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This webinar series is dedicated to helping educate and inform the roofing industry as only can do. Your RCS host and our great industry partners make listening educational and entertaining. Sign up today for our next webinar or just listen to a past webinar below.

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Sherwin Williams Make More with Metal in 2020

Make More with Metal in 2020 – Find out How!

Heidi J. Ellsworth talks to Mark MacDonald of Sherwin Williams about how contractors can add more metal roofing installations to their roofing business and make more profit on every job.  Sherwin Williams is focused on helping roofing contractors learn how to estimate, purchase and install more metal.  It is an opportunity for roofing contractors who have been installing asphalt to offer additional roofing systems that are attractive to new and current customers that offer better margins.  This webinar will deliver action items and strategies that include the use of technology, marketing and purchasing that can add diversification and profit to any roofing contractors.

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Tremco Cold Weather

How to Extend Your Roofing Season with Cold Weather Roofing Technology

With current labor shortages, the ability to work year-round and take the seasonality out of roofing is more important than ever.  Working during the winter months helps roofing contractors keep laborers employed year-round, leading to diminished backlogs, increased business and overall customer satisfaction.  During this webinar learn about new technologies in roofing systems and coatings that are extending the roofing season even in temperatures as cold as 20 degrees below zero.

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WTI RLW Apprenticeship Blog

RISE Your Career! WTI Apprenticeship Program

In this webinar, podcast and transcript you will learn that there are only a few programs, if any, of its kind currently existing in the roofing industry. 

The program is open to everyone and once accepted, apprentices can earn an Apprentice Completion Certificate (journey-level recognition) upon completion of the program with periodic hourly rate increases throughout. 

They can also earn 17 credit hours toward an Associate of Science degree, or toward a degree-seeking, construction-focused track. It includes 4,000 hours (divided into four phases) of On the Job Training (OJT) work instruction and 392 hours of online and classroom instruction. The program leadership will share how it is working and how they see this type of program helping the roofing industry overall.

The WTI Apprenticeship Program is an accredited, non-union affiliated, US Department of Labor sanctioned program that is registered under WTI (Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.) a subsidiary of Tremco. 

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Western Colloid - Webinar

3 Invaluable Tips for a Successful Coatings Installation

Many roofing companies shy away from coatings due to the unknowns. A few have had an unpleasant experience. If you set up your project correctly you will find that the coatings side to your business can be extremely lucrative. You can provide a superior roof for your clients and save untold amounts of money in labor, production, and materials. This seminar will provide the three top tips for success and how to incorporate it into your roofing business.

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Tremco - RLW - On Demand Changing the Conversation

Changing the conversation Between Building Owners and Roofing Contractors

Watch this RCS webinar from July 31, 2019 about new product technologies are defining how building owners look at the longevity of roofing and the ability to endure the elements.  

Find out how GranuLock™ factory-applied granule surfacing, anti-wicking fabric technology and RooF-ID™ are changing the conversations between building owners and roofing contractors. Tremco Roofing is incorporating these technologies and more in their POWERply Endure membranes and roofing systems.  Learn about their national certified contractor network and how it could be part of your business.

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How to Build a Service and Maintenance Program Profit Center in 7 Steps

In this webinar, Jesse Martinson of SureCoat Systems explains how he developed a successful maintenance division that is very profitable. He will walk attendees through the program and demonstrate through project case studies how to create a new or better profit center and how to project out the revenue that will come in future years.

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A New Way to Get Your Construction Management Degree

Join Amie Grant, WTI Education and Community Outreach Coordinator and Joey Lee III, WTI Construction Manager as they discuss the opportunities through Akron University to obtain a construction degree. Created in collaboration with the University of Akron with roofing professional needs and aspirations in mind, WTI, a subsidiary of Tremco Roofing, offering 100% of online tuition once accepted students can also gain invaluable work experience as a part-time or full-time WTI employee. You can choose between an Associate of Science degree or a Bachelor of Organizational Supervision degree, both in Construction Management. This webinar will layout the process to obtain a construction degree and real-life success stories. 

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How the Younger Generation is Taking Over the Roofing Business and How Current Roofers can Keep Up

Listen and watch as Heidi J. Ellsworth joins the experts from Trimble, a leader in construction technology, as they share how the younger generation are starting businesses and how current roofing professionals can keep up with new technology and innovative solutions. From managing projects to gaining more business, you'll gather insight into how technology plays a role in maintaining and growing a successful roofing company.  Get a chance to learn about their latest apps and hear how they could really improve your business.  Don't forget to check out Android and iTunes stores for:

Punch lists - DefectsPro

Workflow and Estimates - Contractor WorkZone

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Davinci Webinar Withstand the next storm

Withstand the Next Storm! Find out how roofing contractors are helping homeowners work through the complexity of insurance claims to get the roof they want.


