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PABCO Roofing Products

Our mission is to offer the products and capabilities of a national manufacturer, the care and service of a small business, and a fierce commitment to building relationships. We are a family company first, a
relationship-builder second, and a quality
product and service provider always.

Since 1984, we’ve been creating best-in-class
products and growing our business by providing
effective solutions for our customers. We stand apart
by offering our clients a full range of premium products
with the personalized service of a trusted local business,
so that our customers experience the best of both worlds.

Our team of exceptional people makes it their priority every day to provide remarkable products, service, and support. We're passionate about our people; from our amazing employees, to our vendor partners, to the distributor and contractor customers we serve. Through our unwavering commitment to our core values, we build relationships to drive product quality and innovation, and best-in-class customer service. 

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PABCO Sponsors RCS 2024 SoundStage @Pacific Northwest Regional Tradeshow

The 2024 RCAW Pacific NW Regional Tradeshow is the place roofing experts from all over come to discover industry innovations, network with fellow roofing professionals, gain knowledge and support to take your roofing business to the next level, and so much more! Don't miss this opportunity to guide your roofing business into the future. Join RCAW on March 1, 2024, from 9am to 2pm, at the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington. Water, tea, coffee, and lunch are provided with pre-registration.

RCAW will have over 50 roofing professionals from around the state to help your business thrive. Choose from the following classes:

  • Marketing 101 - Integrity PNW, Allison Woslager
  • Citations, Unpreventable Employee Misconduct and Serious Accidents - Stop Claims Corp., Ruth Lewis
  • Top 5 Employment Issues in Roofing - Adams and Reese, LLP, Benjamin Briggs
  • The Roofing Technology Revolution - Roofle, Mike Goldenstein
  • Structure Your Sales for Success - Business 411, Elizabeth Calzadilla
  • Solving The Labor Shortage - GAF, Mike Humenik
  • (Training in Spanish) 1st Aide & CPR with AED Certification - Safety Matters, Jennifer Richards

Stay for this year's new event in partnership with GAF, RCAW's FASTEST SHINGLE COMPETITION starting at 1 pm. Speed, precision and skill will give you a chance to win one of the cash prizes. 

Overall, attending the RCAW Pacific Northwest Regional Tradeshow will be a valuable investment of time and resources, providing a platform for learning, networking, and business growth. Whether you're an individual professional or a representative of a company, the connections and insights gained at a tradeshow will contribute to your success in the industry. 

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Watch as Karen Edwards sits down with the Marketing Manager of PABCO, Lori Jerome, and talks about all the new and exciting products that PABCO is highlighting at IRE 2024 as well as their products' appearance in an award-winning movie!

Read more on their unique shingles here! 

Free Online Roof Visualizer Tool

Help homeowners find the perfect shingle color for their home with PABCO® Roofing Products’ Roof Visualizer. Most homeowners have a difficult time picturing how their new shingles will look on their roof. Help your customers better imagine their new roof by directing them to PABCO's free visualizer tool!

This tool is mutually beneficial for you and your customers. They get an idea of what their home will look like, while you have a visual representation of what they want allowing you to easily deliver what they want for their home.

Try the Roof Visualizer now!

PABCO Roofing live at WRE

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The Rooftop Reader is a blog about Asphalt Shingle Residential Roofing from PABCO® Roofing Products for homeowners and contractors alike. The blog features plenty of information for contractors on the industry at large, as well as tips and advice on how to successfully run a contracting business. From building a digital brand to discussing if you need universal shingle starters, the Rooftop Reader will give you the scoop on how to better your business.  

The blog also features posts that keep homeowners up to date on the newest PABCO products and stories, offering educational resources and vocabulary that will help the homeowner feel confident about their roofing choices. The Rooftop Reader walks homeowners through everything they need to know about high wind and asphalt shingles, to why PABCO shingles have a tapered design. The Rooftop Reader is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in learning more about their roof and PABCO products. 

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Pacific Coast Parent Company

Fred Anderson and his wife Pat put everything they owned up for collateral in exchange for a bank loan. (this, after being turned down more than once) Fred could have used Pat’s family name and industry reputation, but refused, determined to make it on his own. After leasing a piece of property, they bought an old delivery truck and enough inventory to last them a couple of months. They placed a small ad in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, announcing the grand opening of Anderson Lumber, the Monday following Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? We think not. 

That little lumber company was built with big heart. Sacrifices were made. Buildings were constructed. Lives were changed. As the saying goes, innovate or follow. Fred and Pat were innovators. Good times and bad, the business grew. Always with a laser focus on people, building. From those humble beginnings, Pacific Coast Building Products and then PABCO® were born. 

The story of Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc. and its family of companies is a testament to the importance of honesty, fairness and a concern for the well-being of others in everyday relationships. Much has changed in the years since Fred Anderson began his first lumberyard on a shoestring, but much remains the same. 

Fred made it a point to get to know his customers. He listened to what they wanted and delivered a little more. Dealing fairly and honestly with people, providing the best quality building products at a fair price. The company has grown. The culture remains the same today. Treat customers, employees and suppliers like family. Develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Hire and train the best people for the job. We’re not interested in building things for the sake of selling products. We’re interested in building things that last—people, relationships, structures and communities. Speed and convenience are one thing. Quality and care are every-thing. 

