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It is so easy to buy online and we want to make it even easier for you. Today, many products can be purchased online and delivered to your jobsite, warehouse or office. In fact, some of the products that you were not able to buy locally now can be obtained using your keyboard or smart phone. The Coffee Shop will be highlighting online purchasing options on this page. With a click, you will be transported to websites that will allow you to think of purchasing roofing materials in a different way. Welcome to e-commerce on RoofersCoffeeShop!


Coach John is here for you and your business.  Running a roofing company is not straightforward get your Cotney Consulting Group ... Read More
The Pipe Collar from Wil-Mar Products eliminates the problem that exists when sealing a vent pipe to a roofing flashing. ... Read More
Cortney Construction Law took cues from the software industry, a legal subscription model helps contractors leverage legal services that are ... Read More

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ShockWaveRTU is an EPA registered disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner designed specifically for mold remediation contractors. ShockWaveRTU is designed to meet all your disinfecting, sanitizing, cleaning, and deodorizing needs. ShockWaveRTU is strong enough to be used in a hospital or medical environment, and has been specifically formulated to be used on both porous and non-porous materials. ShockWaveRTU is a powerful ready-to-use quaternary ammonium chloride blend, which is ideal for use when clean water is not readily available or for any situation where a ready-to-use formula is required. ShockWaveRTU has over 120 organism kill claims including Aspergillus niger, Penecillium spinulosum, E. coli, Salmonella, HIV, Hepatitis-B, Herpes, Poliovirus, and many other pathogenic and environmental microbial organisms.

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Product Data Sheet

Fast. Accurate. Affordable.  GAF QuickMeasure solves for all three areas!  GAF QuickMeasure allows for contractors to receive Residential Roof Reports in under an hour for only $15!.  The automated process allows for the quick turnaround times and for the low price point.  1000's of recurring customers are proof it works and has been adopted by many of our Certified Contractors. 

Order Your Report Now!

Buy Through the Roof® at Lowes!

Through the Roof® is a clear, waterproof roof repair sealant, with excellent adhesion and durability, without the look of messy black asphalt. It can be applied to wet surfaces and in cold temperatures, repelling water immediately. Through The Roof! stops roof leaks` and expands/contracts with temperature changes without cracking and lasts 20 times longer than asphalt.  It meets ASTM sealant specifications and FHA requirements. Use it on flashing, vent pipes, skylights, gutters/downspouts, ductwork/vents, chimneys, shingles/shakes, flat roof tile, and metal RV roofs. Available in cartridges or brush-on grade.

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Gain access to Stormseal’s proprietary online ordering system when you register for US Stormseal/Rooftop Safety Training!

Other inclusions are:

  • Training conducted by a Stormseal-approved Height Safety Specialist
  • One 10-hour day of training. Up to 8 trainees per course. A typical course runs from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and national standards for working at height
  • Recommendations and advice for specialized PPE and equipment for your particular workplace
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of work at height to be undertaken
  • Plenty of practical, hands-on training
  • Receive a nationally recognized Stormseal accredited installer card
  • Train on Stormseal purpose-built simulators

Learn more about Stormseal's Rooftop Safety Training and register today!

To learn more about Stormseal, visit their RCS Directory page.

Quality gear for your team does not have to come at a steep price! Ocean Breezes Design is offering roofing contractors an exclusive discount on a variety of apparel!

  • Custom Screen Printing
  • Custom Embroidered logos on shirts, tees, hats, etc.
  • Promotional items available as well!

To View the Entire Online Catalog, Click Here

Get your discount today and order for your entire team!

Safety Operation Services is now offering a one-stop-shop for all of your safety and consumable needs!

Please visit their store and stock up on your supplies. They also offer a wide range of ancillary products for your needs.

Browse thru the list of products and BUY NOW.

