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TUBOS are so Popular that Foremen are Hoarding Them Behind the Bench Seat in their Trucks

TUBOS are so Popular
July 15, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

The user-friendly vent pipe extensions are rapidly becoming a must-have accessory in the roofing industry.

TUBOS can be installed at any location where the vent pipe’s height above the existing level of the finished roof system surface does not meet building code minimum requirements. Even better is that you often get two uses out of each TUBOS. After cutting one end, simply save the other end for use on another project. How’s that for efficient? Keep reading to see what the industry has to say about TUBOS.

"Tubos, are you kidding me? Every commercial and/or residential re-roof contractor has run into a sub-eight-inch VTR scenario, broken or as is. Before Tubos you had to enlist the plumber or get creative with an exterior sleeve, not ideal. These are great to stock in your Service vans. Foremen hoard them behind the bench seat in their truck. You cannot do a re-roof or a recover without them. Thank you Tubos, you have created a must-have for us."

- Geoffrey Hagan, LEED AP Environmental Solutions Manager at Tecta America Central Florida 

"Tubos has invented an indispensable product that fills a huge void in the roofing industry. We like the product so much that it has become a permanent line item in our project specifications. Congrats on the idea and we wish you every success with your business."

- Robert Whitcomb, AIA, RRC, Forensic Architect, Roofing & Waterproofing Consultant

"I rarely give personal recommendations, as they always come back to haunt me. But Mr. Morris is an exceptionally trustworthy and knowledgeable person, who is deeply committed to his client's needs. In addition, Tubos has tackled a longstanding issue of plumbing vent pipe extension. This would be absolutely perfect for anyone increasing insulation thickness, or LWIC pour. My highest recommendation to Kevin and Tubos."

- Robert R. Solomon CCC1325620 Director, Public Sector Services, White Mountain, LLC

"The first time we used Tubos my guys said it sure is a lot easier and quicker than those rubber couplings. What a great idea!"

- JC, Silver Systems Incorporated

"I purchased Tubos and had my roofers use it on my home. I do not want to worry about any leaks at the soil stack and with the 6" insert on Tubos I know that it is virtually impossible to leak or to be installed wrong. When I gave it to my roofer I believe I also got them a new customer as well, he was impressed with the simplicity and ease of installation. Thanks again!"

- Tom Farrell, Homeowner - Norwood, MA.

"Time is money, and the Tubos product make re-roofing and working with tapered systems a snap. Instead of running all over town looking for the right flashings- you just order the diameters you need, and custom cut on the job. It does not get any easier than that."

- Paul Graham, V P Sales, MGM Sales LLC and Moore Graham Sales, Inc.

"Tubos, what's a Tubos? That is what I said when I first heard the name of this product. Talk about being pleasantly surprised. In discussions with numerous contractors they were impressed with the design of the product, ease of application and an answer to their needs. The product fits that void of what do we use to extend this broken pipe and meet the requirements on the roof. TUBOS!"

- Albert Spingler, Sales Rep JGA Beacon

"I have found Tubos to be a well designed product that saves time and money in the field for re-roof projects, as well as maintenance and repairs. Nu- Tec Roofing Contractors will be using this product for all our future projects and repair needs. Thank you Tubos, for such a great product.”

- Charlie Stapleton, Nu-Tec Roofing Contractors

Find out for yourself how TUBOS can make your life a lot easier and more efficient when you get your first one FREE!


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