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Kyle’s Top 5 Tips to Walk More Roofs

ICP Kyle
March 19, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

By ICP Group.

Take it from one of the industry’s top lead generation strategists and transform how your company lands jobs.

1 – Select a manufacturing partner you trust.

When choosing a manufacturing partner to work with, you really can’t do too much research up front.  Is the company a new start up or an established veteran in their industry?  How does the company get their product to you?  Who will be your point of contact within the company?  Do the company’s values line up with your own? 

With ASTEC and ICP, contractors can be confident in their decision to partner with us.  “ASTEC has been manufacturing acrylic fluid-applied roofing systems since 1986,” said Kyle Ziebarth, ICP’s Lead Generation Manager.  “ICP acquired ASTEC two years ago…has brought broader reach and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to what ASTEC was already offering.”

2 – Use a proven, premium product

There have never been more product options available to roofing contractors than there are today.  Whether you’re looking at a conventional solution like a membrane or mod-bit, or are considering fluid-applied exclusively, a quick search online or visit to your local retailer/distributor will expose you to hundreds of products all vying for your, and your customers’, business and trust.

Kyle emphasized the importance of arming contractors with the knowledge they need to differentiate their offerings.  “When ASTEC first started, there weren’t many fluid-applied systems available on the market, so every fluid-applied looked and sounded the same.  Now it does make a difference to be more educated and to be able to see the differences from one system to the next.”

3 – Offer a warranty that protects your customers’ investment

“Your roof is about as good as your warranty,” Kyle says in jest on the webinar.  It’s not entirely true of course.  Product and installation impact the actual performance of the roof system more than any piece of paper, but the warranty is a crucial component in ensuring that the customer gets what they are paying for and that a contractor can walk away from a completed job, confident that they’ve successfully solved their customers’ concerns and proud of the system they’ve installed.

In ASTEC’s case, the warranties are simple to understand, don’t include exclusions for issues such as ponding water, cover labor and material, and are renewable for long-term sustainability, providing an extra level of value for any customer.

4 – Work with an experienced sales team

We’re all increasingly busy these days.  Meetings, commutes, calls, site visits…it is a lot to manage.  One service that ASTEC is truly proud to bring to the table is top-notch, devoted sales support.  The team at ASTEC brings an absolute wealth of experience to the table, with the three longest tenured members of the team having over 100 years of experience under their belt.

But the ASTEC team aside, any manufacturer you work with should be aligning their goals with yours.  The contractor and the manufacturer need to be partners because as one succeeds, so does the other.  As Kyle says on the webinar, “the sales team wants to see their contractors’ business grow…they look at them as business partners.”

5 – Leads, leads, leads

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” says the on-screen graphic during Kyle’s presentation on the importance of lead generation.  It’s true.  Clearly, a contractor’s personal ability to close deals and develop lasting, trusted relationships with customers can’t be understated, but no matter how you slice it, more leads means more site visits means more sales.

And in 2021, it has never been more important to vary your approach to marketing and lead generation.  We’re all bombarded 24/7 by messages from companies vying for our attention.  Kyle discusses the importance of tailoring the message to the audience.  “Get the right content in front of the right people at the right time.”  That doesn’t just apply to the manufacturer supported efforts.  Throughout the course of the presentation, Kyle stressed the importance of the contractor being thoughtful about their own messaging and image.

Learn more about ICP Group in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.icpgroup.com.

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