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C.I. Services

California's Leading Roof Specialist

C.I. Services provides turnkey roofing, waterproofing, and solar management solutions across the western United States. As a full-service surface management company, we’ve grown into the leading force in commercial roofing support. Our staff is equipped with the most versatile roofing technicians in California. With versatile leadership and an arsenal of cutting-edge tools at our disposal, we can provide customers with durable solutions and long-term cost efficiency.

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Commercial Roofing

Econo-Shield Roof System

Econo-Shield materials offer a unique hybrid system that combines three essential roofing elements: asphalt emulsion, spray foam and flashing roof systems. The Econo-Shield offers an innovative, economical strategy for revitalizing your roof.

Learn more about the Econo-Shielf roof system.


Primary waterproofing services available through C.I. services include concrete restoration and sealing, planter box repair and waterproofing, urethane deck coating systems and solutions for stairways, elevator shafts, balconies, patios and more.

Learn more about waterproofing.

Emergency Roofing

Do you have someone you can call in an emergency? It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen to your roof, and you can’t afford to take any chances. That’s why C.I. Services provides comprehensive emergency coverage for our customers.

Learn more about emergency roofing.

Roof Maintenance

C.I. Services’s commercial roof maintenance solutions are available all year, with timely check-ups and assessments available to ensure the quality of your roof.

Learn more about roof maintenance.

Roof Replacement

For a roofing service that specializes in quick, efficient replacement solutions without breaking the bank, look no further than C.I. Services.

Learn more about roof replacement.

Roofing Repair

Our team works tirelessly to make sure your roof is always in the best condition possible, so your roof coating can stand against the elements.

Learn more about roofing repair.

Roofing Installation

Whether it’s metal roofs, slope roofs, rubber roofs, flat roofs or built-up roofs, no one is more capable of providing exactly what you need than C.I. Services. We excel at helping our clients find the perfect roofing solution for their unique setup.

Learn more about roofing installation.

Roof Renovation

Don’t let small issues bloom into full-scale problems. The more quickly you can remediate those minor occurrences, the more likely you are to avoid costly fixes in the future. Our team’s roof renovation services keep you covered for quality performance year in, and year out.

Learn more about roof renovation.

Cool Roofs

Our planet demands that we find more sustainable, energy-efficient solutions, and C.I. Services is here to answer the call. Our team provides quality roof solutions designed to help companies minimize energy consumption and prevent air pollution from entering the building.

Learn more about cool roofs.

Industrial Roofing

Roof Installation

Whether you’re looking for a complete roof replacement, a restoration project, or a solution to that annoying leak over your assembly line, CIS has the experience to tackle any industrial initiative.

Learn more about roof installation.

Roof Repair

When an industrial center needs a roofing repair, CIS will make sure the system follows all OSHA guidelines and safety standards. Our professional technicians will always provide you with the reassurance and confidence you need to know you made the right choice.

Learn more about roof repair.

Roof Inspection

As your roof declines, you may notice issues like cracks, leaks, or something worse. This often leads to businesses requesting emergency patches or other types of repairs. It doesn’t pay to be reactive to issues because emergency repairs and replacements can be expensive. Be proactive with a commercial roof survey done by the experienced team at C.I. Services.

Learn more about roof inspection.

Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Installation

As a top solar installation company, we provide solar panels and one-of-a-kind renewable energy installations. Our solutions utilize cutting-edge technologies to create a cost-effective and renewable source of energy.

Learn more about commercial solar installation.

Commercial Solar Repairs

Solar panels exert energy very quickly. Our technicians will provide routine maintenance to keep these systems from draining the power your building needs. In the long run, this will help reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources while simultaneously improving the overall health of our planet.

Learn more about commercial solar repairs.

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