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Join RoofersCoffeeShop® as we open up conversations about what is top of mind for roofing contractors and the overall roofing industry right now! Two Thursday mornings a month (6 am Pacific), the team at RCS will video chat with the roofing industry and leading professionals in a Q&A format. Pour a cup of coffee and bring your questions and best practices online as contractors talk to each other while learning from a variety of business and industry experts.

Upcoming Coffee Conversations

May 27, 2021: Caught Doing Good, Sponsored by ABC Supply


May 13, 2021 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET

During this Coffee Conversation sponsored by Johns Manville, Jared Ribble of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and Kelly Van Winkle of King of Texas Roofing along with Johns Manville’s guests Todd Nathan and Cody Butler share what is happening with the growth of NRCA’s ProCertification program while answering questions about the program.  Roofing professionals across the U.S. are taking advantage of the opportunities of certification for roofing mastery.  Kelly will share how employees are getting certified and how that process is creating diversification for their company. They expand on the partnerships in the industry that are helping to make the program feasible for all roofing contractors.   

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  Are you struggling with recruitment and retainment? You are not alone! Join us on April 29, 2021 at 6 am PT for the next installment of Coffee Conversations to talk all about new and non-traditional ways to recruit employees for your company. Heidi Ellsworth, RCS partner, Wendy Marvin, owner of Matrix Roofing, and other special ... Read More
  S2:E15 Coffee Conversations: Roofing CEOs' Industry Outlook Join Heidi Ellsworth on the next Coffee Conversations as she welcomes CEOs Adam Oaks of Estimating Edge, Deryl Kratzer from National Roofing Partners and Will Lorenz of General Coatings. These industry leaders will share in depth what the first quarter of 2021 has truly looked ... Read More
  S2:E14 Coffee Conversations dives into recruiting the next generation with Christee Holbrook, president and owner of Graham Roofing, and Jazmine Melton, Graham Roofing intern and the first African American female graduate from the Mississippi State University’s (MSU) Building Construction and Science (BCS) program.    Christee and Jazmine will talk about the importance ... Read More
  S2:E13 Join RoofersCoffeeShop® as we visit with SOPREMA’s Darren Perry also a past employee of FM Global.  He will be joined by Aileen Struble and Chris Evans of KPost Roofing & Waterproofing to talk about Very Severe Hail on the next Coffee Conversations. FM 4470 was revised in late 2016 to ... Read More
  S2:E12 RoofersCoffeeShop welcomes Brandi McElhaney and Shelby Snelson to Coffee Conversations to share the plans for 2021 Virtual and Live International Roofing Expo. They answer questions about what the virtual experience offers roofing contractors for education and networking opportunities and share early plans for the Live Expo this August in Las ... Read More
  S2:E11 RoofersCoffeeShop hosts NRCA’s government relations team to visit about Roofing Day in D.C. 2021. Heidi J. Ellsworth will talk with Reid Ribble and Duane Musser from NRCA and Tammy Hall from CFS Roofing Services about a fully virtual visit to our nation’s capital March 23 and 24. All roofing professionals ... Read More
  S2:E10 Join Heidi and Megan Ellsworth on the next Coffee Conversations, Gen Z style. Megan, a member of Gen Z and RoofersCoffeeShop podcast producer, welcomes fellow Gen Z’ers Xavier Carmona of Golden Group Roofing, Katya Khalimon of LTD Exteriors and Lexie Sutton of Cotney Construction Law. Megan and guests talk about ... Read More
  S2:E9 For 25 years the Roofing Alliance has advanced and promoted the roofing industry by funding philanthropic initiatives, research, educational and technological programs. RoofersCoffeeShop is proud to welcome the leaders of the Roofing Alliance to the first Coffee Conversation of 2021. As the Roofing Alliance celebrates its silver anniversary, they continue to work to develop opportunities that contribute to the future success of the roofing industry. This Coffee Conversation will share ... Read More
S2:E8 Join Heidi J. Ellsworth for a Coffee Conversations that hits the heart of the roofing industry: giving back through roofing foundations. Sponsored by Cotney Construction Law, Trent Cotney and foundation representatives including Kyle Thomas, President of the Roofing Alliance; Chuck Chapman, Chairman of Davis Memorial Foundation; Mike Silvers with the FRSA ... Read More
  S2:E7 National Women in Roofing (NWIR) Co-Chairs, Jennifer Stone, Johns Manville and Renae Bales, KPost Roofing and Waterproofing, joined Heidi Ellsworth, RCS Partner and talked about the Rise of Women in Roofing. This conversation focused on how NWIR continues to deliver networking, mentoring, education and recruitment for women to find success in the roofing industry. They discussed the importance ... Read More
S2:E6 Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) roofing contractor member Wendy Marvin, Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions and RT3 Executive Director Karen Edwards will be Heidi J. Ellsworth’s guests for a Coffee Conversation all about technology in roofing.  RT3 has been leading the industry in thought leadership since 2016, bringing roofing professionals ... Read More