A Vibrant Vision

Challenges to the entrepreneurial spirit are complex, particularly in a family business if the entrepreneur wants to have the business survive him/herself and successfully grow into future generations. This vision contrasts sharply with the lifestyle business or “harvest your business” mentality promoted by venture capital or private equity models. To have a vision of growing a small family business into a sustainable multi-million dollar business requires distinctive processes that support innovation, human capital development, strategic planning, and quality assurance in manufacturing and service. Additional distinct processes must be created and implemented that support good governance and effective education and stewardship of future generations of family shareholders. A Vibrant Vision shares the experiences of the author in his growing family business after his father passed away, and building this industrial fabrics business into a multi-million company while at the same time encouraging his children and grandchildren to become stewards of this treasure we call a family business.

About the Author

Richard Seaman is the Board Chairman of Seaman Corporation, where he served as CEO from 1976 to 2015. He assumed the leadership role of this family busi­ness in 1978 after his father passed away at the young age of 55. Under his leadership, Seaman Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial coated fabrics used for FiberTite single-ply roof membranes and other applications, grew from $10 million in annual sales to nearly $200 million in sales today. 

Richard serves as a Trustee of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, whose mission is to support entrepreneur­ship and the free enterprise system. In 2012, he was asked by the Governor of the State of Ohio to serve as a Commissioner of the Ohio Third Frontier, a billion dollar initiative focused on creating an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state. He is a member of the Young President’s Organization and a Trustee on the board of the College of Wooster.

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Beacon Pro+ saves time, manages work more efficiently and enhances business.  Beacon Pro+ provides customers of Beacon Roofing Supply the ability to order materials for your projects. Ordering is as easy as finding the products you need and adding them to your cart.  For more information and to register for an account

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Equipter offers a wide array of self-propelled equipment, from towable dump containers to a compact crane, utilized by residential and commercial roofing, construction, and restoration pros alike. Click on the items below for some of the available products & details:

Start building your equipment now!


Whether you need a means for protecting temperature-sensitive materials in storage, or you need a heating solution for onsite temperature maintenance, the Powerblanket® Hot Box is the answer for you.  This versatile heating solution accommodates remote-location use, job site heating, the transporting of temperature sensitive material, and much more.

Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to temperature sensitive materials. The revolutionary design of Powerblanket Hot Boxes provides uniform heat to all materials stored inside. This eliminates any hot and cold spots. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly; chemicals, industrial products, and temperature sensitive materials will last longer and be more effective. In turn, this saves time, hassle, and money.

Powerblanket® Bulk Material Hot Box Heaters

  • Maintains an internal temperature as high as of 120°F / 49°C (± 5°F / 3°C)
  • Provides an insulated full-wrap design
  • Delivers uniform heat to temperature sensitive materials & products
  • Offers quick and easy assembly for portability and storage
  • Localize heat and save money by not heating a warehouse or building
  • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
  • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Is a great solution for palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
  • Features top and side access doors
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards

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Titebond® DuraMasterTM Sealant is the FIRST elastomeric sealant with 100% joint movement. This revolutionary sealant offers fantastic adhesion to most common building materials including: vinyl, metal, glass, wood, PVC, concrete, aluminum, and all types of siding.

Ideal Applications Include:

  • Interior & exterior
  • Trim & crown molding
  • Windows & doors
  • Vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement siding
  • Spans gaps up to 2” wide

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The 2020 IIBEC Manual of Practice: Roofing, Waterproofing, and Exterior Wall Consulting and Quality Observation, is the long-awaited and all-new third edition on industry standards of practice for building enclosure consultants and quality assurance observers.

 The Manual, with over 300 pages of information, photos, graphics, and fillable forms, provides recommended best practices in all areas of building enclosure consulting, including specialized areas such as commissioning, testing, and expert witness services. New topics, topical to building enclosure consulting today, are drone use for roof and façade examinations, electronic leak detection for locating breaches in membranes, and whole-building air leakage testing for determining the airtightness of enclosures. Also included are procedures for construction contract administration, contract administration forms, a complete glossary of industry terms, and standards pertinent to building enclosure consulting.

