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Train Your Spanish Speaking Supervisors Online!

Better Employees Spanish Supervisors
November 2, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. 

Transform your Hispanic employees into high-level leaders of your company with this online course made for them. 

If you have ever tried to find leadership training for your Spanish-speaking employees, then you know how hard it can be to find good training that is actually in Spanish instead of with subtitles or dubbed. Look no further for the program that will deliver high-quality leadership training for Spanish speakers! Better Employee’s online course Effective Supervisor, offers practical, flexible and user-friendly training designed to develop your employees into more efficient, respectful and profitable leaders. 

Effective Supervisor trainings are short video lessons and exercises ideal for learning in small groups. Following each lesson there are group exercises to practice together. Video lessons are in Spanish with English subtitles and all handout exercises and tests are bilingual. Eduardo Figueroa teaches an integrated and comprehensive course to teach participants how to become better leaders. 

Employees learn to: 

  • Maximize productivity 

  • Be more responsible 

  • Maintain a positive attitude 

  • Communicate efficiently 

  • Embrace and lead change efficiently 

  • Treat everyone with respect 

  • Have a productive mindset 

  • Work as a team player 

  • Manage assertively 

  • Lead by example 

The Effective Supervisor Online Training features:  

  • Six modules covering: change, mindset, responsibility, communication, teamwork, and management 

  • 28 video sessions in Spanish with subtitles in English 

  • 28 audio files only in Spanish 

  • Exercises, assessment tools, handouts, test – bilingual – PDF 

  • Guide for managers and moderators – PDF 

  • Certificates of Accomplishment  


It cannot be stated enough the value of teaching your Spanish-speaking supervisors in their first language. Investing in your employees guarantees your company is maximizing its resources to increase profits by reducing product waste, errors, turnover and potential lawsuits. 

Companies that have taken the time to measure the annual economic impact, have observed an extraordinary value of this online training program for Hispanic supervisors. When compared against the investment they made in the program, it can result in a return on investment of more than 1,000%. 

Subscribe to the series of free video extracts with practical tips for people in a leadership position in Spanish with subtitles in English.

Learn more about Better Employees in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit betteremployees.net.

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