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Equipter, LLC.

New Roof No Mess®

With an ever-expanding line of self-propelled roofing equipment, from dump containers to a compact crane, Equipter, LLC's innovative products help roofers lift their professionalism to new heights. 

Towable, liftable, lightweight dump containers are easy to navigate through tight spaces–leaving minimal imprints on lawns. Equipter’s innovative roofing equipment lifts between 7 and 12 feet to the roofline to streamline setup and catch debris before it has a chance to harm building exteriors. 

Equipter was founded in 2004 in Lancaster, PA, by Aaron Beiler, owner and operator of a family-run roof replacement company for 15 years. Recognizing the need for better debris management to protect homeowners’ prized petunias and well-maintained shrubberies, he and his sons set to work designing the original Roofer’s Buggy. 

Fast forward over a decade and a half, Equipter now provides a wider range of self-propelled roofing equipment made in the United States. With over 150 third-party rental locations across the US and Canada, it’s never been easier to rent the Equipter RB4000, our most popular product.

Visit our website now to witness our innovative equipment in action.

Latest Promotions and Rebates

Equipter - Rebate

Test Drive the Equipter RB4000 and Earn a $75 Rebate

Instantly qualify for a $75 Manufacturer’s Rebate when you rent the Equipter RB4000 for the first time. The RB4000 is all the rage in the roofing industry right now, and it’s growing in popularity among construction crews. With over 100 rental locations across the US, it’s easy to find the closest ...
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Latest Videos

Equipter - Video Page

Equipter Customer Testimonial Playlist

Paula interviewed four roofers before she found the right company to replace her roof. Her selling point? Rogers Roofing's RB4000. Our friends at Divine Roofing, Inc. (Colorado) utilize the RB4000 to its fullest extent. Roofing King markets its roofing services with the Equipter RB4000 throughout Massachusetts and in New Hampshire. Dave Nisley shares how his ...
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