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Turning on the tap for business in HOA communities

DaVinci Business in HOA communities
November 20, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Learn from roofers who have successfully travelled the HOA path and had great results.

Rules. Rules. Rules. Getting past the rules and restrictions in an HOA driven community can be challenging — but well worth it. Especially if you’re the contractor introducing composite slate or shake roofing to residents.

Many homeowners in HOA regulated neighborhoods are tired and frustrated. They don’t want to replace their roofs with the same damage-prone roofing materials after repeat storms. Plus, their insurance rates continue to rise. They’re primed and ready for a roofing alternative.

Enter composite roofing tiles. Those from DaVinci Roofscapes are Class A fire retardant and Class 4 impact resistant. These synthetic slate and shake tiles have a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, making every HOA member happy. Realistic-looking and easy to maintain, there’s no worry about rotting, cracking or fading. And, roofers bringing this product to the neighborhood are seen as the heroes, because there’s often a reduction in homeowner insurance rates for residents with these roofs.

Think about the opportunities. The Shake Guys reroofed 325 townhomes at Riva Ridge. 600 homes in Kissing Camels community changed their rules to allow in synthetic roofing, as did the 20 condos at Grand View. Statewide Roofing installed 95 new synthetic roofs on homes in Brookhaven Square. And, in Florida, North Star Contractors worked for 2-1/2 years straight on re-roofing dozens of townhomes with DaVinci Shake in three related Chelsea communities.

How to get into HOA communities

With great proven opportunities like these, it makes sense to approach HOA communities in your area. However, as with any selling situation, you need to be prepared.

Here are some thoughts from roofers who have successfully travelled the same path and had great results. They’ve promoted composite roofing to HOA townhome, condo and individual home communities, found their “sweet spot” for roofing sales, and gained tremendous business along the way.

  • Samples, road trip, testing data. “We provided Bob and Sally Roach with sample boards that immediately impressed them,” says Jorge Parra with Premier Pacific Roofing out of Milwaukie, Oregon. “They appreciated the thickness and authenticity of the composite shakes. After that, the long-term, low-maintenance aspect of the synthetic shakes really appealed to them.”

Next, Parra sent the couple on a drive to see DaVinci projects in the area. The homeowners fell in love and agreed to approach their HOA for approval.

“The people reviewing our paperwork wanted algae resistance information,” says homeowner Bob Roach. “Premier Pacific Roofing easily obtained the algae testing results from DaVinci. After that we received the green light to use the DaVinci Shake composite products!”

  • Take advantage of storm situations. Dozens of homes were damaged by hail in 2019 in the Walnut Lake development in Omaha. “We helped replace roofs, gutters, windows and sidings in this community,” says Austin Bettin, managing partner of Premier System Inc. “The HOA here has now approved DaVinci Shake as the only alternative roof in the community. The damaged roofs were all real cedar shakes. They were beat up very badly.”
  • Be persistent. “Design standards are very high at Muirfield,” says Ryan Lephart, director of business development for Great Roofing. “For nine years I presented the DaVinci product option because of its high aesthetic and performance values.

“Recently I met with their Board again. New, more progressive people are now on the Board. I brought in six boxes of DaVinci tiles and laid them out on the tables. I wanted people to see and feel the quality of the products.”

The result? Approval! “We had a beautiful shake composite in a Chesapeake color installed on a home on Aryshire Drive,” says Lephart. “We see this as a starting point in this community. With the DaVinci product now being an option for homeowners to choose for roof replacements, we believe residents will select the product for its beauty and durability.”

Let the homeowner open the door

Don’t overlook another way into an HOA community — right in the front door. Many residents in these neighborhoods are ready to take on HOA restrictions. They’re frustrated with being limited to the “same old choices” and want to invest in better roofing materials.

“When constructed around 1997, our community had wood shake and cement tiles used for roofing,” says Dee Manning, president of the Harbor Isle I homeowner association of 59 homes in Kansas. “As the years went on, the wood shakes were wearing out and, at the same time, they became harder to get insured. We wanted an alternative that was realistic looking but lightweight enough to be installed over the existing roof trusses of the homes in our community.

“We did our research and DaVinci Roofscapes offered the most realistic alternative to natural cedar shakes. Our community started offering DaVinci products in 2012 as an option for homeowners looking for replacement roofing. After the microburst in April of 2015, that interest level quickly accelerated and 10 homes were ready to commit to the DaVinci polymer tiles to replace their destroyed cement tile roofs.”

Storms are often the driving force toward new roofs. In Texas, Larry Taylor and his wife lobbied their HOA to gain approval of a DaVinci roof after hail destroyed their roof. Their roofer, MK Custom Roofing, didn’t really have to do much at all. The Taylors were determined to change the HOA’s rules and did all the work.

“We love this roof,” says Larry Taylor. “We’re constantly getting comments and compliments from our neighbors. We’re proud to be the first ones in our neighborhood that have this composite slate roof.

Color us happy

Oftentimes it’s not just the synthetic materials that HOA boards question — it’s also the colors the products come in.

Kate Smith, international color expert with Sensational Color, offers great insight to both roofers and homeowners on getting past HOA restrictions. In her story, “Is Your HOA Holding Exterior Colors Hostage?” Smith points out that HOAs generally limit color options in a community in order to maintain a neighborhood’s aesthetics. By working with a roofing company like DaVinci, you’ll find 50 standard roofing colors, certainly something for every HOA.

For additional color insights related to HOAs, see Kate’s other articles:

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.davinciroofscapes.com.

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