Professionals who follow the practices, principles, and precepts of this Manual will provide valuable service to their clients.

“I compliment IIBEC on developing and publishing the new Manual of Practice. IIBEC obviously has spent a great deal of time and effort on this undertaking, and the document should prove useful to the roofing industry." Mark S. Graham - NRCA

Purchase Printed Version

Price: $459.00
Member Price: $399.00

Purchase Digital Version

Price: $429.00
Member Price: $349.00

Experience the Power of Roof Hub

Your Time Matters! That’s why Roof Hub takes the guesswork out of delivery times by providing real-time information about your orders, delivery details, invoices and more!

Register today or log in with your existing Roof Hub Mobile App credentials to start benefiting from Roof Hub’s amazing features that help you run your business more efficiently.

Pro Solutions Direct is the new go-to source for professional-grade cleaner and disinfectant brands from ICP Group. With 55 combined years of experience in the environmental restoration field, our market-leading brands and proven products have earned a reputation for innovation, quality and performance. Remediating environmental and health hazards like the recent infectious outbreak of COVID-19 is our specialty. That’s why our cleaning product suppliers have become some of the most respected names in the industry.

Purchase your products today!

To learn more about ICP Building Solutions Group, visit their RCS Directory.

Cortney Construction Law took cues from the software industry, a legal subscription model helps contractors leverage legal services that are necessary to protect their interests and businesses.

See How it Works and Purchase Your Subscription



Use to repair or restore ThermoPlastic / EPDM, Asphalt, & Metal

  • Superior wet patch repair
  • Superior strength and elongation
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Single step metal sealant
  • No fabric reinforcement required
  • Easy to gun and tool in place
  • Primerless adhesion to multiple substrates, wood, metal, concrete, single ply, asphalt/bituminous based products

Repair – Seams, fasteners, penetrations, skylights – NO FABRIC

Order today!

Protect your roof from harsh weather conditions by using this 36 in. x 75 ft. GCP Applied Technologies' Grace Ice & Water Shield® Roofing Underlayment. 

  • Protects against ice dams and wind-driven rain

  • Forms superior water-tight laps

  • High-quality seal around fasteners


TRP-655 ULTRA PURE HAND SANITIZER is a refreshing alcohol-based sanitizer that kills 99.9% of most illness-causing germs. Germs transferred by hands are the #1 reason people become ill. #655 Ultra Pure is safe on hands, and you may reapply as often as needed. It does not replace hand washing to remove heavy soils, but it is an important step in keeping hands germ-free. Reduces workplace and school absenteeism by as much as 20%. Leaves skin smooth and conditioned without a medicinal smell.

• Concentrated and economical
• Easy to apply—simply squirt into hands and massage into skin
• Leaves hands clean and soft.

Order today!

To learn more about Tropical Roofing Products, visit their RCS Directory.

A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and its Workforce (Electronic) Report

Labor shortages and worker retention issues have created many challenges for the roofing industry. And because there has been little reliable workforce data available, the industry had been ill-equipped to fully understand the magnitude of these challenges.  To help bridge the gap, in 2019, the Roofing Alliance commissioned Arizona State University to study current roofing workforce demographics, including types of work, skilled and unskilled labor shortages, effects of labor shortages at national and regional scales, and industry challenges and potential solutions. Get your copy and you can access all the findings from this comprehensive survey.


Where High-Performing Construction Sales Organizations are Built

I take you through the fundamentals of this incredible transformation by beginning with my Sales Evaluations, followed by Online Sales Training Course, and Group Coaching Q&A Calls.

