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Technology Saves Time

Mandy McIntyre Emerging Technologies
September 23, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

RCS Influencer Mandy McIntyre says that something as simple as using a smartphone in your business can save lots of time and paper! 

Editor’s note: The following consists of a conversation between RCS Multimedia Manager Megan Ellsworth, and Level Up Consultant's Mandy McIntyre. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript below.

Megan Ellsworth: Hello everyone. My name is Megan Ellsworth here at rooferscoffeeshop.com, and we are back with influencer responses. Hello. Today I'm chatting with Mandy McIntyre from LevelUp Consultants. Hello, Mandy. 

Mandy McIntyre: Hi Megan. 

Megan Ellsworth: I am so excited to be chatting with you today. We're going to be talking about the August question, which is what emerging technologies are changing the roofing industry? And I'm always excited to hear your take on these questions. So what technologies are we talking about today? 

Mandy McIntyre: So my input for this topic is not so much... There's always emerging technology in the industry, some really cool things that are coming out, but I wanted to discuss the technology that's already there that contractors aren't utilizing. 

Mandy McIntyre: And one would be, I see contractors that are still using paperwork orders, using paper in general for job sites when everyone has a smartphone, and it's so much easier to have everything on your phone. I do think paper is good for certain things, but to have everything on your phone as well is really good. You can log your time on there. Everything's automated. You can take pictures. So when I see a contractor that's still using the handwritten work orders and time sheets, you're just creating more work for yourself. So that's a technology that's available, and people should start utilizing because it's very time saving. 

Megan Ellsworth: Absolutely. 

Mandy McIntyre: Another one would be safety. So SDS sheets, there's different apps. Or you could even create a website where you have everything on the website for all your SDS sheets so that there's no going back or checking through a binder. Just again, everyone has a smartphone, mostly everyone. Look at the safety data for anything that you're using. And it's really good for OSHA too, because you have everything in a mobile place. You're not fumbling for some binder. 

Mandy McIntyre: And then safety plans too. Again, I see big giant binders for safety plans when you can have everything in a smartphone. There's different apps for that too. And there's different apps for tracking safety violations. And where I think this is really important is because when I was with a contractor, one time someone cut their finger. And we had to fill out the incident report, but it wasn't till later and all the details, and you forget things. So if you have someone help fill out that incident report right when it's happening or shortly thereafter in your phone, again with a mobile app or a different service, you're going to get more details. 

Megan Ellsworth: Yeah, absolutely. 

Mandy McIntyre: Yeah. And toolbox talks. There's apps for toolbox talks. You don't have to print out the sheets anymore. That can all be automated with technology. And then resources like first aid resources. Again, going back to your safety plan, where's the nearest hospital or urgent care? Have it all available in their phone. 

Mandy McIntyre: So again, you're not fumbling, you're not running back to the truck to get the binder, to look through things. It's all right there. So I think that's the biggest thing is just kind of going back to some technology basics. 

Megan Ellsworth: Yeah. And like you said, most people have smartphones, but not everyone does. And maybe even a contractor saying, "Hey, we can get you on a program to get you a smartphone." So that way you can do all these things on the job. That's so true. 

Mandy McIntyre: Or having an iPad for the foreman that has everything on the iPad. I've seen that. And that is really great because obviously the screen is bigger. And it's just to me, so much more time-efficient and it helps promote productivity because you're not doing non-craft time by looking up papers and this and that. So I would suggest everyone just use what's already there. 

Megan Ellsworth: Yeah. You don't even have to look too far into the future. Just use what's right at your fingertips right now. 

Mandy McIntyre: Yeah, and there's so much. There's free toolbox talk apps. Or you can, just on your website, create a page with all your SDS sheets, or create a landing page for whatever you need so that they just log onto the website. 

Megan Ellsworth: Absolutely. Perfect. Well thank you so much. That's so helpful. I think for the people out there that are still using paper, this is a great way for them to slowly transition into current and future times. 

Mandy McIntyre: Yes, yes. Trust me, the people in the office will love it because it's so much easier than retyping time and descriptions and all of that. 

Megan Ellsworth: Absolutely. Thank you so much, Mandy. Thank you so much for replying to our response this month for August. And we'll chat with you in September. 

Mandy McIntyre: Yes. Thank you so much, Megan. 

Megan Ellsworth: Thanks.

Mandy McIntyre is the owner of Level Up Consultants, where she focuses on business consulting based on leadership and company culture in the roofing industry. See her full bio here.

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September 29, 2022
People from different walks of life are intrigued by the way technology is progressing at a profuse rate, shaping our lives into the digital world With new tech trends being introduced every quarter and information becoming obsolete as technology evolves, it’s now an obligation to stay relevant and learn about the newest technologies, social media, and the web in general.

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