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LIVE With Green Link Engineering at IRE 2023!

green link engineering - ire 2023 - karen interview - conversation
April 27, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Karen Edwards catches up with Green Link Engineering's Dana Castle to talk about the amazing year their team has had in growth! 

Editor's note: The following is the transcript of a live interview with Dana Castle, sales coordinator and data analyst at Green Link. You can read the interview below or watch the YouTube video.

Karen Edwards: Hi, everyone. This is Karen Edwards, and I am standing here with Dana from Green Link.

Dana: Good. And yeah.

Karen Edwards: Dana, I understand you just waited a really long time for your badge.

Dana: Well, it was a challenge, but it's good to see that the attendance is considerably wonderful this year at this year's IRE.

Karen Edwards: Yeah. There are a lot of people here. A lot of people.

Dana: They'll be making it down here soon.

Karen Edwards: They will be. They will be. Now, Dana and I were together on Sunday. We went to National Women and Roofing Day.

Dana: Yup.

Karen Edwards: That was a lot of fun.

Dana: It was really fun. Every year it gets better and better.

Karen Edwards: Very well attended it.

Dana: Yes, it was.

Karen Edwards: So let's talk about what's new at Green Link. What do you got going on?

Dana: Well, we've had a lot of exciting changes this year. First, phenomenally we've grown, which is amazing. We're finally getting to that point where we can see the growth happening.

Karen Edwards: That's exciting.

Dana: That's really great. And we have two new people on staff, and I'm very excited. I'd like to talk about them for a minute.

Karen Edwards: Yeah.

Dana: We have a full-time engineer now. His name is Brandon Cora. He joined us in April, so he's with us full-time now. And it's very helpful because we're able to do takeoffs quicker, and we've really, really expanded our business into doing a lot more mechanical supports and duct supports. So it's good to have a full-time engineer on staff. We also just recently hired the most amazing woman in the world, and her name is Kaitlyn Briggs, and I'm hoping that, Karen, you'll get to interview her at some time. But Kaitlyn came to us to work as an administrative assistant, and we found out that she has all this background in social media and web development. So she's been helping us tremendously in working with all of our vendor partners in social media. So it's been very exciting times.

Karen Edwards: Fantastic. Yeah. And now for those who don't know, Green Link makes rooftop supports for mechanical equipment, pipes-

Dana: Duct work.

Karen Edwards: Duct work.

Dana: All kinds of things. If you put it on a roof, including solar panels, we can support it. And it's just been a phenomenal year at Green Link. We've been really excited. We're excited about all the challenges of this next year and the phenomenal growth we're having.

Karen Edwards: That is really, really cool. And what I remember last year when we talked, you brought one so that I could feel it, touch it, because show and tell. We love that. It was so lightweight.

Dana: That was our metalhead. And surprisingly, we introduced that on the market last year. It was slow to move into the marketplace, but I'm excited to announce that it's becoming our number three seller now. So it's been a very, very, very huge new item in our stockpiles.

Karen Edwards: Well, it just makes sense because how many times do you go up on a roof and you see a rotting block of wood supporting something.

Dana: Or a rotting rubber support.

Karen Edwards: Or a rotting rubber support. Yeah, good point. So what are these made out of?

Dana: They're made anodized aluminum, no finished. And they do have an integrated yellow safety pad, and they run out to a contractor. They're approximately $25 a piece. They include a 20-year material warranty, which is amazing. We have a longer warranty than any of our competitors in the marketplace.

Karen Edwards: That's fantastic. Wow. Now, I know you probably want to walk around the show a little bit because you're catching a flight later today.

Dana: Yeah.

Karen Edwards: But your team's here, right?

Dana: Yes. My team is here. They should be by, so Dan Olinger, our president is here. One of our sales, or two of our sales reps are here. Ted McGee, who covers the southeast for us. And Jason who covers South Carolina and North Carolina. So I'm hoping that they'll stop by and say hi to you as well.

Karen Edwards: Excellent. And if you are coming out to the show, be sure to visit the Green Link booth.

Dana: We don't have a booth this year, Karen. We're not exhibiting this year. Okay. We took one year off of the roofing market, and we'll hope to be back next year.

Karen Edwards: I hope you are too, because there's nothing like seeing and feeling and touching. So since they're not here, we want you to go to their Roofer's Coffee Shop directory. You'll find all the information about their products. You'll find out how to get in touch with them. There's links to the website and whatever you need to know about Green Link. So thank you all for watching. Dana, it's great always to see you.

Dana: It's always wonderful to see you.

Karen Edwards: I'm looking forward to the next time already.

Dana: Yes.

Karen Edwards: And tune in throughout the day because we'll be bringing you these videos live all day long on our YouTube channel. And now since I don't have a camera operator, I'm just going to have to turn it off like this.

Dana: Okay. Thank you, Karen.

Karen Edwards: Bye.

Learn more about GREEN LINK in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.GreenLinkEngineering.com.

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