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Guide to Protecting a Home During Fire Season

Westlake Ignition Resistance
October 19, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

 By Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions. 

For those living in areas prone to wildfire, here are some things to know about protecting your house and family. 

Editor’s note: Share the following information with your customers who live in wildfire-prone areas and want to learn more about wildfire safety. 

Homeowners who live in areas susceptible to wildfires know that protecting their family and their homes is a top priority. If you are looking for ways to protect your home from fires, consider your roof and what is near it. Paying attention to these elements is key to helping prevent fires from catching and spreading near your home. 

Here is some guidance on how you can protect your home and family during this fire season and beyond: 

Protecting your home from fire starts with your roof 

When it comes to safeguarding your home and family against fires, it is essential to assess what type of roof is on your home. Here are some key factors to consider: 

Installing a Class A fire-resistant roof 

A roofing system with a Class A fire-resistant rating will provide the highest level of protection against fires. Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions has underlayment and roofing products that can be installed for a Class A fire-resistant system. This rating indicates that the roof system has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its resistance to fire. 

Choosing the right roofing materials 

The building materials on your home and how your home is constructed are some of the most important factors in fire resistance. Selecting the appropriate roofing materials is key to enhancing fire protection and reducing spread. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Class A fire-rated roofing products, such as composite shingles, metal, concrete and clay tiles, offer the best protection. Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions carries all four types to give you options to protect your home and family. Visit the link below to learn more about each: 

In addition to the fire-resistant attributes of our products, they also give you advantages traditional roof tiles do not:  

Energy efficiency and cost savings 

Certain roofing styles, installation systems and colors can enhance energy efficiency, leading to cost savings on utility bills. By choosing Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions, you can benefit from both fire protection and long-term financial advantages. 

Product warranties for peace of mind 

Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions stands behind its products with limited transferrable or lifetime warranties. These warranties provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected. 

A premium appearance 

Metal, concrete, composite and clay roofs offer benefits beyond fire resistance. You’ll enjoy the pride that comes with their beautiful aesthetics, something traditional asphalt roofs just can’t match. Plus, you’ll get a roof that offers exceptional durability so your roof will also perform its best for years to come. 

Going beyond the roof 

Your roof isn’t the only way to safeguard your home and family this season. There are more measures you can take to help ensure your safety. 

Meeting Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) requirements 

The Wildland Urban Interface is where vegetation butts against homes and communities, increasing the threat of wildfire. Ensuring that your roof meets WUI requirements is vital in protecting your home from fire spread and ember entry. Some of the WUI requirements include an ember-resistant roof covering which falls into the Class A fire-resistant rating, as well as the use of an ember-resistant underlayment product, putting an emphasis on why what is under your roof matters. It is also a bonus that all Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions roof products can withstand 180 mph winds, when installed to building code requirements, to prevent uplift and help you be compliant with WUI guidelines. By meeting these requirements, you enhance your home’s defense against fire. To learn more about the WUI, visit www.usfa.fema.gov/wui/

Creating defensible space 

In fire-prone areas, your house is split into three home ignition zones. The zones include the Immediate Zone: (0 to 5 feet around the house), the Intermediate Zone (5 to 30 feet), and the Extended Zone (30 to 100 feet). Maintain a safe distance between your home and surrounding flammable materials by creating a defensible space, a buffer between your home and the vegetation around it. 

To keep a defensible space: 

  1. Choose a low-flammable landscape, such as gravel instead of wood mulch, and use growing native species that are more adapted to your climate zone. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, consider low-growing greenery and plants with high moisture content in your Immediate and Intermediate zones. 
  2. Plan the location of your plants/vegetation to be in the intermediate or extended zone of your home. 
  3. Conduct regular maintenance that involves trimming trees and cleaning up your yard. Remove highly flammable materials like branches, brush piles, and dry and dead vegetation. 
  4. For more information on creating a defensible space, visit https://www.readyforwildfire.org/prepare-for-wildfire/get-ready/defensible-space/ 

Your roof, as well as the area around your home, plays a critical role in safeguarding your home from fires and controlling their spread. By installing a Class A fire-resistant roof system, meeting WUI requirements, and creating defensible space, you can significantly enhance your home’s protection. 

Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions offers a range of fire-resistant roofing materials, backed by limited warranties and designed for energy efficiency. Consult with a professional to choose the right solution for fire safety, ensuring that your home and loved ones are well-protected. To learn more about these options and for additional resources, visit our Fire Resource Page

Original article source: Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions

Learn more about Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.westlakeroyalroofing.com.

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