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Wendy Marvin- RCS Influencer

Wendy Marvin is the co-founder and current CEO of Matrix Roof + Home

Wendy founded Matrix Roof + Home in 2007 and is now the CEO.   As a female-owned customer service company that installs roofs, Matrix is proud to be unique in the roofing industry.  Nothing, however, is done alone.  She credits her extraordinary employees as the company’s backbone and speaks of her customers as the company’s foundation.

Growth meant moving from a “me” minded business to a “we” minded one, and Matrix started focusing on community participation.  In 2018, Matrix earned the Small Business of the Year award from the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

Her company has completed many charitable roof donations, some for Habitat for Humanity and others for local groups.  Her passion for the industry led her to focus on involvement in the Roofers Coffee Shop Influencers and the National Women in Roofing.  She also serves on the Vancouver Downtown Association Board, the Board for the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (and was Board Member of the year for 2019-20), and the Executive Board for the forward-thinking Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3).  She is also a new Committee member for the National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA).  Because of her passion for making construction a desirable and growing industry for youth, especially females, she also partners with several local skills academies and schools for mentoring and speaking.

On a more personal level, family is a high priority for her.  She enjoys family game nights and watching her three phenomenal kids grow and become contributors themselves.  Loving to read, discuss, challenge, and connect, she is a champion of underdogs and enjoys every minute of her entirely complicated and ever-changing life.


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