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Martin Stout- RCS Influencer

President of Go Roof Tune Up, Inc.

Mr. Stout is the President of Go Roof Tune Up, Inc. The company  focuses  primarily on; inspecting, reporting, repairing and warranting single family homes. Go Roof Tune Up is active in Southern and Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Washington and Florida. He currently serves on the Technical Board for the Tile Roofing Institute.


Latest Podcasts

The Roofer Show with Dave Sullivan

Stories from the Roof - Dave Sullivan Interviews Marty Stout with Go Roof Tune-Up

S1:E2 Dave Sullivan with The Roofer Show interviews Marty Stout of GoRoofTune-Up. They talk about his innovative business model. GoRoofTune-Up has a unique approach where they do roof repairs, restoration, renovation and maintenance on single-family homes. Right now he's active in 5 markets, and he's looking to expand on some more. ...
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