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How 3 companies boosted business through software integrations

Acculynx Software Integration 5.24
May 30, 2024 at 9:00 p.m.

By AccuLynx. 

Discover how integrating roofing sales software can transform your business in the roofing industry. 

Operational efficiency is essential for business growth in today's competitive roofing industry. An integrated roofing sales software can revolutionize your operations by simplifying complex processes and minimizing costly mistakes.  

These integrations link material suppliers, aerial measurement providers and accounting systems, facilitating better productivity, smarter decision-making, superior customer service, and greater profitability. Explore the success stories of three roofing companies that transformed their operations through the strategic use of software integrations. 

Material supplier integrations 

Yellowhammer Roofing needed a way to improve their estimating accuracy and save time. It was incredibly time consuming for them to pull up-to-date information from their supplier’s website and update the pricing in their CRM to put in their estimates. Often, their estimate didn’t reflect the actual cost of materials because the fluctuations in pricing and availability made it difficult to quote accurately. A lot of the time, the inaccuracies of a job’s estimate didn’t come to light until the day of the installation. This led to project delays as they scrambled to fix the errors. 

Yellowhammer primarily orders from Beacon Building Products, so when they started using the Beacon material supplier integration in their roofing sales software, they no longer had to manually update their pricing sheets – Beacon’s entire product catalog was available from their software and allowed them to see real-time pricing and availability, place orders and track the status of orders, which immediately helped streamline the sales process, and improved the accuracy of their estimates. 

This new way of ordering saves Yellowhammer 3.5 hours each week. Now, they have time to focus on customer service, sell more jobs, and boost their profits. 

Aerial measurement integrations 

Kaiser Siding and Roofing jumped at the opportunity to use the EagleView aerial measurement integration as soon as it became available in their roofing sales software. 

Previously, they had to visit each job site individually, unload and load ladders, manually measure the roof, and then input the data and notes for each job into their CRM . Not only did this take up valuable time, it also made them prone to making mistakes. Measuring by hand often left them short on materials and profits. 

Now, they’re saving at least two hours per bid using aerial measurements. 

The integration allows them to place orders directly to EagleView through their roofing software and has made the roof measurement process, easier more efficient, and error-free. 

The integration not only saved Kaiser Siding and Roofing time on each job, but it also helped when meeting with insurance adjusters, who they learned almost always estimate low. Since they can pull accurate EagleView measurements right from the job file, they are prepared to discuss the scope of work on the spot. 

Kaiser Siding and Roofing attribute switching from hand measuring to aerial measurements through the integration contributed to a 120% revenue growth for them in just one year. 

Accounting integrations 

Complete Exteriors used to switch between four different roofing sales software systems to run their business, including spreadsheets and QuickBooks. This process cost owner Joe Boyd and his teams tons of time because they were entering the same data into multiple systems. 

Boyd wanted to grow his company, but knew the extra sales staff would also necessitate the need for more office staff to keep up with the accounting. 

Taking advantage of a proper QuickBooks integration saved Complete Exteriors at least 20 hours per week in data input. Boyd’s teams were proficient users of QuickBooks; however, their former roofing sales software solution did not have a strong integration with it, resulting in the constant need for double data entry into spreadsheets and exporting out of QuickBooks, which caused them to lose important data. 

Now, their QuickBooks account is automatically synced with each job file in their CRM, eliminating the need for any double data entry. Complete Exteriors logs all of their expenses in QuickBooks, which automatically sync to the job file in AccuLynx. 

Complete Exteriors also uses QuickBooks to track  their sales team’s commissions. They can look at a job profit forecast versus what it actually paid out and see each salesperson’s commission structure. When the job is paid out, they can easily create a payroll for their team.  

AccuLynx roofing sales software has the integrations contractors need 

AccuLynx has the integrations roofing contractors need to improve productivity and profitability. Through integrations with Beacon, ABC Supply, and SRS Distribution, contractors get real-time pricing and product availability that help increase efficiency on each project. AccuLynx also integrates with aerial measurement provider GAF QuickMeasure in addition to EagleView to ensure contractors have fast, accurate roof measurements. And AccuLynx’s integration with QuickBooks simplifies the entire accounting process and saves hours of unnecessary admin work. 

Original article source: AccuLynx

Learn more about Accluynx in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.acculynx.com.

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