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Legacy shingles win gold

Malarkey Leading the Way
June 8, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

By Malarky Roofing Products. 

Malarkey takes top honors in the 2024 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards. 

Top honors at the 2024 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) were awarded to Forest Dennis, a roofing contractor, and his team for the installation of Malarkey's Legacy® shingles on a home in the Montana mountains. The skilled installation, which included 57 different facets, was completed by Forest and his team, who installed 110 squares of the Legacy® shingles in a mere seven days.  

“We wanted to give our customers absolute peace of mind with the Malarkey Legacy® series. The Legacy® series includes a Class 4 impact rating and 130 mph wind warranty, and the shingles are made with eco-friendly, recycled material,” explains Forest. 

A majestic home with an incredible view 

“The home sits in the middle of one of Montana’s most beautiful valleys with historic, rustic, and western homes nearby. With Yellowstone National Park so close, there’s a prevalent amount of wildlife around,” said Forest of the project site. 

“The new black oak shingles really complement the original natural wood and stone walls on the exterior of the home by still giving the home its original rustic appearance – but now with an eye-catching roof system that will last many decades to come.”  

Despite the setting, the project was not without challenges. 

“Upon starting the project, our team discovered rotten sheathing throughout the entire roof that required replacement,” he said. “We had to take special care to ensure our material and roofing debris wasn’t blowing off of the project site, as this home is located very close to Yellowstone National Park,” he added. 

The roof also has 57 different facets, which required some modification including custom valley metal, bent to fit multiple pitches and the removal of multiple dead valleys with new framing. 

“We also experienced harsh weather a few days into this project. Forest's general contractor’s team was able to react quickly to ensure the home was waterproof and provide the homeowners peace of mind knowing that the interior of their home would not be exposed to any water damage.” 

Malarkey product solution 

For this project, Forest’s team knew Malarkey’s NEX® rubberized asphalt roofing shingles were the right choice – particularly because they “offer all of the necessary specs to withstand Montana’s extreme climate.”  

“This home is intended to be a long-term investment for the homeowner and his daughter. The 50-year shingle, Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact rating and 130 mph Wind warranty, sealed the deal,” said Forest. 

The Dennis contracting team shared that they have several Malarkey projects currently underway through the end of the summer.   

Eco offset 

For a project of this scale – a staggering 110 squares – it is also notable for its ecological offset thanks to the upcycled content in every Malarkey shingle. These values include: 

  • 22 approximate rubber tires diverted from the landfill. 
  • 14,700 approximate plastic bags diverted from the landfill. 
  • 7 approximate trees ‘planted’ to help clean the air 

ARMA program 

This program recognizes low- and steep-slope asphalt roofing projects across North America based on four categories: Reasons for Selecting Asphalt, Performance, Beauty and Distinction. For over 10 years, the awards program has celebrated excellence in the asphalt roofing industry. Projects are judged by a panel of industry experts and members of the trade media. The highest scores are recognized with prestigious Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. 

“We garnered 94 submissions, with two projects achieving gold medal status, making it another triumphant year,” stated Reed Hitchcock, ARMA executive vice president in the news release. “The awards program continues to serve as a platform for honoring excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in asphalt roofing, and inspiring the industry to reach new milestones.” 

Past Malarkey winners 

Previously, Malarkey products have earned notable recognition. This is the first time, however, that Malarkey shingles have won a Gold award. Last year, the Legacy® shingles were given a Bronze award as part of a renovation project on the Island House Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Several years prior, our Windsor® shingles also earned an honorable mention for a residential project in Colorado

Original article source: Malarkey

Learn more about Malarkey Roofing Products in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.malarkeyroofing.com.

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