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Your Road Map to Roofing/HVAC Home Show Success

Equipter Roofing/HVAC
October 14, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

By Equipter. 

How to effectively use swag and tips for reinvigorating your HVAC or roofing marketing strategy as home shows make a comeback. 

Once you’ve developed fully fleshed out strategies for pre- and post-show marketing to get your roofing business in front of homeowners. Your overall plan should include ways to boost brand awareness and connect with potential customers.  

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Now, onto the goods! Exhibiting at a home show is a major investment of your time and money. Make the most of it by putting promotional products and materials to work so your name stays top of mind with potential clients. 

Pick practical swag. 

Don’t choose a promotional item simply for the sake of having “stuff” to give out. Instead, make a strategic choice that maximizes the item’s usefulness, making it more likely the customer will remember your HVAC or roof replacement company. 

For example, if your contracting booth is located near the entrance, give out a company-branded tote bag attendees can use for the other swag they collect throughout the show. Do you have a booth positioned near the end of the typical visitor’s route or far away from concessions? Give out filled water bottles with your logo imprinted on the label. 

Choose long-lasting promotional items. 

You may want to choose promo products based on how long they’ll be useful to visitors. For instance, while sticky notes can seem like a good choice, make your brand stick around longer by giving out sticky note holders instead. Likewise, printed pencils make an economical choice for roofing or HVAC home show giveaways, but they’ll wear down before, say, a branded tape measure. 

Don’t overlook sweet treats. 

Candy, lollipops and the like don’t have the staying power of a sticky note holder, but they’ll definitely make the booth a popular stop. Sweet promotional roofing and HVAC marketing ideas include: 

  • Lollipops 

  • Individually wrapped/branded candy, like candy bars, fruit snacks, and branded mint tins 

  • Branded savory snacks, like pretzels or chips 

  • Branded chocolate pieces, like a chocolate bar in the shape of a roof or house 

If you give out snacks at your booth, it’s also a good idea to keep a bag of sugar-free candy on hand for folks who can’t indulge in the regular sweets. 

Don’t print dates on materials. 

It may be tempting to print the event date on contracting or roofing promo materials, but ditching the date allows you to make the swag evergreen. In other words, if you print 600 branded stress balls without a date and then give away just 200 at the show, you can save the leftovers for a future event. 

Bonus: Home show promotional giveaway ideas for roofers and HVAC contractors 

  • Branded water or edibles 

  • Coffee mugs/tumblers 

  • Levels 

  • Magnets 

  • Memo pads, sticky notes, sticky note holders 

  • Mini flashlights 

  • Mini screwdriver, tool kits 

  • Pencils, pens 

  • Refillable water bottles 

  • Tape measures, yard sticks 

  • Tote bags, reusable shopping bags/drawstring bags 

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Original article source: Equipter


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