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RCSI - Trying New Technology

Wendy Marvin New Technology

New Technology is Essential for Growth

RCS Influencer Wendy Marvin says that technology optimizes your business and enhances your customers’ experience. What is new technology? The truth is, "new" technology can be anything that advances you or your company and creates ways to ease your burden. It could be as small as a move from paper to ...

Thea Dudley Trying New Technology

Technology is Waiting for You!

RCS Influencer Thea Dudley says adopting new technology isn’t about being on the cutting edge of innovation but utilizing opportunities that can improve your business. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That long uttered mantra heard throughout history. Is that really true? Ain’t it broke? Or do you know? ...

Greta Bajrami Trying New Technology

Everyone Benefits from Technology in Roofing

RCS Influencer Greta Bajrami says that she tries new technology to see if it will save time and increase efficiencies. What makes me try new technology? Easy answer. The usage of technology allows time for relationship building and a better quality of life. If my team and I can ...

Seth and Ashley Trying New Technology

Keeping Up with the Times

RCS Influencers Seth and Ashley Pietsch say adopting technology is all about making their jobs and the jobs of their employees easier. Editor’s note: Learn why Seth and Ashley choose to incorporate new technology into their company and how it has helped them build their business. You can listen to ...

Rae July Trying New Technology

Technology that Grows with Your Company

RCS Influencer Ray July says embracing the latest technology is helping businesses and the industry evolve. Editor’s note: Find out what Ray thinks about implementing the latest tech and her advice for making the switch from one software to another. Megan Ellsworth: Hi everybody. My name's Megan Ellsworth. Back ...

Marty Stout Trying New Technology

Technology Should Help You Become More Efficient

RCS Influencer Marty Stout says that you should consider the effect of technology on your overall business operation. I love the discussion around “new” technology. Merriam-Webster defines technology as “the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area.” So, advances in the way we do things is ...

Mike Pickel Trying New Technology

The Benefits of Technology in Roofing

RCS Influencer Mike Pickel says that technology can help us be smarter about how we use our time. Technology is ever changing. I remember my teachers in school wanting all our math problems to be written out, not just giving the answer. We always complained because the pocket calculator ...

Rudy Gutierrez Trying New Technology

Make Technology a Team Approach

RCS Influencer Rudy Gutierrez says that when implementing new technology, it’s important for the team to be on board. At Shell Roofing we embrace technology that fits our overall culture and business strategy. When we look at new technology, I want to ensure that the technology is mature and ...

Danny Kerr Trying New Technology

Staying Relevant and Interested in the Latest Tech

RCS Influencer Danny Kerr says you need to be at the forefront of technological trends or risk getting left behind. Editor’s note: Find out what Danny thinks about trying new technology and his advice on staying up to date with the most recent advancements. You can read the transcript below ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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