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Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association (ORCA)

About the Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association

The Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association is a non-profit organization created to promote, train, and educate both our members and consumers on best practices for the roofing industry in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma roofing contractors, both large and small, have acknowledged the importance of sustaining professional business standards and upholding the highest quality workmanship and protection for our clients. Our member companies have worked hard to guarantee that quality roofing systems are installed and their clients who support their business are treated fairly. Together, we continue to promote professionalism, benevolence, and self-preservation within our State's roofing industry.

ORCA Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives for which this association is formed are as follows:

  • To unite those engaged in the roofing industry in Oklahoma for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the industry.
  • To bring dignity and respect to the roofing industry in Oklahoma.
  • To build consumer confidence and safeguard the public welfare through the adherence to the association’s “Code of Ethics”.
  • To obtain and make available to its members' pertinent information relative to the industry for each member’s beneficial use.
  • To make, enter into, carry out, and enforce any contract, agreement, or transaction which the Board of Directors believes to be in the best interest and for the benefit of its members, and to perform and/or engage in such other things that will promote and safeguard the interests of the roofing industry in the state of Oklahoma.
  • To foster constructive and progressive legislation, especially as it may affect roofing contractors, suppliers, related trades and other services involved in the roofing industry in the state of Oklahoma.
  • To promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all who are directly or indirectly engaged in the Oklahoma roofing industry.

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Membership Benefits


ORCA's continued commitment to promote the ethics, education and image of the roofing industry in our State has brought about positive changes for our members in recent years. We feel that these changes continue to enhance the value of membership in the Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association. As a member of ORCA, your organization may take advantage of the following benefits:

  • MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS & LUNCH… two general membership meetings per year as well as monthly membership luncheons in both OKC and Tulsa with speakers presenting on current hot topics affecting our local and national roofing industry.
  • NEWSLETTER... quarterly newsletter filled with up-to-date association activities and events; insight on local, state and national roofing news; and where member input is appreciated.
  • LEGISLATION… our active Legislative committee and Lobbyists continually advocates for the ORCA membership to reform and improve the contracting community and our rights by keeping members informed as well as represented at the Capitol.
  • EDUCATION… attend member only seminars throughout the year that target specific roofing areas with the goal in increasing your knowledge and awareness of each.
  • CONVENTION &TRADE SHOW... a once a year opportunity, held in Oklahoma, to make great new contacts with hundreds of installers, builders, architects, manufacturers, and suppliers of roofing products and services. Improve your business by attending informative sessions directed by some of the foremost experts in our industry.
  • GOLF TOURNAMENT / SPORTING CLAYS TOURNAMENT... networking opportunities that offer you a chance to get away from the office for a little fun and network with other contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. and keep tabs on friends – old and new alike.
  • NETWORKING… all of our ORCA events and seminars give you the opportunity to network and find out what’s happening in the industry. Have an idea, join a committee!
  • PUBLIC AWARENESS MARKETING... with the use of over 5,000 television commercials (2014) and an interactive website, ORCA promotes our membership and the importance for consumers to look for our official membership seal when selecting a contractor. Consumer calls are directed to the ORCA Directory as a resource to find a reputable roofing contractor.
  • ONLINE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY LISTING... included with your membership is a free listing and link to your web address on ORCA’s website: orcagroup.org. Our new search feature will allow potential customers to locate you with a variety of search criteria.
  • MEMBERSHIPS... ORCA is an Affiliate of the National Roofing Contractors Association. When possible, we work closely with NRCA on issues that benefit our industry on a larger scale. We also receive monthly publications and information from NRCA that our members are welcome to access.
  • OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP SEAL... to proudly display on your vehicles, website and marketing materials. ORCA takes seriously the responsibility to educate home and business owners on the importance of hiring member contractors. Your official seal will tell the public that you are an honest and reputable contractor who upholds strict standards set forth by ORCA. 
  • MEMBERS4SAVINGS... A new partnership with Savings5Members gives members access to cost reduction services and exclusive discounts on 20+ categories of operating expenses. More Information!

Membership Investment

Contractor Membership - $600 Annually or $150 Auto-Renewal Quarterly

Associate Membership - $1000 Annually or $250 Auto-Renewal Quarterly

ORCA General Meeting Presented by Reinsurance Specialties



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Reinsurance Specialties will be hosting our April educational event in Tulsa.

A couple current ORCA Members have personally vetted this amazing vehicle which will save you significant money on taxes, protect your assets and manage your risks while building your wealth.

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Mondo’s Italian Ristorante
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