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Tubos Prefabricated Vent Pipe Extensions are a Must-Have on Every Job

NOV - ContReview - Tubos - Tubos Prefabricated Vent Pipe Extensions are a Must-Have on Every Job
November 18, 2018 at 5:54 a.m.

Hear what these contractors, consultant, and reps have to say about Tubos.

"As a Distributor, it is not often I see a new product come along which draws such excitement and practical use for the contractor as Tubos. Its best testimony is that every contractor to date that has purchased this product from me, has been a return Tubos buyer. Congratulations on your innovation. I highly recommend this product."

  • Jim Coston, Sr., Owner, Phoenix Sales

"Tubos, are you kidding me? Every commercial and/or residential re-roof contractor has run into a sub-eight-inch VTR scenario, broken or as is. Before Tubos you had to enlist the plumber or get creative with an exterior sleeve, not ideal. These are great to stock in your Service vans. Foremen hoard them behind the bench seat in their truck. You cannot do a re-roof or a recover without them. Thank you Tubos, you have created a must-have for us."

  • Geoffrey Hagan, LEED AP Environmental Solutions Manager at Tecta America Central Florida

"McMullen Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor serving west central Florida since 1985 and we have worked with the Tubos team since their inception. The Tubos product has made a tremendous impact on our roofing projects by saving us labor and providing a unique solution to a common problem. We have received excellent support and customer service from Tubos and we highly recommend this product!"

  • Adam L. Smith, Estimator, McMullen Roofing, Clearwater, Florida

"Tubos has invented an indispensable product that fills a huge void in the roofing industry. We like the product so much that it has become a permanent line item in our project specifications. Congrats on the idea and we wish you every success with your business."

  • Robert Whitcomb, AIA, RRC, Forensic Architect, Roofing & Waterproofing Consultant

"Your product is amazing, we have been using it for some time, I wish I had thought of it! We do a lot of tapered insulation installations which almost always requires that the vent pipes be extended to a higher elevation to accommodate the taper and this is a lot easier, less expensive and faster than the old method of a PVC coupling which usually also required the use of a larger lead stack. The roofing consultants we have interacted with on projects that required extension of the vent stack also approved it quickly as they also see it as a way to save their clients money and still maintain a high-quality detail. Good Job!"

  • Darrick Gockerell, President, PSI Roofing & Restorations

"Tubos is an excellent product that we use on many of our reroof projects. Whether we are increasing insulation thickness to meet additional R-value requirements, adding tapered insulation or pouring a new lightweight insulating concrete deck, there is always a need to raise the height of existing vent pipes. Tubos is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to raise vent pipes that will not leak and meets roof consultant and the membrane manufacturer's requirements. Thank you for providing this great solution."

  • Brent McFarlin, VP Operations, KPOST Company

"Tubos, what's a Tubos? That is what I said when I first heard the name of this product. Talk about being pleasantly surprised. In discussions with numerous contractors they were impressed with the design of the product, ease of application and an answer to their needs. The product fits that void of what do we use to extend this broken pipe and meet the requirements on the roof. TUBOS!"

  • Albert Spingler, Sales Representative, JGA Beacon

"The first time we used Tubos my guys said it sure is a lot easier and quicker than those rubber couplings. What a great idea!"

  • JC, Silver Systems, Incorporated

Visit www.tubos.biz to learn more and try it for yourself.


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