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Project Reroof builds up their community over the years

RCASoCAl Project Reroof 11/2023
November 26, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

By Emma Peterson. 

Each year, the RCASoCal assembles a crew of Roofing All Stars to give back to their community by making sure they have a safe roof over their heads. 

The Roofing Contractors Association of Southern California (RCASoCal) hosts Project Reroof annually as a way to give back to their community using their roofing skills. Each year, they choose an organization to receive a new roof and a new crew of Roofing All Stars is assembled. This crew is made up of manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who are donating materials, services and labor to make Project Reroof happen! As RCASoCal looks forward to its 2023 project for Faithway Fellowship - Colton Church of the Nazarene led by Robert Price and Bill Jordan, let’s look back at the history of Project Reroof. 

2018 – First Southern Baptist Church 

In 2018, Project Reroof focused on the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, California. This church serves many unhoused people in their community. Part of how they serve is through offering resources and services to help those in their community trying to get back on their feet. This includes providing things such as shelter, food, clothing and warm showers.  

RCASoCal believes in giving back to their communities using their skill in roofing! This Project Reroof was led by Dave Chapman and James Simmons of Chapman Coast Roof and Two Brothers Construction respectively. Their ability to give back was also made possible through the support of the following volunteer companies and people: Chapman Coast Roof, Quality Environmental, CertainTeed, Biltwell Roofing, APOC, Inland Pacific Roofing, Lang Roofing, Howard Roofing, Skyco Skylights, South Coast Shingle, Hoyt Roofs, Martin Huipe, Gregorio Alvarez, Roben Hurtado Valle, Jose Garcia and Alejandro Primera. 

The Pastors of First Southern Baptist Church left the following message of thanks for everyone’s support:  

“I, William Ruffin, and Pastor Wiley S. Drake, speak in unison for The First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, California, and our entire congregation and Homeless Ministry, when we send you (Chapman Coast Roof, Two Brothers Construction, Quality Environmental, Acetek Roofing, Lang Roofing, Howard Roofing and Hoyt Roofing) our deepest thank you and God bless. Thank you all for your donations and hard labor in repairing our roof at no cost to us. Again, thank you all for the God-given gift. May God bless all that you touch and cherish.” 

2020 – Orange County Teen Challenge 

Project Reroof chose to donate a roof to the Orange County Teen Challenge (OCTC) in 2020. OCTC is an organization that has served their community for over 55 years by providing resources and guidance for teenagers. This includes, but is not limited to, drug education/prevention and gang intervention. 

Project manager Bill Jordan of Jordan Roof Company organized the schedules, permits and planning for this whole project. They could not have done it without the donated labor and materials from the following companies: Jordan Roof Company, Howard Roofing, Premier Roofing and Waterproofing, Tecta America, Chapman Coast Roofing, Award Metals, Costa Roofing, Lomanco, Beacon Roofing Supply, Tom T Sales Group, Roofmaster, Lang Roofing, Biltwell Roofing and Barkley Sheet Metal.  

Shane Parr, the coordinator of operations at the time, sent the following message about the impact this gift has:  

“On behalf of Southern California Teen Challenge's Orange County Center located in Santa Ana, I want to extend our greatest appreciation for being this year's Project Reroof. We have been tremendously blessed by the generosity of your members. The roofers that worked onsite did a fantastic job and worked safely on our complicated roof. This building was built in the 30's and has a number of steep pitches. 

The generosity that was shown to our ministry came at exactly the right time. Due to COVID 19 we have been forced to cancel or postpone many of our largest fundraisers. The funds that would have had to go towards the roof would have severely impacted the work we do. As a non-profit faith based adult recovery ministry that is free to its participants because of charitable contributions every dollar counts. 

We sincerely thank all those that were involved, from the planning stages, the materials and the manpower. Each part was necessary to make this project a success. A special thanks goes to Bill Jordan for his hands on roll and making sure your guys were safe.” 

2021 – South Hills Community Church 

In 2021, Project Reroof helped the South Hills Community Church in Corona, California. The church has struggled financially during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Even as they dealt with this challenge, they made sure to prioritize their community. Time and time again, the church chose to send resources out into the community rather than investing them in repairs for their aging building. RCASoCal was proud to have been able to step in and give them some support in return!  

Under the project leadership of Chapman Coast Roof, Project Reroof made a miracle come true for the church. The following companies sponsored this project by contributing resources and labor: APOC, Chapman Coast Roof, Hoyt Roof, Inland Pacific Roofing, Jordan Roof, Lang Roofing, Premier Roofing Service, South Coast Shingle and Tropical Roofing Products. 

Adam J. Smith, a pastor at the South Hills Community Church, wrote the following letter thanking Project Reroof for the gift: 

“We here at South Hills have humbly served our community for over twenty-three years. Our priority is helping people live more wholistically healthy lives. But, like a lot of non-profits that rely on the big-hearted generosity of donors who believe in the work they do, we were hit hard financially during the recent Covid-19 crisis. 

From week on of the Coronavirus lockdowns--over a year ago--giving began to dwindle, forcing us to make difficult decisions as to where to direct the remaining resources we still had access to. Despite an ageing twenty-year-old facility, greatly in need of repair, we chose to direct every dollar we could to serve the practical needs of our community. We hosted blood drives, gave away hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and supplies, served the homeless, provided free counseling for those struggling with mental health, donated technology to local educators, and ran errands for the elderly. We threw ourselves into whatever our surrounding area needed. 

With our state beginning to open up once again, we are excited to welcome folks back to our facility in hopes of helping people pick up the pieces of their stories after such an emotionally chaotic season. But as we aim our efforts in this direction, we're now faced (among many other challenges) with the stark reality of an ever-deteriorating roof that must be replaced, without the resources needed to accomplish it. Each of the recent rainstorms has resulted in water streaming in through our porous roof and doing even more pricy damage to our property. 

We are in need of help. And we are grateful for your willingness to contemplate our story and consider the idea of giving us the help we need to continue helping our community put itself back together. Thank you.” 

Original article and photo sources: Southern California Roofing Contractors Association

Learn more about Roofing Contractors Association of Southern California (RCASoCal) in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.rcasocal.org.

About Emma

Emma is a content intern for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When she's not writing, she enjoys a good movie night with friends and trying to cook new recipes.

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