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How Stay Dry Roofing Used Technology to Expand Operations

April 10, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

By Kathryn Brill, AccuLynx. 

The all-in-one, cloud-based system that brings together every aspect of your business. 

All roofing business owners understand that achieving consistent business growth takes dedicated time and conscious cultivation. However, the right technology can aid your efforts, allowing your business to quickly overcome obstacles and increase efficiency. Many contractors adopt roofing customer relationship management (CRM) software to help manage their companies for continued growth and success.  

Stay Dry Roofing, a Midwest-based roofing company, wanted to expand their operations and increase their revenue. In this interview, company president Josh Lyon discusses how AccuLynx played a key role in this expansion process and what benefits our software brought to his company. 

Watch the video interview. 

The role of a roofing CRM in business success 

What challenges did your business experience prior to using AccuLynx, and how did AccuLynx help solve them? 

“With the previous CRM we used, there were some things that really weren’t working. We were having some trouble estimating and had to use generalized pricing on a per square basis. We didn’t have an efficient way to upload photos from the job site, and it was wasting a ton of administrative time. And we had to do tons of legwork to set up a production schedule. 

AccuLynx changed all that. First off, it really simplified the estimating process for our business. We integrate our EagleView measurement report with our templates, and out pops an estimate with our actual material and labor pricing. It helps us to be really competitive. 

The AccuLynx Mobile Crew App has also been amazing for us. With the app, we empower our crews to manage their own photos directly, and give them checklists of what we need. It saves us a phone call every time and allows my production team to know exactly what’s going on in real-time. 

With AccuLynx, my production team has a calendar that they can look at every day, broken down by trade. As the president, I can see how many roofs we’re doing in a day, how many gutters, how many repairs, siding and what crews are working.” 

What made you consider AccuLynx as a technology solution? 

“We’ve always been technology-based. For us, it would be unimaginable to not have a CRM software. I don’t even know what the alternative is. I would not be able to breathe if we were just using paper and folders. Where would we store pictures? How would you save everything? Where do you centralize that? Not having a roofing CRM is not an option.” 

AccuLynx is an all-in-one, cloud-based system that brings together every aspect of your business. Instead of relying on paper folders that could get lost or damaged, you can trust that all your information is safe and accessible from anywhere. Our digital job files keep all the details about a given job in one place, reducing errors and ensuring everyone on your team is always up to date. Implementing a CRM system like AccuLynx streamlines your everyday tasks and helps you increase productivity. 

How do you use AccuLynx now? 

“A joke we have is, ‘if it’s not in AccuLynx, it doesn’t exist.’ As soon as we get a lead, it goes into AccuLynx. If we need to follow-up, we put a task in. If we sign a contract with a homeowner, we update that job in AccuLynx. Really, no matter what we’re doing, the first thing we do is put it into AccuLynx. 

Using the two-way texting feature in AccuLynx has really helped us with communication outside of the company. The great thing about texting in AccuLynx is that it records every message to that job file. You never know when you’re going to need to reference what you talked about with a customer, and it’s really helped us to have a centralized place for communication.” 

There are many ways to communicate with customers and prospects directly from the AccuLynx platform. Our two-way texting feature allows you to send messages from a unique local number and get responses quickly. You can also send emails from AccuLynx and use our templates to create professional-looking correspondence. And with the Automation Manager, you can create emails and texts that are sent automatically when you schedule an appointment, update a job and more. All of the messages that you send through AccuLynx are saved to the corresponding job file so you can easily refer back to them as needed. 

How has AccuLynx changed your reporting? 

“Before using AccuLynx, our commission reporting was very limited. We had to go through a tedious process to set up a lot of filters. AccuLynx has significantly improved this process. 

The cool thing about AccuLynx is they know what reports are important for a roofing business, and there are pre-set reports for just about everything. It takes minimal upkeep to pull a report and instantly know exactly what’s going on. I can use reports to really see if we’re profitable. With this increased visibility into our data, we can identify and triple down on what’s actually working.” 

With the AccuLynx reporting dashboard, it’s easy to keep track of your company results. In addition to our wide selection of pre-built reports, you can also build your own reports to reflect the metrics that are most important to your business. You can even schedule reports to be sent to your email inbox on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can stay on top of key metrics no matter how busy you are. 

What overall impact has AccuLynx had on your business? 

“Last year we did about $7 million between residential and commercial, and this year we’re on track to do $15 million. We have been able to increase our sales team. We are pushing forward and growing. 

AccuLynx has given us consistency, which is key. We have the technology foundation that lets us focus on sales and be as efficient as possible. From production to sales, estimating, scheduling, just keeping track of things—I think AccuLynx has really been a total package for us.” 

See a demo of the roofing CRM that can help your business. 

The Roofing CRM that helps companies grow 

Josh Lyon is just one of many contractors who have seen greater business success after switching to AccuLynx. To hear more of his story, listen to the full interview here. And to hear from other contractors, watch the video here

Learn more about AccuLynx by seeing a Demo or visit www.acculynx.com. 

Original article source: AccuLynx 

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