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How is the Equipter RB4000 Different From the Average Hydraulic Dump Trailer?

Equipter RB4000 Different from Average Hydraulic Dump Trailer
April 7, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Equipter. 

Learn what sets the Equipter RB4000 apart from a standard hydraulic dump trailer. 

While it might seem more economical to rent a hydraulic dump trailer, the Equipter RB4000 can do so much more. Here, we outline the benefits of both trailer types and why you should consider the RB4000. 

Traditional hydraulic dump trailer vs. RB4000: Dumpster functions 

The standard dump trailer is limited in its capabilities compared to the versatile Equipter RB4000, but both have their own benefits. 

Hydraulic dump container functions 

Hydraulic dump containers are basic. You can dump them, you can tow them. Below, we explore the benefits of each of these functions: 

Hydraulic dump containers...dump. 

As its name implies, the hydraulic dump container easily tilts to an efficient dumping angle. This is helpful when emptying a roofing trailer off site.  

Roofing and construction companies that rent hydraulic dumpsters typically don’t have to worry about discarding debris. The rental companies pick up the full dumpsters, eliminating the need to head to the dump after a long day on the job. 

Hydraulic dump trailers are towable. 

When you own a towable hydraulic dumpster, you can use it for more than just discarding roofing debris. For example, it can double as a utility trailer for hauling furniture and other belongings during a move. 

Equipter RB4000 functions 

The Equipter RB4000 outperforms standard hydraulic dump trailers by a landslide. All the user-favorite functions combine to create a versatile piece of equipment that serves as transportation for tools and supplies across the job site and a portable dumpster that’s easy to navigate in tight spaces. Here are the main functions of the RB4000: 

The RB4000 is drivable. 

It’s easy to drive this portable dump container across a variety of terrains, thanks to its gas-powered engine and self-propelled capabilities. The RB4000’s narrow front tires allow for optimal steering, contributing to its unbeatable turning radius. Hear Equipter users share their experiences driving on lawns here.  

Its driving feature also makes hooking it up to your pickup truck a breeze. 

The RB4000 is towable. 

You can drive this compact dump trailer right up to the tow hitch on your standard pickup truck. There’s no struggling with a second person trying to help you align the truck and trailer hitch, no need for backup cameras.  

Owning the RB4000 also means you can pick up even more materials at your local supplier first thing in the morning, eliminating delivery fees and delays. 

The RB4000 extends back four feet. 

The last things homeowners want after spending thousands of dollars on a new roof are damaged flower beds. The rollback function of the RB4000 allows the user to extend the dump box back as far as four feet, providing better protection for your customers’ delicate landscape features.  

Aaron Nelson of Nelson Contracting uses this as a selling point in his company’s pitch. “See that flowerbed,” he’ll say to the customer. “You’re still going to see it when we’re done.” Watch his story here to see how he upped his close ratio by 20% with the Equipter

The RB4000 lifts up to 12 feet. 

In addition to the rollback, the 12-foot hydraulic lift on the Equipter RB4000 contributes to customer property protection. The debris has a shorter distance to fall, so there’s less of a chance of the building’s exterior being scratched or damaged by roofing debris.  

On top of the added protection, the dump box serves as a material lift. This reduces and, in some cases, eliminates the backbreaking work of hauling plywood and other heavy roofing materials up ladders throughout the day. 

The RB4000 features a hydraulic-operated tailgate. 

Like the standard hydraulic dump trailer, the RB4000 features a hydraulic-operated dumping capability. Unlike the standard trailer, the RB4000’s lift combined with its ability to dump make it easy to dump the trash into a dump truck or trailer and then head back to the building for more tear-off debris. No heaving a heavy tarp full of debris across your customer’s lawn. 

Dump trailer vs. RB4000: Size 

The size of a standard 20-yard dump trailer can be a blessing and a curse. While it fits all debris from an average size roof replacement, all that weight can lead to property damage at the end of the job. When it’s time to haul the trailer away, the weight of the unit plus that of the debris it accrued during the job may leave ruts or other landscape damage on your customer’s property.  

The Equipter RB4000 has a GVWR of 7,500 pounds. Empty, the equipment weighs just over 4,000 lbs. Its wide tires contribute to a more evenly distributed weight ratio as you drive it around the job site. While in use, its outriggers help alleviate pressure on your customer’s property.  

If using a hydraulic dumpster with the RB4000, Equipter recommends placing the dumpster at the curb whenever possible. 

Using a Hydraulic Dump Trailer with the RB4000 

To master the ultimate roof replacement experience, professional roofers use the RB4000 in conjunction with a standard dump trailer or dump truck. Together, these pieces of roofing equipment optimize and streamline tear-off and production, leaving the customer impressed and increasing your referral rate.  

Want to try the Equipter RB4000 for yourself? Find the closest rental location to your job. 

Learn more about Equipter in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.Equipter.com.

Original article source: Equipter

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