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Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA)

Hunter Panels - Coffee Conversations - A Season of Giving with Trent Cotney Sponsored by Hunter Panels! - REGISTER

‘Tis the Season of Giving in the Roofing Community

By Heidi J. Ellsworth. It is time for the roofing community to give back through foundations and education this week on Coffee Conversations. Join Heidi J. Ellsworth for a Coffee Conversation that hits the heart of the roofing industry: giving back through roofing foundations. Sponsored by Hunter Panels, this episode ...

DuPont Tedlar Metal in Highly Corrosive Environments

A Solution for Metal in Highly Corrosive Environments

By Cass Jacoby. In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Corynn and Tara talk about bringing a metal coating solution to the industry. Heidi interviews Corynn Sheridan, the global marketing manager at DuPont™ Tedlar® and Tara Faulkner, a business development manager at Metal Alliance LIVE! at the FRSA expo! The three discuss ...

Palisade FRSA

The Underlayment That is Giving Contractors Something to Smile About

By Cass Jacoby. In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Randy Knox tells RCS about the importance of making being on the roof much more comfortable for contractors. Randy Knox, Regional Sales Manager for PALISADE®, sits with Heidi LIVE! at FRSA to discuss how their synthetic underlayment with STRONGHOLD SKID RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY® ...

Bitec FRSA

Bitec Finds Success Offering Contractors Alternatives to Single Ply

By Cass Jacoby. LIVE! At FRSA Bitec tells Heidi about how their new products are helping contractors deliver. RoofersCoffeeShop® sits down with Bitec’s David Allen and Joel Shealey LIVE! at the FRSA expo to discuss Bitec 2.0 and the many new initiatives and products the company is now ...

Polyglass FRSA

The Importance of Offering Resources to Your Clients

By Cass Jacoby. The secret to Polyglass’s 30 years in the business is offering all the resources contractors need to be successful. In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Steve Wadding from Polyglass talks with RCS COO Karen Edwards about how offering resources to contractors is a huge part of their success. ...

IB Roof Systems FRSA

IB Roof Systems Embraces Coatings

By Cass Jacoby. How IB Roof Systems is taking supply chain strain off of contractors by offering coatings and additional support. IB Roof Systems is known for putting PVC on the map, bringing the product and its many benefits to market. In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Heidi J. Ellsworth ...

All Points Slate and Tile FRSA

All Points Tile and Slate is Taking the Headache out of Tile Replacements

By Cass Jacoby. RCS interviews Garrett Littleton from All Points Tile and Slate about how they fill a necessary hole in the market and make everyone’s lives easier. RoofersCoffeeShop® sat down with Tile Identifier and Sales Manager Garrett Littleton from All Points Tile and Slate for a ...

ATAS International You

To ATAS International, You’re Family

By Cass Jacoby RoofersCoffeeShop® (RCS) sits down with David Srokose from ATAS International for a live interview at the FRSA Expo on how the company sees the industry as a family. David tells RCS COO Karen L. Edwards that returning to the FRSA feels like coming home for the holidays. ...


One More Reason to Love the ROOFPRO Program

By Cass Jacoby. IKO’s Jack Gottesman and Your Virtual Adjuster’s Vince Lefton sit with RCS Live! at the FRSA Expo to announce their partnership and all the value it brings to their customers. “There's 100 reasons to love the ROOFPRO Program,” says IKO’s Jack Gottesman. “And one of them is, ...

Sunoptics skylights are the future

Here Comes the Sun: Why Skylights are the Future for Roofers

By Cass Jacoby. RCS interviews SunOptics LIVE! at FRSA about how to take advantage of natural daylight. RoofersCoffeeShop® sat down with Daylight Sales Manager Representative for Sunoptics® Michael Felan and Vice President of Business Development at SunOptics Grant Grable for a conversation on their skylights. SunOptics is a skylight manufacturer, ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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