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Safety Posts

Cotney Consulting Group - Fall arrest systems in roofing: ensuring safety through accurate distance calculations

Fall arrest systems in roofing: ensuring safety through accurate distance calculations

By Cotney Consulting Group. Elevated work is the norm in the roofing industry, so meticulous safety precautions such as the precision of fall distance calculations within fall arrest systems. In the roofing industry, where elevated work is the norm, meticulous safety precautions are paramount. Central to this safety net is the precision ...

Cotney construction industry aging workforce

The construction industry's aging workforce: The need for age-focused safety measures

By Cotney Consulting Group. As the construction workforce continues to age, safety in the workplace is even more important. The construction sector has always been the backbone of infrastructure and development. The industry continues to grow as buildings are erected, and roofs are installed. However, beneath the buzzing sound of drills and ...

WSRCA Roofing Safe Practices

10 safe roofing practices for every contractor

By Stephen Zasadil, SNK Services, LLC for WSRCA. Use these steps to improve the safety dialogue on any jobsite and reduce complacency to prioritize best practices. Safety is an everyday consideration in the roofing industry and unfortunately is often overlooked or placed on the back burner when working to complete ...

Cotney planning for risk

Managing risk through pre-operational planning – Part two

By Cotney Consulting Group. Understand who should be involved in preplanning and how to preplan. In part one of this series, we reviewed some of the most important reasons and benefits of why you need to preplan to reduce risks. Part two of this series will discuss who should be involved in ...

FlashCo Permanent Safety Measures

Permanent Safety Measures That Prevent Roofing Accidents

By Adam Cabrera. FlashCo offers training and certification programs for contractors to safely install fall protection systems. Rooftop safety and fall protection have long been essential but sometimes underemphasized aspects of the roofing industry. FlashCo, a leader in single-ply flashings and accessories, aims to address workplace safety with its newly ...

Cotney planning

Managing Risk Through Pre-operational Planning – Part One

By Cotney Consulting Group. Understanding why employees are not meeting expectations or experiencing injuries despite well-established standards, programs, policies, procedures and training cannot be overstated. Performance discrepancies, incident occurrence and operational losses are common within any industry, but the question remains: Are they mere accidents? The organization must assess why projects or ...

Ladder against house

The First Step is the Scariest

By The RIDGEPRO. You may use it every day, but don't underestimate the dangers of climbing up a ladder. Look to these tips to keep you safe. Ladder safety tips and techniques It’s pretty obvious to all of us in the roofing and construction trades that ladders are often the source of ...

NRCA Safety First Prevent Falls

Safety First: How to Create a Building Safety Plan That is Guaranteed to Prevent Falls

By Adam Cabrera. One of the main gaps in jobsite safety is the failure to plan adequately for fall prevention. In a recent Roofing Road Trips® episode, host Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with guests Cheryl Ambrose and Rich Trewyn of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) who shared insight ...

Cotney Technology Elevates Safety

How Technology Elevates Workplace Safety

By Cotney Consulting Group. Today, integrating technology into construction processes is not just an option but necessary to ensure a safer work environment. Unfortunately, while crucial for global development, the construction industry tops the charts in workplace injuries and fatalities. Safety, therefore, is paramount. This article dives deep into how construction technology ...

Adams and Reese Navigating OSHA Inspections

Navigating OSHA Inspections with Preparedness and Insight

By Adam Cabrera. When it comes to OSHA, knowing your responsibilities is the blueprint for a safe and compliant worksite. Navigating an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection can be a daunting experience for roofing and construction companies. However, being prepared and understanding the inspection process can make all ...

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