This RCS webinar will help you understand how to help homeowners work through the complexity of insurance claims to get a roof that will withstand the next storm.  Trent Lovewell of WeatherGuard, Inc. an Omaha, NE roofing contractor and Aaron Adams, Central Regional Manager for DaVinci Roofscapes, discuss the importance of performance products in restoration efforts and long-term sustainability after natural disasters. Be sure to join us to learn how to work with both homeowners and insurance companies to create long-term winning solutions!

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Attention all Excel users, this webinar is for you!

Are you using Excel for your estimating? Find out how you can integrate your Excel sheets with new, easy-to-use, cloud-based technology to accelerate your takeoff and estimating process! Whether you already have a kicka$$ spreadsheet or you’re looking for ways to speed up your bid process, increase accuracy or collaborate with your team, there are great new technologies that can help.

Watch this to learn more and see firsthand how integrating excel and leveraging their easy-to-use takeoff and estimating platform can offer a more advanced and more profitable process for yourself and your estimating team.

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Learn about METALCON 2018!

Listen as RCS and the METALCON team review “The Total Experience” which includes a whole new floorplan that will floor you!!

METALCON is buzzing with excitement and we are so happy to help announce the dynamic changes that are creating a more interactive metal roofing experience.

Everything is on the show floor including keynote speakers, education and fun events, not to mention 250 exhibits. We are going to share details about this new tradeshow model that will help roofing contractors have a greater more educational experience. You will find out all about the Power Aisle, MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games and Metal Roof Installation Training program for certification.

We want to talk metal and metal roofing as we all get ready to travel to Charlotte, NC for the ultimate metal show, METALCON, October 10 – 12, 2018.

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3 Ways Roofing Software Creates a Seamless Experience for Your Sales Teams

As industry technology continues to advance, so does the ability of your sales teams to integrate their selling process with software platforms specifically designed to improve their efficiency. Find out how in this Q&A format webinar moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth featuring Mike Morrison with Acculynx.

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Want some real insight on how this new technology could be a step above what you are currently using?

Learn How HD Instant-Access Aerial Imagery and how it can take your measurement process to the next level.

Presented by Tony Agresta

Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth

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Ask Trent Cotney about the Five Key Roofing Contract Provisions

Trent Cotney joined Heidi Ellsworth to discuss Roofing Contract Provisions. This webinar focuses on five of the most important commercial and residential roofing contract provisions with the opportunity to ask Trent Cotney important legal questions concerning overall contract provisions.

Presented by Trent Cotney

Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth

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23 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Make!

Anna Anderson joined Heidi Ellsworth in a Q&A format webinar about the 23 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Make. Working in the roofing industry for over a decade has allowed Art Unlimited the opportunity to identify the dead giveaways that hurt a business’s marketing. They are passionate about ensuring businesses succeed at their marketing; learn some mistakes they hope you can avoid as you plan your upcoming roofing season.

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RCS Webinar Archive - Contractor Marketing Series

Heidi Ellsworth - Are You Ready for Software

Chapter 1 – Are you Ready For Software?

Heidi Ellsworth, founder of HJE Consulting Group and partner in talks about steps your roofing company needs to take to implement software.


Heidi Ellsworth - Time for a Website Update

Chapter 2 – Time for a Website Update?

Heidi Ellsworth, founder of HJE Consulting Group and partner in talks determining if it is time to update your roofing website.


Heidi Ellsworth - Email Marketing

Chapter 3 – Email Marketing

Heidi Ellsworth, founder of HJE Consulting Group and partner in talks about creating an email marketing campaign for your roofing company.


Heidi Ellsworth - All You Need is Like

Chapter 4 – Social Media

Chapter 4 – Social Media Heidi Ellsworth, founder of HJE Consulting Group and partner in helps break down the different types of social media and how to use it to help your business.


RCS Webinar Archive - NRCA Webinars

Women Changing the Face of Roofing Businesses Webinar

This NRCA webinar explores case studies on successful career paths for women in the roofing industry.

Setting Up Your Roofing Business for the New Age of Marketing

The NRCA webinar was presented by Heidi Ellsworth in March of 2016. She walks through the steps you need to take yearly to keep your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals.

Lead Generation for Roofing Contractors

The NRCA webinar was presented by Heidi Ellsworth in June of 2016. This webinar focuses on effective lead generation for roofing contractors.

Turning Customers into Promoters to Increase Leads and Sales

The NRCA webinar was presented by Heidi Ellsworth in September of 2016. This webinar focuses on working with customers to make them your brand advocates to generate leads.

Exploring Technology Options—Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

This NRCA webinar is presented by Heidi Ellsworth with HJE Consulting. She talks about how to bring technology into your roofing contractor business.’

Creatively Accomplishing Marketing Goals

The NRCA webinar was presented by Heidi Ellsworth in December of 2016. She looks at creative, low-cost marketing tactics using technology, associations and networking groups.

Is it Time for a Website Update —Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

This NRCA webinar is presented by Heidi Ellsworth with HJE Consulting. She talks how to evaluate your website to make sure you are getting the most out of it and what to look for when making the decision to update it.

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