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IKO Manufacturing

For superior weather protection IKO manufactures asphalt roofing shingles with some of the heaviest-weight fiberglass mats in both North America and Europe.

No matter what their style of home or personal taste, homeowners will find the perfect profile and color blend, along with matching accessory products, to create a stunning roofscape.

IKO plants in North America manufacture three classes of asphalt shingles: traditional 3-tab, architectural laminated and premium designer. IKO also produces a complete line of high-quality accessory products that include ice and water protectors, underlayments, starter strips, hip and ridge cap shingles and rigid polyisocyanurate (ISO) insulation board.

In Europe, IKO plants manufacture the same three classes of shingle as in North America, although there are some stylistic differences among them. IKO Europe also produces a fourth class of asphalt shingle called a “shield” shingle. Shield shingles are self-adhesive shingles engineered for maximum wind resistance.

IKO manufactures rolled roofing and accessories, building envelope, and waterproofing and insulation products for commercial and industrial markets in both North America and Europe.

In North America, IKO specializes in the manufacture of commercial roofing systems, ranging from mechanically attached to heat-welded (APP and SBS), cold-applied membranes and built-up roofing (BUR). They also manufacture a full range of building envelope products: thermal insulation, air/vapor barriers, overlay and cover boardsadhesives, primers and other accessories.

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