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14 Online Roofing Resources You Need

Equipter Resources
November 8, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Equipter.  

Looking to grow your roofing business? Here are a few websites you should bookmark. 

Installing a high-quality roof is just part of the job when it comes to growing your small roofing business. The other part is making smart business choices that make people want to work with and for you. As a business owner, you know the latter part of the job is easier said than done.  

That’s why Equipter has compiled a list of 14 handy roofing resources that will help you stay on top of the industry, find solutions to problems and get the guidance you need to direct your company onward and upward. 

Roofing and contracting industry resources 

1 - GAF Document Library: Offers an entire database of data sheets, brochures, technical info, warranty info, and more on their high-quality roofing products. 

2 - EagleView Newsroom: Provides tech-related news, insights and tips for contractors. 

3 - NRCA Press Room: Shares NRCA’s podcast and roofing business resources, such as industry-level articles regarding regulations, labor, technical expertise and more; published by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). 

Small business resources 

4 - SCORE: Offers loads of free advice for small business owners. Find help on everything from what you can legally ask job applicants to how to pump new life into your business. It includes articles, podcasts, checklists and more. Find information on how to locate your local SCORE chapter or a SCORE mentor here

5 - Small Business Administration (SBA): Provides resources and self-guided courses to help small businesses start and grow. Guidance ranges from how to buy a business to small business financing options. The SBA acts as an independent federal government agency. 

6 - State government sites: Here, you can search for the department that oversees businesses in your state (in Pennsylvania, it’s the Department of Revenue at PA.gov). Find information exclusive to state requirements regarding licensing, taxes, etc. in the state where you own and operate your roofing business. 

7 - HubSpot Blog: Shares basic and in-depth advice to help businesses push forward their sales and marketing. It’s an excellent resource written in plain English, so you don’t get bogged down with jargon. Published by CRM platform company HubSpot. 

8 - Forbes: Publishes business news and columns. This site can help you develop an overview of the general business environment. 

9 - Social Media Examiner: Great for roofing contractors who already use social media to market their businesses. This organization shares lots of practical info, like what Facebook mobile ad techniques work and ways to use Instagram stories for businesses

Social media resources for roofers 

10 - Pinterest: Open an account or learn more about Pinterest as a roofing resource tool. 

11 - Instagram: Get started with an account or view information and case studies on how businesses use Instagram. 

12 - Twitter: Open an account or learn tips and strategies for using Twitter to connect with homeowners and roofing prospects. 

13 - LinkedIn Networking: Share no-hassle tips for using the social network to make connections. 

14 - Angi’s Business Center: Claim your profile on the review website or find out more about how the process works. 

How to bookmark a webpage 

Are you ready to save these handy resources for easy access tomorrow, next week or even two months from now? The process of bookmarking a webpage differs based on the device and web browser being used. The article How to Create an Internet Favorite or Bookmark by Computer Hope covers exactly what you need to know. 

Bonus: You can also rely on the Equipter Roofing Blog to share the tips, guidance and roofing resources you need to build a profitable roof replacement business that you and your employees will be proud of! Check out our roofing business resources, like: 

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Original article source: Equipter

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