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Leap Show and Tell

Practice Better Investment with Educational Marketing Strategies

By Danielle Basch, Leap. How to use educational marketing strategies to help homeowners assess their needs. When it comes to home repairs, homeowners want to make the most informed choice, not just the most affordable. Homeowners want to know the money they invest into repairs will last for years and ...

CRRC Ratings

Why You Should Care About Third-party Product Ratings

By Sarah Schneider, CRRC. How third-party ratings inform the customer and affect the state of our global environment. Informed facility managers recognize the benefits of highly reflective roofing materials, also known as “cool roofs.” These cool roofs reduce energy use which, in turn, reduces energy cost while increasing the occupant’s ...

DECRA Best Type of Roof for Snow

What are the Best Roofs for Enduring Snow?

By Trevor Underwood, DECRA Metal Roofing. The heavy snow that winter brings can cause major damage to your roof. Even though a snow-covered roof can make a home look like it’s part of a winter wonderland, the heavy snow that piles up can cause major issues to a roof. ...

Leap Saved on Labor and Time

How Leap Saved This Company Labor and Time on Proposals

By Danielle Basch, Leap. Leap helps generate accurate and precise proposals for franchisees like Larry Tyler. Larry Tyler, the sales director for ABC Seamless of Nebraska, used to spend hours fixing mistakes on paper proposals. The paper sales process wasn’t just time consuming, but labor intensive, leading Larry to ...

Leister World Champions

Leister Visted by Roofing World Champions

By Silke Landtwing, Leister. The recent winners of the IFP World Roofing Championships got to visit Leister and Sika headquarters in Switzerland. Last December, the winners of the IFP World Roofing Championships visited the headquarters of Leister and Sika as part of their prize. The winners of the competition were ...

Acculynx Maximize your Referral Count

Maximize Your Referral Count by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

By Kathryn Brill, Acculynx. Avoid these mistakes to ensure your roofing business runs successfully. Did you know that a referred customer is four times more likely to make a purchase than other consumers. Having referrals also indicates an increase in popularity — if more people know your business, you’ll inevitably ...

John Stortz Awaken Natural Slate

3 Ways to Breathe Some Life Back Into Natural Slate Roofing

By Tom Stortz, John Stortz & Son. Is it important to you that natural slate remains a thriving part of the roofing industry? Then read on for an action plan on how to reach that goal. The next few years are make or break for the slate industry, which is ...

NSA Reasons Slate is so Special

4 Reasons Slate is So Special

By Trent Cotney for the National Slate Association. The benefits of natural slate are plentiful! Here is why you should consider this material for your next project. When it comes to the many roofing materials available, people tend to think about the materials most frequently used, like asphalt shingles or ...

Acculynx Subcontractor Software

3 Reasons You Need Subcontractor Software

By Anne Redd, AccuLynx. Better manage and communicate with your crews and subcontractors by incorporating software into your operations. From scheduling conflicts to problems on site and paperwork getting left at the office, any delay can be frustrating to both you and the homeowner. AccuLynx has developed their subcontractor scheduling software with ...

Leap 2022 Summer Summit

Leap’s 2022 Summer Summit Declared a Success!

By Danielle Basch, Leap. Highlights from Leap’s annual summit include informative speakers, Q & A sessions and team building activities. Back in August, Leap and JobProgress joined forces for the 2022 Summer Summit. Both contractor software companies became #oneteam at the Leap Headquarters in Columbia, Maryland for a day of ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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