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How to Bid Siding Jobs and Win

Jobnimbus Corrupt Siding
March 14, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

By JobNimbus. 

Making a good bid is essential to winning jobs for your siding business. Learn how to use technology to get a head start when it comes to your bids.  

JobNimbus knows that as a contractor, most of your jobs are going to come from bids. Meaning, that your siding business’s growth is directly tied with how well you can bid a siding job. A bid, also known as a quote or estimate, isn’t quite as hard as it might initially sound. Thanks to technological innovations like siding software, you have all the tools you need to successfully bid siding jobs and win them. 

What are siding bids and why are they important? 

A siding bid is a document sent by a siding contractor to a client to express their interest in undertaking a siding project. The bid, also known as an estimate or quote, includes the project’s cost and how the contractor will deliver on the client’s requirements. If you are a general siding contractor, you might request bids from subcontractors. 

Siding bids aim to prove to the potential client that your company is the right fit for their project. It shows you have the expertise, resources and time to manage or complete the siding job. The process for bidding on siding projects typically follows the same format: 

1 - The potential client invites siding contractors and businesses to submit their bids. 

2 - Siding contractors review the project description, including the type of siding job, an ideal timeline for completion and other details. 

3 - The contractor then decides if the project aligns with their skills and capacity. If it does, the siding contractor prepares their bid and sends it to the client. 

4 - The client assesses all the bids they received. After looking them over, they award the project to one of the siding contractors. Once they agree on the bid, they convert it into a contract. 

Siding bids are essential for both the siding contractor and the potential client. As a siding contractor, you use the bidding process to ensure each siding project is suitable and profitable. It also offers an opportunity to communicate your unique selling propositions. 

For the client, the bidding process ensures competitive pricing, value and fulfilled project requirements. 

How to quote a siding job 

The global siding market reached $93 billion in 2021 and will likely reach $128 billion by 2027. Given its massive market, bids for siding jobs come in all shapes and sizes, meaning the information you provide in a bid will vary between projects. However, there are several elements that you should include in the bid to ensure it’s competitive and enticing. 

If you are looking to learn how to quote a siding job, you must include the following: 

Contact information 

Though it sounds cliché, providing contact information is the core of your bid. Regardless of how good your bid is, the client will discard your bid if they can’t find your contact information. Ensure you list the basics, including your name, business address, phone number and email address. 

Scope of the project 

Provide an overview of that customer’s specific siding project. Define what you’ll achieve and the type of service you’ll provide. Detail the materials you’ll need, and remember to include subcontractors if you intend to use them. 

You can also add other information about safety requirements and debris removal. 

The existing job site 

Some siding projects require you to conduct a preliminary site assessment. In such cases, include a description of the site as you found it during your visit. Create a report outlining the actions you’ll take to work on the existing job site condition. 

If the site needs preparation, define the person responsible for the job, including the required materials and cost. 

Cost estimation 

Instead of including a lump total, try to break down the siding project cost. Categorize each expense, labor, and material cost individually to make it easier for the client to understand why the total cost is where it is. 

Project schedule 

The project schedule covers the project’s lifespan from start to finish, detailing siding milestones in between. To avoid any issues, outline the extent your business will be liable for delays caused by different events such as permit delays, weather conditions and world events. 

Remember to remove vacation days, building approvals, lead time and other external factors that might affect the schedule. 

Additional siding bid elements to win the job 

The elements listed above are the basics of siding bids. However, if you want your proposal to stand out and earn the client’s trust, you should consider adding the following elements to give you a competitive edge. 

  • Value-added services: Detail how your siding job will add value to the potential client. You can prove this value by providing an extra service or extending an existing one. 

  • Communicate your difference: Explain how your business differs from your competitors and why you are perfect for the project. The difference could be your siding software or experience in a particular siding niche. 

  • Demonstrate your research: Show the client that you understand their challenges and needs. If bidding for a commercial siding project, show that you have researched the company and its previous projects. When bidding for residential projects, highlight that you are familiar with the neighborhood and have experience providing siding services. 

How to bid a vinyl siding job 

Due to vinyl siding’s popularity and low pricing, bidding for a vinyl siding job requires more effort to have the edge over your bidding competitors. On top of the standard bidding process, there are several factors you have to consider when determining how to bid a vinyl siding job. 

  • Vinyl siding cost per square foot: On average, vinyl siding costs between $4 and $5 per square foot. This price doesn’t include labor and material costs. Those costs will vary depending on the type of vinyl siding the client requests and the current vinyl process in the area. 

  • Vinyl siding cost per square: A 100 feet square of vinyl siding costs between $130 and $1,000. To calculate the number of squares you need for the siding project, determine the square footage of the wall you intend to cover and divide the answer by 100. 

Conquer siding bids with siding software 

Repeatedly bidding for siding projects can be dull, which increases the chances of making an error. Dedicated siding software saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business functions. 

Some siding software providers, like JobNimbus, include features like automations and templates so you can avoid repetitive tasks. The software also gives you a convenient way to track siding jobs through every step of the project. 

Win more siding jobs with the best bids 

With the right elements in a siding bid, you’ll increase how many jobs your siding company wins. Be sure to give vinyl siding jobs a special consideration to help them stand out in a sea of estimates. 

Learn more about JobNimbus in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit JobNimbus.com

Original article source: JobNimbus

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