You spent years learning your craft—designing, planning, building, selling, finishing—and so have we. The early years weren’t always pretty, or easy. Time is an investment. And things only get better with time (and a little elbow grease). Always listening, learning and improving. The results are worth the effort. Understanding building codes and regulations, seasons and sales cycles, industry ebbs and flows. Helping you succeed every step of the way. And, just like you, we have a stake in the outcome. Achieving growth, profitability, and a loyal following. 

Every member of the PABCO® team listens to what you want, speaks your language, and will treat you like family— with mutual trust and respect. You can count on it. PABCO® Building Products is in the business of people, building. Carefully, consistently, and creatively. What the job demands.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

If you want an upgraded traditional laminated shingle, choose PABCO Prestige®. A combination of a heavyweight, laminated shingle with expanded color choices, PABCO Prestige provides the options you need, backed by an industry leading warranty.

PABCO Prestige is the clear choice for custom homes, commercial steep slope installations, and demanding environments. Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, this is the kind of trust and confidence on which you can build a home and a relationship. Prestige meets UL790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard and is available with Algae Defender®.

Browse our Architectural Shingles Brochure.

Signature Cut Shingles 

If you’re someone who expects the best, look no further. Paramount Advantage® is our top-of-the-line product: a heavyweight, open-tooth, architectural shingle, setting the standard for premium roofing products.

Paramount Advantage is specified by many homeowners’ associations due to its bold appearance and proven track record. The security of meeting UL790 Class-A Fire Resistance Standard, combined with the flexibility of four striking color options, a Limited Lifetime warranty, and featuring Algae Defender® protection, makes Paramount Advantage the natural choice.

Browse our Signature Cut Asphalt Shingle Brochure.

Cascade™ Signature Cut Shingles 

Our unique and distinguished Cascade™ diamond-shaped shingle is the perfect choice for your historical-style home. Featuring our exclusive U.S. patented design, Cascade shingles have a style that honors your home’s heritage. The unique shape accentuates steeply-sloped roofs, offering a glimpse into an idyllic past. Cascade is available in four classic colors, meets UL790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard, offers a Limited Lifetime warranty, and features Algae Defender®.

Learn more.

Solar Reflective Shingles

Our Premier Radiance® shingles provide more than just a roof over your head.

Infused with solar-reflective granules, this shingle reflects heat-producing ultraviolet rays from the sun back into the atmosphere, which may reduce heat transfer into your home. Premier Radiance is available in several vibrant colors, so you don’t need to compromise on style.

By utilizing PABCO®’s proven cool technology, Premier Radiance solar reflective shingles are perfect for hotter climates where air conditioning use is high. Premier Radiance meets UL790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard.

Browse our Solar Reflective Shingles Brochure.

Design Your Roof with our Home View Roof Visualizer

Explore our product line of premium asphalt shingles, from our Signature Cut to our Laminated Fiberglass roofing products.

Start Designing!

Latest Promotions and Rebates

PABCO Roofing Products Logo 600x300

Free Online Roof Visualizer Tool

Help homeowners find the perfect shingle color for their home with PABCO® Roofing Products’ Roof Visualizer. Most homeowners have a difficult time picturing how their new shingles will look on their roof. Help your customers better imagine their new roof by directing them to PABCO's free visualizer tool! This tool is ...
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Pabco Architectural Shingles Brochure ebook670x866

Architectural Shingles Brochure

Download Your Free Copy of Pabco's Architectural Shingles Brochure Now!
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Latest Spanish Content

PABCO Roofing Products Logo 600x300

Tech Bulletin Maintenace Practices

PABCO® Roofing Products recomienda las siguientes prácticas de mantenimiento para nuestras tejas de asfalto. Puede haber prácticas adicionales para otros componentes del sistema completo de construcción de tejados. PABCO® solamente aborda las prácticas de mantenimiento para nuestras tejas. • Evite que se pise más de lo necesario. Los gránulos de ...
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PABCO Roofing Products Logo 600x300

Premier: Laminated Fiberglass Shingles

Al cambiar el techo, se debe confirmar que la ventilación cumpla los requisitos de la Sección 1 y que la plataforma cumpla los requisitos de la Sección 2. Si los códigos de construcción locales lo permiten, no es necesario quitar las tejas viejas de tres lengüetas si la cubierta y ...
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Universal Starter

El nuevo Starter Universal de PABCO Roofing Products provee bordes fabricados para líneas rectas y consistenntes durante la istalación. Con dimensiones mejoradas, el Starter Univesal está diseñado para su uso en todo el perimetro de la casa. El Starter Universal tiene una linnea de sellador para la protección contra ...
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PABCO Lori Jerome - Find your Distinctive Roof

Lori Jerome - Find Your Distinctive Roof

S4:E16 In this special Roofing Road Trip, Heidi J. Ellsworth Road Trips south of Seattle to visit with Lori Jerome of PABCO. With some of the strongest and unique shingles on the market, PABCO continue to offer a way for contractors to differentiate and offer unique looks and performance. Lori is ...
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PABCO Roofing live at WRE

Join RoofersCoffeeShop at the 2021 Western States Roofing Expo as they interview the professionals from PABCO at their booth! #PABCOStyle Learn more about Pabco in their RCS Directory.
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PABCO Roofing Products Logo 600x300

PABCO Roofing Products Video Playlist

To learn more about PABCO Roofing Products, visit their RCS Directory. See more videos on our YouTube channel. How to Change the Product and Color Most people are curious about how to look at the products and colors of our product. In this video we show you how to see products and ...
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