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Show Subcontractors Appreciation With the RB4000

Equipter Contractor Appreciation
June 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

By Equipter.

Learn the benefits of investing in the RB4000 and how it shows your subs that you value the work they do.

Roofing subcontractors are valuable to construction companies, even if they aren’t employees. Show your appreciation for subcontractors by investing in the RB4000. Whether you’re in residential or commercial construction, this investment will demonstrate your gratitude for subcontractors and the work they do, while enhancing the quality and reputation of your company.

Maintain a Professional Reputation

Roofing is a risky business. Falls are one of the most common types of injuries in the roofing industry, but roofing fall protection systems don’t prevent all accidents. Hauling tools and materials up a ladder is a dangerous task. One slip can land your subcontractor in the hospital and out of work for weeks, damaging your relationship with the sub and the reputation of your company. 

Some effects of this setback include:

  • Delayed or slower production

  • More time and money spent hiring a replacement

  • Potential damage to the building interior from a partially completed job

  • A concerned and/or frustrated customer

The RB4000 takes away some risky parts of the job. For one, the RB4000 can lift up to 4,000 pounds of tools and materials straight to the roof. Your subs can unload all they need—from tool belts to tear-off shovels—straight from the container instead of hauling it all up ladders throughout the day. This reduces the risk of slips, which are detrimental to their health and your company. 

Keep Reliable Roofing Subcontractors Longer

Roofing subcontractors aren’t obligated to do every job you close—they can come and go as they please. Since companies don’t usually offer employee incentives, like bonuses or advanced learning opportunities to their subs, the subcontractors may not feel as valued.

Investing in the RB4000 for roofing subcontractors shows them you value their well-being. Once they get a taste of its benefits, they won’t want to work roofing jobs anywhere else. The self-propelled dump trailer drastically cuts the amount of energy exerted on a job, from sunup to sundown. With the RB4000, roofers are pushing debris across the roof into the container, not lifting and hauling it over the gutters onto the ground.

When subs realize they’re not lifting and hauling shingle debris while still getting the job done right, they’ll feel more appreciated and less overworked. 

Earn Supplemental Income

Once they witness the power of the RB4000 on a job, most roofers don’t want to work without it. Sure, this gives you a leg up when retaining quality roofers, but it can also get you extra income.

For construction companies that don’t often do roofing jobs, renting the RB4000 to subcontractors for use on their other jobs is an easy side gig. 

Why rent it out:

  • Build a stronger relationship with your subcontractors

  • Pay off the RB4000 faster

  • Increase brand awareness in your community

Equipter also offers tips on how to start your own RB4000 rental company

With a professional reputation and solid debris management solution, more referrals from satisfied customers will storm in. Help streamline production and cleanup for your roofing subcontractors by investing in the RB4000. Click here to start building yours today.

Learn more about Equipter in their RCS directory.

Original article source: Equipter

About Equipter

Equipter, a family-owned business in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country, manufactures and sells the RB4000 lift and a full line of productivity-boosting equipment for roofing and contracting professionals.

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June 13, 2020
The equipqtor is a definite game changer in the roofing industry. Anytime you can reduce the labor intensive process of roofing replacement. People will appreciate not having their lawn tore up and they will leave better ratings for roofing services.

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