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How to Choose the Right Equipter for Your Business

Equipter RB4000
June 28, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Choosing the right Equipter shouldn’t be stressful.

There are several options for roofing contractors when deciding which Equipter product will best manage debris control. The most popular option is the RB4000, while the most compact dump container is the RB2000.

If you're having a hard time deciding what Equipter equipment is right for your roofing company, take a look at the information below.

What type of work does your company do?

When debating which Equipter is best for your company, keep your audience and type of work in mind. 

Formerly known as the original roofing buggy and in production since 2005, the self-propelled RB4000 is our flagship model and can be used on nearly any job site. With its lightweight container and wide tires, it’s easy on lawns and landscapes. The 12-foot lift reaches to the roof, so your crew can shovel tear-off right into the 4.1 cubic yard dump container.

With its design ensuring minimal damage to the landscape, the self-propelled RB4000 is perfect for most residential jobs. If that’s just a little too big for the areas in which you need to access, consider using one of the RB4000’s little brothers–the RB2500 or RB2000. Both of these pieces of equipment are more compact as well as lighter and smaller than the RB4000. 

Using the RB4000 for commercial roofing saves you on labor costs and reduces debris removal challenges. With the optional Rear Extension Kit in place, it can reach up 16 feet, streamlining debris removal for commercial building roofs. 

Where does your company work most often?

The RB4000 drives across various types of terrains and is ideal for roofing in more rural and suburban areas. 

Roofing in the city, on the other hand, can get complicated. But Equipter has solutions for managing roofing debris in narrow alleyways and sidewalks, too. Consider using our smaller roofing debris dump containers–the RB2500 or RB2000–to access those hard-to-reach places on city roof repair or replacement jobs. 

What are the landscape features of your jobs?

The RB4000 is compact and ideal for most residential roofing jobs. Able to navigate around trees and roll back up to 4 feet to protect flowerbeds and other delicate landscape features. However, it may be too large to access the roof of some fenced properties. Properties with pools or decks may also be difficult to navigate with the RB4000. 

Some roofing contractors use wheelbarrows on properties where navigation is difficult or roofs are hard to access, but Equipter has two more efficient solutions. 

These are the jobs that the RB2000 and RB2500 are perfect for. 

Being under 3 feet wide, the RB2000 is our most compact self-propelled job site cleanup solution and will fit through any standard 3-foot gate or alleyway. Although this piece of equipment isn’t towable, it has a 7-foot lift for raising tools and materials to where you need them. It also transports up to 1,500 pounds of debris from the roof to a larger curbside dumpster. When deciding which Equipter is best for your company, keep in mind that the best way to transport the RB2000 to and from the job site is on a utility trailer. 

As its name implies, the RB2500 can lift up to 2,500 pounds. Being under 4.5 feet wide, this piece of equipment is also able to access areas where trucks and conventional dump trailers can’t. Like the RB2000, this self-propelled dump container also raises up to 7 feet and should be transported to and from the job on a utility trailer. 

With compact chassis and high maneuverability, you’ll be able to navigate tighter and trickier spots with the Equipter RB2500 and RB2000. 

Which piece of equipment will you use the most?

The RB4000 can be used for nearly any residential job and is a great piece of equipment to streamline production and cleanup on commercial roofing jobs. 

Did you know you can rent the RB4000? That just may be the best way to see if that Equipter is right for your roofing company. And, if you’re a first-time renter, you may qualify for a Manufacturer’s Rebate exclusively through Equipter. Click below to find the closest rental location to you.

Our smaller Equipters are perfect for jobs where navigation is difficult or you need access to areas that regular dump trucks and trailers won’t fit. Consider how often you have those jobs? If you specialize in roof replacement in a city or small town, consider investing in the RB2000 or RB2500.

Some roofing companies invest in both an RB4000 and one of its little brothers, enabling them to take advantage of better debris management solutions for nearly every roofing job. 

Rent the RB4000

Learn more about Equipter in their RCS Directory.

Original article source: Equipter

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