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DaVinci Class A Roof

What a Class A Fire-Rated Synthetic Roof Can do for Your Customer’s Home

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Help homeowners avoid disaster and protect their homes by choosing a synthetic roof. A real cedar roof may look good on the outside, but in high-drought conditions it is one lightning strike away from a devastating fire. Fortunately, your customers have options for protecting their homes from fire. They ...

General Coatings A Smart Solution

A Smart Solution for Flat Commercial Roofs

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor. Video helps explain to building owners the benefits of SPF roof systems. Spray polyurethane foam-based roofs, or SPF for short, are not something that most building owners are familiar with. They may be familiar with asphalt-based roofing systems or single-ply options, but SPF might be new ...

ICP Polyset Solution

Reduce Labor Time and Complete Jobs Faster with New Polyset® Solution

Polyset® PVC Spray Contact Adhesive from ICP Building Solutions Group delivers high adhesive output for faster, more efficient application. ICP Building Solutions Group has launched its new Polyset® PVC Spray Contact Adhesive, designed as a portable, self-containing, single component solution with speed and simplicity in mind. Engineered to adhere most PVC membranes ...

Owens Corning  XAP 360

XAP 360 and Owens Corning Introduce Touchless Roofing Inspection Platform to U.S. Contractors

XAP 360 powered by Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence technology provides roofing professionals with granular accuracy and efficiency, enhancing homeowner transparency and satisfaction. XAP 360, a leader in touchless property assessment solutions is collaborating with Owens Corning, a global leader in insulation, roofing and fiberglass composite materials. The collaboration offers Owens Corning Roofing ...

Equipter Rent or Buy RB4000

Will Buying or Renting the RB4000 Benefit Your Business More?

By Equipter. Discover the key considerations in determining if renting or buying is the best decision for your company. Are you wondering how the RB4000 will help your business grow? Perhaps you’ve read through our Buyer’s Guide, but you still can’t decide if renting or buying will benefit your business more. Reference ...

Stormseal Contractor Connection Member Advantage

Stormseal® Joins Contractor Connection Member Advantage Program

The innovative storm protection solution heat shrinks to damaged structures, providing superior protection over flapping tarps that lead to callbacks and additional damage. Stormseal, the game-changing storm response solution that provides powerful protection to homes and buildings until permanent repairs can be made, announced that it is now part of the ...

ICP Category 5 Wind Speeds

Tested to Withstand Category 5 Wind Speeds

Time to eliminate mechanical fasteners and minimize tile installation damage, Polyset AH-160 is the only solution you need for tile attachment. Polyset AH-160 is a two-component, low-pressure polyurethane adhesive that is specifically designed to bond concrete and clay roofing tiles to approved underlayments. It virtually eliminates the need for screws, nails, ...

SOPREMA Unique Innovation

Unique Innovation Leads to Roofing Granule Success

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.  3M innovation and SOPREMA marketing has brought a highly reflective roofing granule to low-slope roofing.  In the Fall of 2019, I had the chance to visit 3M along with members of the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) to learn about the innovations 3M has brought to the world. We toured their Customer Innovation Center and heard from team members how the company continues to develop and test products and solutions that can make the ...

Cotney Consulting Trestles

Cotney Consulting Group Announces Trestles as Affinity Partner

As an affinity partner, Trestles will offer Cotney subscribers exclusive discounts on their products and services. Cotney Consulting Group, a team dedicated to helping roofing contractors maximize success with experienced business consulting and solutions, is proud to announce Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC has become an affinity partner.  Trestles offers labor management software ...

Duro-Last Acrylic and Silicone Roof Coatings

Understanding Acrylic and Silicone Roof Coatings

By Rob Youness, General Manager, Anvil Paints & Coatings. Duro-Last® is proud to offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions, including silicone and acrylic coating systems.  Acrylic coatings Acrylic coatings were originally developed in the 1970’s to provide ultra-violet protection for sprayed urethane foam applications. These types of coatings are now used across a ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Review for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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