lower the better – below 1, think 0.999 or even lower


Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson of TAMKO share with Heidi the importance of remote selling and marketing during this time of sheltering in.  They share that this is not a momentary practice but the new normal for roofing contractors.  Learn about new technologies for remote selling including visualizer software with the ability to provide full measurements and 3D models without stepping into the customer's home. 

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Ryan is joined by Brad Beldon of Beldon Roofing. They discuss the challenges of the work and family balance, especially when working with family. As well as the technology they have adopted to advance and streamline their business.

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Check out RT3 by visiting their RCS Directory Here
To learn more about our guest Brad Beldon, visit
To learn more about our host, Ryan Groth visit

Law & Mortar is Cotney Construction Law's podcast to discuss all things legal related to the roofing and construction industries.

Check out these podcasts with Trent Cotney and John Kenney! Each episode features a discussion on issues relevant to the construction industry. Available on or your favorite podcast platform! Questions? Please contact

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Learn more about Cotney Construction Law, visit their RCS Directory.

During this worldwide pandemic, many owners of roofing companies have questions and concerns about their ability to thrive in this uncharted territory. Join the following experts to hear how a roofing company can virtualize their business.

Host and Marketing Expert: Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited
Sales Expert: Ryan Groth, Sales Transformation Group
Commercial Roofing: Steve Little, KPost Company
Residential Roofing: Ken Kelly, Kelly Roofing
Legal Ramification Expert: Trent Cotney, Cotney Construction Law


How do you know if a product you’re installing on a customer’s roof is really waterproof? Will you have to repair a failed installation or have you been dealing with these failed types of installations already? In this episode of “Field Tested”, SureCoat Innovator Jesse Martinson details the importance of perm rating, an essential waterproofing tool that’s not widely known. He discusses what the rating system looks like, how to use this rating to scope out the best of the best when it comes to waterproofing, and details the damage a not-so-waterproof product can do to a building. Jesse has witnessed many failed projects relating to poor perm ratings. It’s time to listen in and boost your business by waterproofing the right way.

Top Two From Episode #003:

  1. Protection from the Sun is important, but waterproofing is crucial

  2. The lower the number, the better – think lower than 1


Jay Taylor was featured as a special guest on an episode of The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast with Rob Kischuk of Converge: Actionable Marketing Insights to discuss how LEVERAGE helps clients dominate search, and improve their online reputation.

Listen here!

To learn more about LEVERAGE, visit their RCS Directory.

Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) chats with BUILDINGS editor-in-chief Janelle Penny about cool roofing, California initiatives and the dialogue being had across the country about what’s happening in the industry.

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Ryan is joined by Rast Bryant of Target Roofing. They discuss how to solve problems using data and when that method is and is not ideal, as well as how Target Roofing approaches marketing, optimization and educating the client. 


Check out RT3 by visiting 

To learn more about our guest Rast Bryant, visit 

To learn more about our host, Ryan Groth visit

METALCON Live is your online weekly business boosting broadcast that connects you with other metal construction company owners, contractors, fabricators, suppliers and experts for the strategies that enable us all to BUILD BACK BETTER.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the metal construction industry faces a new challenge every week, so METALCON Live! is here to help with the latest data and news, exclusive interviews with key players, eye-opening forecasts, creative solutions to sales, marketing, staffing, logistics, safety, and other concerns. All FREE, all LIVE and ONLINE, all focused on helping your business THRIVE in the next normal.

Listen Now!

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In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to SureSet, the fast drying SureCoat roof coating that can be used as a base coat. Jesse discusses how this product was developed out of necessity while struggling to complete jobs due to certain weather conditions. He addresses some of the science behind this quick dry formulation and shares some interesting “Oh NO!” case studies when using and testing the SureSet product that ultimately demonstrates how SureSet quickly became a win in the field.

Top Take Away From Episode #002:

  1. Weather is always a factor especially in certain parts of the country. But within reason, you can use this product most days without worrying about the drying time.


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