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Roofers Coffee Shop - Where The Industry Meets!
Coffee Conversations S4

RoofersCoffeeShop.com presents a podcast that is dedicated to celebrating the roofing industry and the great people who work in it.

We are helping educate and inform the roofing industry as only RoofersCoffeeShop.com can do. Your RCS host and our great industry partners make listening educational and entertaining. Sign up today for our next podcast or just listen to any of the great podcasts posted here.

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Greta Bajrami

S1:E11 On this installment of Stories From the Roof, Heidi chats with Greta Bajrami, CEO and founder of Golden Group Roofing. Greta migrated to the USA at the age of 9 from Tirana, Albania growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts where she attended Worcester State University. While attending her senior year in ...


Sherri Miles

S1:E10 On this installment of Stories From The Roof, Heidi chats with Sherri L. Miles-Foley, of JD Miles and Sons Roofing. Sherri represents the fourth generation of Miles leadership and serves as President of Miles Roofing, Inc. and Vice president of J.D. Miles & Sons, Inc. Listen to this insightful episode ...


Pete Harding

S1:E9 Peter Harding of Go Green Roofing In this installment of Stories From The Roof, Heidi chats with Peter Harding, founder of GoGreen Roofing Corporation out of Santa Clara, CA. The experienced leader answers the twelve questions that makes Stories From The Roof what it is. Harding is self-made and self-educated ...


Mike Pickel

S1:E8 A Texas Tradition: Mike Pickel Answers the Twelve RCS Questions On this installment of the original RoofersCoffeeShop podcast series, Stories from the Roof, Heidi chats with Mike Pickel of Texas Traditions Roofing. Mike Pickel has 40 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction having started out as a ...


Dave Hoyle

S1:E7 Dave Hoyle of Cherry and Hoyle Roofing joins Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner to answer the RCS 12 Questions. Inspired by Vickie Sharples' passion to know all about every roofing contractor, Stories from the Roof explores the history, advice and passion for roofing or our roofing contractors. Dave ...


Corey Johnston

S1:E6 Vickie Sharples visits with Corey Johnston of Contractor Corner by Corey about his roofing history, ongoing video program with Tremco and important tips for every roofing contractor. Recorded May 2, 2019. Listen to the Podcast Read the Transcription of the Podcast.


Mark “Lefty” Holencik

S1:E5 When Mark Holencik – known to friends and strangers alike as Lefty – started contracting construction work as Mark L. Holencik, General Contractor in 1980. Mark was 25 years old and had 8 years of experience in many different trades. In a little over 30 years, the business has grown ...


Mike Hicks

S1:E4 RoofersCoffeeShop's Vickie Sharples Interviews Mike Hicks with Hicks Industrial Roofing in Ohio. A longtime friend of the RCS, Mike has some terrific insight on a variety of questions we asked about the roofing business. Please listen to this great podcast. It's a terrific story of how he changed his business. ...


Trent Cotney

S1:E3 Dave Sullivan hosts our Guest Trent Cotney and talks about how he and his Construction Law Firm wound up being such an important advocate for the roofing industry. If you didn't like Trent before you will really like him now. If you don't know Trent, please listen. Recorded June 19, ...


Marty Stout

S1:E2 Dave Sullivan with The Roofer Show interviews Marty Stout of GoRoofTune-Up. They talk about his innovative business model. GoRoofTune-Up has a unique approach where they do roof repairs, restoration, renovation and maintenance on single-family homes. Right now he's active in 5 markets, and he's looking to expand on some more. ...

RCS - Dave Sullivan - Podcast

Welcome to Stories From the Roof

S1:E1 Host Dave Sullivan from The Roofer Show podcast interviews Vickie Sharples about their new Podcast series Stories from the Roof. Learn a little about the history of the RoofersCoffeeShop.com and the things the CoffeeShop offers today! Dave Sullivan from The RooferShow hosts our very first podcast episode. In this inaugural podcast, ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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