  S2:E5 RoofersCoffeeShop is celebrating all veterans who work in roofing. Listen to the great conversation with Justin Jennings of Main Street Roofing and Solar and Casey and Meredith Marsh-Shaevitz of Pitch Perfect Roofing.  We invited all military veterans in roofing to join the conversation on how to recruit more veterans into ... Read More
S2:E4 Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner, welcomes Will Lorenz, president of RCMA and Vice President Sales at General Coatings Manufacturing Corp to Coffee Conversations. They answer questions and discuss how roof coatings have changed the roofing industry by disrupting how contractors maintain, sell, install and replace roofs.  The conversation focuses on the excellent ... Read More
S2:E3 Heidi welcomes Trent Cotney and Alison LaValley to Coffee Conversations and discusses the importance of roofing contractors getting sound legal advice.  As General Counsel for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Trent works with contractors across the U.S. providing legal advice for roofing contractors.  He and Alison answer questions about legal ... Read More
S2:E2 Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner, welcomes Tom Shanahan to visit about the new NRCA Health Care Program.  Tom is recognized as an industry health and safety expert and represents NRCA at both industry and non-industry events on these issues. The U.S. secretary of labor appointed him to serve on the ... Read More
S2:E1 Ray Giovine, Group Director for the International Roofing Expo, is the first guest on RoofersCoffeeShop Coffee Conversations Season 2. Are you wondering what is happening with the 2021 IRE? Listen now and find out! We know it has moved to April but Ray answers questions from the industry on what the ... Read More
S1:E10 COVID-19 has brought incredible challenges and changes to the roofing industry?  How is it affecting your sales and marketing programs?  Watch this episode of Coffee Conversation with marketing experts Kim Eckerman and Melissa Dunson of TAMKO.   With years of leading marketing experience, these ladies are focused on providing the tools ... Read More
S:1 E:9 How is the roofing industry in the North East?  Greta Bajrami, CEO and founder of Golden Group Roofing located in Westborough, Massachusetts joins Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner for Coffee Conversations with updates. Greta migrated to the USA at the age of 9 from Tirana, Albania growing up in ... Read More
S:1 E:8 What does the future look like with our roofing material supply chain?  RoofersCoffeeShop welcomes John DeRosa the SRS Distribution Director of Contractor Training & Customer Experience as he answers distribution questions on Coffee Conversations.  Extremely respected in the overall roofing industry, John will take questions about how roofing companies ... Read More
S:1 E:7 RoofersCoffeeShop welcomes RCS Influencers Ashley and Seth Pietsch, Vice President and President of Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc. to Coffee Conversations.  Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc was formed in 2018 by Seth and Ashley who both saw the need in roofing for a strong independent agency that truly values ... Read More
RCS Influencers, Curtis Sutton, President and Visionary and Michelle Boykin, Chief Operating Officer and Integrator of Rackley Roofing Company out of Nashville, Tennessee share what is currently happening in the great state of Tennessee after major spring storms and pandemic sheltering in. They also visit about how they positioned Rackley Roofing ... Read More
Charles Antis joins Coffee Conversations with his uplifting messages of giving back as a means of lifting roofing companies brands, employees and customers.  Bring your questions on how to utilize a philosophy of philanthropy practices to truly create marketing, sales and culture that makes a difference while also navigating these ... Read More
Wendy led the Q&A discussion for RoofersCoffeeShop Coffee Conversations recorded on April 16, 2020.  Listen how this entrepreneurial woman in roofing who has grown her company on the principles of customer service, people over profits, integrity, and trust.  Hear how that groundwork has positioned her company to endure the coronavirus and ... Read More
Reid Ribble and McKay Daniels, CEO and COO of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) participated in our live Q&A hour providing answers about how the NRCA has been active in Washington, DC concerning COVID-19 and the many programs being offered and supported by the NRCA to help our roofing professionals and companies ... Read More
Thea answered questions about how to handle collections and accounts receivable during the unsettled times of COVID-19.  In her three decades of work as a credit and collections officer, Thea Dudley has trekked across deserts to recover goods, taken FBI interrogation classes to learn negotiators’ “tells” and suffered through more lame ... Read More
S:1 E:1 Watch this premiere episode of our Q&A conversation about strategies for protecting your companies the right way during the current pandemic and economic instability.  Valuable information and thought-provoking advice. Recorded March 26, 2020     Read More

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