  • Objective Evaluation of Current Sales Talent & Creation of Sales Development Scope
  • Lifetime Access for Company License Holders
  • 10 Phase Online Sales Transformation Course for Sales Leaders and Teams
    • 89 + video library, worksheets, cheat-sheets, pinups, discussion topics, charts, models, templates, how-to manuals.
    • For best results, perform training as a group for team-building & culture.
    • Salesperson Version of Sales Accelerator is included and available.
    • Recruiting & New Rep Ramping Playbook, Marketing & Sales Automation
  • 2 Group Coaching/Workshop Calls Per Week for Sales Professionals
  • 1 monthly Group Call for Sales Leaders
  • Facebook Community of Members & Email Support
  • Unlimited Access to 1-1 Accountability & Support Coach (Plus Program)


Get a price!

Learn more about Sales Transformation Group and visit their RCS Directory


Tyvek® Protec™ roofing underlayments feature a unique embossed pattern allowing for better traction and grip while walking on the roof. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefits of lightweight durability, excellent secondary moisture protection and a wrinkle-free surface for smoother installations. Tyvek® Protec™ underlayments are ideal for jobs from renovation to new construction, and designed for slopes 2:12 and higher under a variety of roofing materials. 

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Titebond® WeatherMaster™ Metal Roof Sealant is specifically formulated to outperform all other sealant technologies, including VOC solvent, silicones, tripolymers and urethanes. This superior polymer formula provides a weather-tight seal against water, wind, dust and dirt. It offers exceptional adhesion to Kynar™ coated metal materials, along with standard metal, aluminum, steel, galvanized bonderized surfaces, plastics and glass.

The product is ideal for use on a wide variety of metal roof, trim, architectural metal siding, aluminum, galvanized steel, galvanized gutters, flashing and downspouts. It also provides unbeatable adhesion to wood, masonry, PVC and most common building materials.

Titebond WeatherMaster Metal Roof Sealant is available in over 50 colors, all of which match today’s popular metal roof and metal siding colors, regardless of material or manufacturer. 

Purchase Now!

Experienced installers who demonstrate substantial skills and knowledge of EPDM roof system installation can apply to become NRCA ProCertified® EPDM Systems Installers.

NRCA ProCertification is NRCA’s national certification initiative to create a competent, sustainable and high-performing roofing industry workforce. It now includes four certifications:

  • NRCA ProCertified EPDM Systems Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Asphalt Shingle Systems Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Thermoplastic Systems Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Roofing Foreman

Apply for NRCA ProCertification and show your commitment to quality, professionalism and your company’s future!

The Pipe Collar from Wil-Mar Products eliminates the problem that exists when sealing a vent pipe to a roofing flashing. Because you attach the Pipe Collar to the pipe and not the roof flashing, you eliminate the need for tape or mastic that wears out, breaks or pulls the flashing away from the roofing causing costly roof leaks.   

 Buy It Here

Coach John is here for you and your business. 

Running a roofing company is not straightforward get your Cotney Consulting Group Business Checkup Today.

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Product Details

This newly released, 272-page research report addresses moisture release on structural concrete roof decks.

Funded by a group of North American roofing industry organizations, including The Roofing Alliance and NRCA, SRI Consultants Inc., Middleton, Wis., performed fundamental research and analysis of moisture release on structural concrete roof decks. This comprehensive report describes the research methodology and presents the research’s extensive data and conclusions.

This report is available only in hard-copy format. 

Member Price: $150.00

Nonmember Price: $300.00

Buy the study here!

In the spirit of National Roofing Week Aug. 23-29, NRCA Giving Day will be held Tuesday, Aug. 25, to benefit the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program. Donations currently are being accepted; NRCA Giving Day donations will close at 11:59 p.m. Aug. 25.

The Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program helps individuals seeking to further their education to pursue careers in the roofing or building construction industries; employees of NRCA contractor and supplier members and their families are eligible. Scholarship recipients receive funding for up to four years of full-time study at any accredited post-secondary institution of the student’s choice. View more information about the scholarships available.

Your gift can make a difference in the lives of students pursuing careers in construction. Donations of any size are welcome!

With your support Aug. 25, we can help shape the future of our industry!

Make your NRCA Giving Day donation!

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