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How Investing in Technology Helped East Coast Roofing Grow

Ingage East Coast Roofing
August 3, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Ingage.  

Learn how Ingage helped deliver the key element of scaling up — consistency — to take this family business to the next level. 

East Coast Roofing has served the South Jersey community since 1979. When President and CEO Jeff Kay joined the business in 2016, he had one goal: to have the company be a leading home service provider in the area. Despite industry competition and changing industry trends, he managed to bring a 4-6 % uptick in a close rate as a team and grown the company significantly thanks to the adoption of tools like ‍Ingage. 


When Jeff joined the East Coast Roofing team in 2016, he was tasked with taking the family business to the next level and preparing them to transition to the next generation. The then small company was fairly successful — they had been in business for over 40 years after all — but they were missing one vital element: consistency.  

The selling process at the time consisted of two employees going door-to-door to 30-plus houses each day and office administrators would then send packets to interested homes. This process was often inconsistent and led to ample lag time between outreach and closing the sale.  

After Jeff joined the team, he created a presentation but found that sharing third-party industry data with leads was getting muddled by slow load times on iPads or lost in endless brochures. This lack of consistency through a solidified sales process and effective presentations made it difficult for the company to reach their growth goals.  


The first step to getting on the path to growth is building a consistent process. Jeff found consistency through adopting a sales process, hiring and training a sales team, training office staff on appointment scheduling and onboarding two finance companies. With these simple yet effective changes, East Coast Roofing began to see success and consistency. But they knew there were more opportunities available to increase growth. That’s when Ingage was adopted by the East Coast Roofing team.  

“We use Ingage as a hub with the presentation, third-party data from Project Map It and then the shingle samples as a component that plugs in. We can leverage the technology to replace paper brochures or referral books,” says Jeff.  

After being introduced to Ingage by a larger home remodeling company in his industry, Jeff immediately knew he wanted the presentation platform for his team. Between the ease of use of the platform to the ability to view presentation analytics, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to build even more consistency with his team.  

Once the presentation design was complete, Jeff began training reps using the platform and found it much easier to train his team on Ingage. His reps are able to quickly pick up on the sales pitch using Ingage rather than sitting down and reading product brochures.  

Plus, reps are getting through training two weeks faster than the traditional process, which means they’re bringing in up to $60,000 more in revenue in those two weeks that they wouldn’t have before implementing Ingage.  

Another tech feature that speeds up the East Coast Roofing training process is the use of Project Map It. This powerful marketing tool that integrates directly into Ingage can easily display previous work and even show actual customer testimonials. When Jeff needs to train reps on the company’s previous jobs or help them learn how to build trust with potential customers, he leverages Project Map It. Because the app shows specific homes in specific neighborhoods with recent reviews instead of the standard random collection of work from around the area, customers develop a stronger sense of confidence and respect in the company, and the rep.  

Jeff also ensures ongoing consistency and accountability through Ingage analytics where he views which pages reps look at during a sales call, and for how long. If a rep comes back from the appointment without closing the deal, he can view the analytics report to understand how the rep moved through the presentation. If he notices that they skipped over pages he built specifically to overcome common objections or pages that featured essential confidence-building data like Project Map It reviews, he sits down with the rep and provides individualized coaching. All of this combines to create a process that can be duplicated and scaled quickly to adapt to East Coast Roofing’s goals.  


Since adopting Ingage in late 2021, Jeff has seen exciting results including an average 5% month-over-month increase in close rates. When he puts this in terms of return on investment (ROI), it equates to an additional 10 jobs a month at an average of $15,000 each, meaning East Coast Roofing has brought in an additional $900,000 in their first 6-months of using Ingage.  

Jeff attributes this success to the consistency and analytics Ingage provides in addition to the use of tech tools like Project Map It. “With consistency comes accountability,” says Jeff. “Without consistency, I can’t create a process that can be duplicated. With a product like Ingage, I can duplicate, which means for a business, I can scale. I can open another location, quickly train salespeople and monitor their actions and performance from a remote location. It’s one of the building blocks to where this company is going.” 

East Coast Roofing uses the integration tool on the platform to display maps inside of their presentation which they can then open to display the Project Map It site. From there, reps are able to show homeowners specific jobs they’ve completed right in their neighborhood, which leads to building stronger relationships with homeowners and closing more deals.  

Always thinking about the next few years, Jeff is excited to see even more results from leveraging technology like Ingage and Project Map It. From creating consistent sales processes presented through Ingage to building trust with Project Map It, East Coast Roofing has grown their business exponentially and is ready to take on any challenge they face.  

Learn more about Ingage by visiting their RoofersCoffeeShop® directory or by visiting www.ingage.io. 

Original article source: Ingage

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