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Your Fastest Roof Measurement Yet

The industry's fastest roof measuring service now offers gutter measurements!

RoofSnap is the fastest roof and gutter measurement provider in the market. Offering cloud-based software that creates remote measurements and estimates for residential roofers and gutter contractors. RoofSnap enables quick responses to job inquires with accurate measurements and professional estimates, closing the sale faster than ever.

Get accurate measurements in as little as 30 minutes. Start today with a free 7-day trial and your first measurement report on us!

Visit our website.

Start With a Free Trial and Free First Report

Whether you’re looking for RoofSnap’s standard roof measurements or the all new Gutter measurement solution, or any of our other measuring, estimating, or contracting tools, you can access them all through a free trial. 

RoofSnap provides your roofing business with flexible measurement tools and solutions to help you close more deals. 

  • Remote Aerial Measuring with 97% Accuracy 
  • Measurement Ordering Service + Draw It Yourself Software
  • Roof Measurement Orders ready in as little as 30 minutes* or DIY in minutes
  • Good, Better, Best Estimate Templates 
  • Material Ordering Documents
  • Branded Contracts and Reports
  • Plus, your first roof measurement is on us!

*Standard turnaround time 4 hours during business hours. Average rush order turnaround time: 30 minutes. Commerical roofs or roofs larger than 50 squares are guaranteed in 60 minutes.

Get your first measurment for free!

Roof Measurements

RoofSnap’s standard roof measurement is ideal for measuring asphalt roofs. Measured with RoofSnap’s software by trained technicians using the highest quality aerial imagery available, you can rest assured that your measurements will be accurate, even in the case of complex roofs. Reports are delivered to your inbox in 4 hours or 30 minutes or less if you choose to rush the report.

Get your first measurement for free.

New Gutter Measurements

Boost installation efficiency and ensure accurate planning and material estimation for gutter contractors. With the all-new RoofSnap gutter measurement tool, reports include:

  • Detailed diagrams outlining eave, gutter, and gutter topper measurements
  • Material pins for end caps, miters, and downspout placement suggestions
  • And more!

Receive your detailed report within 4 hours. Need it even quicker? Choose our rush order option for delivery in just 30 minutes!

Try our new gutter measurements for free.

Roofing Software Subscription

A RoofSnap subscription provides your company with flexible measurement solutions, robust estimate-building tools, and professional, customizable documents to send to customers and suppliers. Unlike other companies that charge an arm and a leg for a single measurement report, RoofSnap’s subscriptions include an affordable ordering service that you can use as needed, as well as DIY tools to save you even more.

Learn more about our roofing software subscription service.

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