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Education & Learning

ASC Understanding Metal Gauge

How to choose the right metal gauge

By ASC Building Products. Knowing which gauge of metal needed is pivotal for a roofing project as it can make or break the success of the installation. When it comes to installing metal roofing and siding, having a basic understanding of gauge is necessary to ensure the success of ...

Dupont Tedlar Coastalume

Fortifying coastal roofs with COASTALUME™

By Anna Lockhart. This innovative building material was created in collaboration between U.S. Steel and Dupont™ Tedlar® to provide coastal homes and commercial buildings an added layer of protection against the harsh elements of coastal life. In a recent Lunch & Learn, host Heidi J. Ellsworth visited with ...

Air Vent Venture Above  with Ventilation

Venture above with this attic ventilation seminar

By Dani Sheehan. Expand your knowledge of attic ventilation and grow your residential roofing business with this free technical seminar. Coming to a city near you, don’t miss Air Vent’s free technical seminar, Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert™, offered by Paul Scelsi through April 2024. On a recent episode of ...

NFBA - Elevate your team and build excellence with professional education!

Elevate your team and build excellence with professional education!

By NFBA. This collaboration between NFBA and the University of Missouri is the perfect opportunity to extend your education. One of the National Frame Building Association (NFBA)'s pillars is education. Through a collaboration with the University of Missouri, they hope to familirize people across the industry, builders, suppliers, designers, manufacturers, homeowners, building ...

NFBA Mastering Architectural Alternatives

Mastering architectural alternatives for post-frame building systems with the NFBA

By Anna Lockhart. Access the NFBA’s free online educational webinar series, Post-Frame Advantage Online University, covering various post-frame engineering designs and terminology for an easy-to-comprehend industry overview! In pursuit of providing the general public and post-frame construction professionals with the opportunities to access informational content, the National Frame ...

Royalty Companies Less Well-known parts of a roof

Learn about the less well-known parts of a roof

By Royalty South. A roof features two elements that most homeowners aren’t aware of – soffit and fascia. Find out what these elements are and the roles they play. Editor’s note: Share this article with homeowners to educate them about the different elements of their home’s roof. If you’ve never ...

WSRCA Technical Resources

Technical resources for contractors

By Emma Peterson. Learn about the nuances of the issues arising in the industry through technical bulletins. Host Megan Ellsworth met up with Kenneth Klein in Season 5, Episode 55 of Roofing Road Trips™. Kenneth has over 38 years of experience in the industry through his work at the global ...

Roofing Alliance Celebrating tin-niversary of student competition

Celebrating the tin-niversary of the Student Competition

By Lauren White. Five teams presented during the 10th anniversary of the Construction Management Student Competition. Day 2 of the International Roofing Expo (IRE) 2024 and we're starting the day with one of our favorite events, the Roofing Alliance Construction Management Student Competition, which is celebrating it's tenth anniversary (the year ...

Metal-Era Busting Myths

Busting myths about edge system testing standards

By Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems. There are many myths about the ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 test standards floating around the community, and it’s time to put them to rest! ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 refers to the test standard for edge systems in low slope-roofing. Testing standards are incredibly important to ensuring that a ...

Wryker OSHA IRE 2024

Steering clear of OSHA citations

By Jonny Suchor. Dive into a detailed explanation of OSHA's most cited safety infractions and how to avoid them. Join Julia Farrell, president and founder of WRYKER Construction Supply, and Jeffrey Mason, corporate safety director at TeamCraft Roofing, on February 6 from 7:45-9:15 a.m. for an informative talk at ...

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