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Roof Hugger


The Roof Hugger System can fit any existing metal panel, support any new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment. THE ROOF HUGGER SYSTEM ADVANTAGES:

  • No need to remove the old roof at a high cost, business interruption, and possible weather damage.
  • Huggers maintain desirable “Zee” shape of sub-purlins.
  • Saves up to 70% of labor on the preparation of old roof.
  • Requires only standard tools and fasteners.
  • Precision punched notches act as continuous template.
  • Punched pilot holes for rapid fastening into existing support structurals.
  • Unique “nesting” into old panel profile achieves rugged - stable – low silhouette connection system.
  • Improves the integrity of original design loadings.
  • Achieves “thermal break” air space between old and new roof sheets. Allows for optional insulation.
  • Allows for easy upgrade from screw-down to standing seam roofing.

This animated video describing the installation sequence of re-roofing old metal roofs with Roof Hugger factory-notched sub-purlin solutions.

This latest Roof Hugger video showcases the process of our Roof Hugger systems from fabrication to the rooftop and everything in between.

New Construction Details  - Created for new metal roof panels that have not been tested over Roof Hugger sub-framing systems.













We recently released two new details ZF-05 and ZF-06 for special hat channel framing at high wind uplift Zones 2 and 3 at roof corners and edges (eave, ridge, and gables).  This type of framing is used only when the new metal roof panel system has not been laboratory ASTM E1592 tested over Roof Hugger sub-framing.  In some cases, this type of framing may also be utilized for extremely high wind speed, code required, locations.

Also, please note that Roof Hugger manufactures its own hat channels and sub-rafter framing shown in these details.

To download these files, go to our Construction Details webpage at:

Download Details Here Also Click Here for Roof Hugger Wind Uplift Testing

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Learn more about metal-over-metal re-roofing with Roof Hugger– the installation of a new long-life metal roof without removing the existing metal roof in a structurally correct, non-disruptive and cost-effective manner. Learn more about estimating, energy efficiency, selling, advantages and more. Sign up today.
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Roof Hugger - Video - Proven Solution

Roof Hugger Install Video

Roof Hugger provides the industry’s most effective way of installing a metal over metal retro-fit roof, with ROOF HUGGER SUB-PURLIN SYSTEMS. The Roof Hugger Systems can fit ANY existing metal panel, support ANY new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs. Roof ...
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