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Dupont Tedlar COASTALUME Coastal Roofing Material

COASTALUME™: The ultimate coastal roofing material

By Anna Lockhart. Durable and stylish, this roofing material makes waves by providing home and building owners in coastal regions with a sturdy, reliant roof! Earlier this year, Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with Corynn Sheridan of DuPont™ Tedlar® and Mark Carlisle of U.S. Steel in the Lunch ...

Sheffield Moonstone of Metal

Introducing the Moonstone of the metal industry

By Colin Murnan, Sheffield Metals. From energy-saving to reduced chalking and fading, learn about the variety of benefits that come with the Moonstone color line. PVDF coatings are popular in the metal roofing industry for many reasons, including their durability against things like UV rays and corrosion. They ...

Bitec Coal Tar Pitch

A new line of durability and flexibility

By Jonny Suchor. The ultimate guide to Viking® Coal Tar Pitch roofing’s adaptive and sustainable solutions. Bitec’s Viking Coal Tar Pitch roofing has proven to be a reliable flat roofing solution. It's a system built to last, combining adhesives, mastics and reinforcements to meet today’s roofing needs head-on. Part of ...

ICP Group roof tile adhesives deliver advantages

Why roof tile adhesives can deliver significant advantages for your business

By Adrian Robledo, director of sales, ICP Group. Tile roof applications can be profitable jobs for roofers. Find out how roof tile adhesives can help deliver greater efficiency and long-term reliability versus traditional fastening methods. Clay and concrete tile roofs are an attractive and long-lasting option that continue to be in high ...

Dupont Tedlar 40 Years DuPnt Plant in Japan

40 years of architectural success

By Jonny Suchor. How the Dawn gray Tedlar® is achieving excellence with metal lamination for a Dupont™ plant in Japan. The innovative use of Dawn gray Tedlar® for the siding of a DuPont plant in Japan demonstrates the remarkable architectural design achieved by Dupont™ Tedlar®. Installed 40 years ago, Tedlar®, ...

Quarrix Airtight Protection for Attic Ventilation

Airtight protection for attic ventilation

By Dani Sheehan. The StormStop® Ridge Vent improves airflow while stopping snow, rain, sand and bugs from entering the attic. If you aren’t already familiar with Quarrix Building Products, they are a leader in the specialty roofing products industry. In a live interview during the 2024 International Roofing Expo (IRE) ...

Equipter IRE 2024 Equipter 7000

Meet the Equipter 7000!

By Emma Peterson. Check out the new tools that are making working on the job easier and more efficient! Back in March 2024, Megan Ellsworth got the chance to meet up with Dave Beiler while at the International Roofing Expo (IRE). Dave works with Equipter, which was founded by Dave’s ...

USG Raising the Industry Standard

Raising the industry standard in high-performing roof boards

By USG. USG Securock® Brand Roof Boards provide the most durable backbone support to any roofing system. Just as the spine provides support for the rest of the body, a roof cover board is critical to providing the durable backbone of a roofing system. Sitting comfortably between the insulation layer ...

Quarrix Streamline Roof Repairs

Streamline roof repairs with this free roof patch!

By Dani Sheehan. Save 60% of your time plugging holes left by static vents on the roof with the Quarrix SmartPlug™ Roof Patch. Tired of traditional methods that have you climbing up and down ladders and running to the store for additional supplies when you need a roof patch? Quarrix ...

DaVinci Jim Bowers house

Oh, hail!

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Industry experts share their advice on upselling composites to help you grow your business. Which type of roofer are you? After hail reduces a homeowner’s roof to Swiss cheese, are you a “let’s play this game again next year” roofer or a “one and done” roofer? The roofer who comes ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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