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What are Some of the Things to Consider When Incorporating Gutters into Sales?

Cotney Consulting Gutters
January 10, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting.

Ready to incorporate gutters into your sales? Read these tips!

One of the first things you will need to consider is whether you set up a new legal entity or add a division to your existing company. Setting up a new stand-alone company does require more work and legal assistance than adding it to your current product offerings. Once you make that decision, the rest of the steps are very similar.

You must acquire the necessary equipment and tools and set yourself up. Think about what you want to do, develop your business and go to market plan. It would be best if you thought about your primary market. In other words, what will be your client base, homeowners, commercial or both, and are you going to and maintenance option?

Once your market is decided, you will need to establish your brand. Before you launch any marketing campaigns, get your brand set up. Having a solid company brand will cultivate a successful environment.

Some tips for incorporating into your gutter brand:

  • It creates a positive impression on your clients
  • It manages expectations your clients can expect from you
  • It sets your company apart from your competition
  • It drives new leads and opportunities
  • It increases the overall value of your company

Social media

Digital marketing is an excellent way to grow a gutter business. It spreads awareness, especially to homeowners. Social media should be the top contender if you only prioritize one type of online marketing.

Partnership building

Relationships are valuable. Not every roofing contractor in your area want to be installing gutters on their projects. Build a win-win relationship by promoting your business s to these other contractors. Even consider building a referral program with them.

The sale

The leading cause for lack of sales revenue is not asking and closing on the deal. Now that you have a solid foundation get your sales team out there and ask for the sale. Remember, your prospects have been researching online all about gutters for weeks. They are ready to hear why your company should secure their project and expect you to ask for the sale. Be confident, and don’t just leave your proposal waiting for a callback – Ask For The Sale!

Learn more about Cotney Consulting Group in their directory or visit cotneyconsulting.com.

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