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Founded in Sonoma County, California, FlashCo has
grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of roof
flashings and accessories in North America with seven
plant locations in the U.S.

For over 20 years, FlashCo has been a trusted source for dependable pre-fabricated accessories for the immediate needs of roofing contractors, distributors, and industry-leading roofing material manufacturers. A reliable partner who delivers quality products with responsive support, FlashCo prides itself in delivering a timely and dependable experience.

Trusted by major manufacturers for use as part of full system warranties, FlashCo manufactures standard and custom flashings for roofing contractors installing TPO, PVC, BUR, shingle, and clay tile roofing systems. Contractors can find FlashCo products at hundreds of roofing supply distributors located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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History of FlashCo

In 2000, FlashCo was established in Sebastopol, California primarily serving the Northern California market. By delivering on the goal of saving the contractor time through innovative products and service, FlashCo has enjoyed tremendous growth since its founding.

In 2004, FlashCo opened a second location in Woodland, Washington to serve the Pacific Northwest. In 2006, FlashCo opened its plant in Kingman, Arizona to serve the Southwest market. (Note: in 2016, the AZ plant was relocated to Los Angeles.)

By 2007, FlashCo expanded its product line to include flashings and accessories for the single ply markets. In 2008, FlashCo was contracted to produce its first privately labeled products and quickly signed up additional manufacturers based on the quality of the products and speed of delivery. With the rapid growth of the single-ply market, FlashCo continued to increase distribution with plants located across the US.

Since 2008, FlashCo has expanded with additional plants in Chicago, Los Angeles, Piedmont, South Carolina, Dallas, Utah, and a distribution warehouse in New Mexico. FlashCo’s strategically placed plant locations ensure quick shipment to any location in the US and Canada. FlashCo continues to grow at a rapid pace fueled by the goal of “Saving the Contractor Time” and by the commitment of its employees to provide excellent customer service through integrity, respect and a can-do attitude.

First Ever Louver Wall Vent Designed Specifically For Single Ply Roofing Systems

FlashCo announced the release of the FlashVent™ Louver Wall Vent for single-ply roofing systems. The Louver Wall Vent is a pre-fabricated, gravity vent designed for venting applications of parapet and other walls located on low slope roofs.

The Louver Wall Vent can be fastened between two wall studs, or via the coated metal flange prior to heat welding the pre-attached membrane flange. The FlashCo Louver Vents are a major time saver for roofing contractors.

The vents are made in a controlled, factory environment and can be quickly and easily installed in minutes on the roof, eliminating the need for field fabrication. In addition, the FlashCo Louver Vent removes the need for the caulking, and installs with fewer penetrations thereby eliminating the potential leaks and required maintenance involved with other louver vent options.

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FlashCo Edge

Have you ever been frustrated by the time and confusion of getting flashings & accessories? If so, meet FlashCo Edge.

WHAT IS IT? FlashCo Edge is the one-stop for singly-ply contractors needing roof flashings & accessories. We have the products, the know-how and the relationships to make the process smooth and painless.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Send FlashCo your list and we’ll take care of the rest. You get all the information you need and the ball gets rolling much faster. FlashCo handles all the details and gets everyone on the same page for you.

WHY DO I NEED IT? The old process for accessories is too slow and cumbersome, prone to delays and mistakes. Instead, come directly to the source. We’ve been making accessories since 2000 and we have great working relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors throughout the country.

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FlashCo has always been on the forefront of technology use in the roofing industry. We provide roofers with the tools they need to make the accessories part of any job fast and painless. If you need parts right away, but them online at FlashCo.com. FlashCo is committed to “Saving the ...
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