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Cotney Construction Law, LLP

Cotney Construction Law, LLP is a national law firm with offices throughout Florida, Charlotte, Denver, Grand Rapids, Houston, Mobile, and Nashville,  specializing in the representation of businesses and professionals in construction disputes and transactions throughout the State of Florida and beyond.

The firm has specialized in roofing litigation and arbitration since 1999, including defending roofing contractors on construction defect claims, prosecuting lien and bond law claims, defending OSHA citations, contractor licensing defense, and bid protests. Cotney is well respected for his extensive review and drafts of hundreds of roofing-related contracts a year for roofing contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and others in the industry.

Cotney Construction Law, LLP is a unique construction law firm because all of its attorneys have a background in construction ranging from work as estimators for structural contractors, roofers, overseas manufacturers of construction products, and supply house distributors. At Cotney Construction Law, we understand construction – not because we read it in a book, but because our real-world knowledge allows us to provide clients with both legal and practical advice. Click here to learn more about the team

Good talk!  Heidi J. Ellsworth talks to Trent Cotney about his new firm name, Cotney Construction Law and his support of at the 2018 IRE.

Latest Ebooks

The Book You Need - OSHA Defense for the Construction Industry

The second biggest threat to the construction industry, behind the lack of skilled labor, is the unchecked expansion of regulatory agencies. Recent government expansion has granted the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) the authority it needs to single-handedly put contractors out of business through targeting, and repeat or excessive ...
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Download the “What Every Contractor Needs to know About Billable Hours” E-Book!

If you have spent any length of time in the construction industry, you know that it is not uncommon for disputes to arise on projects. Far too often, parties are placed in a situation where they must commence litigation to obtain full or additional compensation owed for work performed on a ...
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E-Book - Succession Planning 101 For Roofing Contractors

This book focuses on six areas of a good succession plan. A good plan won’t rest on any single document, but rather is a holistic approach to providing "rules of the road" for any of those unknown unknowns whether they crop up in the first month of the business or ...
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Latest Webinars

Ask Trent Cotney about the Five Key Roofing Contract Provisions

Trent Cotney joined Heidi Ellsworth to discuss Roofing Contract Provisions. This webinar focuses on five of the most important commercial and residential roofing contract provisions with the opportunity to ask Trent Cotney important legal questions concerning overall contract provisions. Presented by Trent Cotney Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth Watch the Webinar.
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