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John Stortz & Son

Falz Bender

New Falz Bender is the ultimate roll bending tool for creating 1″ male and female seam profiles in one motion! Tool set comes with both male bender and female bender in premium military grade storage case Effortlessly creates perfect 1″ profiles for seaming Unlimited length panel creation Works on curved/radius panels Ideal for tapered panels ...

John Stortz & Son - standing seam

Stubai Starter Sheet Metal Kit w/ Backpack

Save $30 on the tools and get a $50 backpack for free! Includes: 1 – Pelican Tin Snips 1ea – Left & Right Combination Tin Snips 1 – Flat / Round Sheet Metal Hammer 1 – Scriber (scriber included is metric) 1 – Deep Depth Seaming Pliers 1 – 45° 60mm Pliers Heavy duty tool Backpack ...

John Stortz and Sons High Soldering Bar

A High (Soldering) Bar

By Cass Jacoby. John Stortz & Son offers the soldering bars you need to professionally join together metal seams to be watertight. Soldering is the technique of joining two metals together using an alloy. Soldering is a skill that takes time to develop, it requires practice to seam together ...

Wil-Mar Pipe Collars Eliminate Leaks

A Sturdy Pipe Collar Eliminates Leaks

By Alec Doniger. Vent pipes that penetrate roofs are commonly subject to failure. Changing your pipe collar is the answer for preventing this. When you seal a vent pipe to a roof, it is crucial that the installation is performed correctly. If it isn’t, the roof will leak, and the ...

John Stortz and Son power seamers

The Evolution of Power Seamers

By John Stortz & Son. Learn more about the mighty tool that is the power seamer. Power seaming mechanical lock panels is typically done by 60 pound tortoise-like machines running up panels with electrical cords. With enhancements in cordless drill batteries, the new way of seaming finds itself moving forward with seaming ...

Equipter cut manual labor concerns

Cut Manual Labor Concerns With Equipment That Doesn’t Quit

By Equipter. Use a compact mobile crane to cut down on manual labor concerns. All business owners and managers are looking for ways to solve struggles related to manual labor. But did you know there are pieces of contracting equipment that can help ease those burdens? For example, a ...

Equipter job site cleanup

How to Take the Dirty Work Out of Job Site Cleanup

By Equipter. Clear out roofing debris with ease by upgrading your cleanup equipment. Cleanup is one of the most time-consuming and bothersome parts of every roofing job. The time spent cleaning up old roof debris would be better spent on the roof installation process. Equipter was founded by a ...

Metalforming Stolarczyk recoiler

Cut Time, Cost AND Metal With This Recoiler

By Cass Jacoby. The Stolarczyk Tension Stand and Recoiler is highly efficient and easy to use! MetalForming LLC's all-new Stolarczyk tension stand and recoiler allows a single operator to make quick changes and requires minimal setup for rewinding small coils. How? The lifting table at the infeed brings in ...

New Tech Machinery gutter machine maintenance

How to Keep Your Seamless Gutter Machine in Tip-top Shape!

By Katie Bowles, New Tech Machinery. Learn about the importance of performing regular maintenance on your seamless gutter machine and what exactly you should do to take care of it. One of the best ways to ensure your seamless gutter machine lasts for a while is to perform regular maintenance on it. ...

Equipter four pieces of construction equipment

Top 4 Pieces of Construction Equipment to Make Your Next Job Easier

By Equipter. Not all equipment is created equal. Take a look at four major pieces of equipment and how they can boost production on your next job. Want to enhance customer satisfaction by getting the job done faster without sacrificing your reputable craftsmanship? These four pieces of construction equipment make ...

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