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Home Construction Punch List Items: An Interactive Walkthrough

Trimble Home Construction Interactive Walkthrough
May 7, 2019

By Contractor WorkZone.

After managing a long, detail-oriented home construction project, you’re ready to close things up and move on to the next job, but there’s one last task to complete, a construction punch list.

When it comes time for this sometimes daunting task, it’s not as easy as it may seem to complete. Because the construction industry is lagging in technology adoption in comparison to other industries, your current punch list process might not be as efficient as it could be. Or maybe you don’t even use a punch list? If that’s the case, it’s time to get up-to-speed and be more efficient when it comes to home project closeouts.

For home construction projects, it can be difficult to know where to start. Due to the complexity of different items that make up the home, you might feel lost on what takes priority and who needs to be involved, but we’ve made it easy for you!

In this interactive infographic, you’ll learn more about common punch list items throughout a house to help guide your next home construction walkthrough.

Browse through the home and use your mouse to hover over each item as it’s highlighted. This guide will help you create a list, room-by-room of what needs to be checked before closing out a project.

Some common punch list items may include but are not limited to:


Most appliances are located in the kitchen area of a home and may include the following punch list items:

  • Refrigerator is on and cold
  • Dishwasher is connected to water and running
  • Tested the garbage disposal
  • Gas/Power is properly hooked up to the oven and stove


The electrical snag list items are usually scattered all throughout the home, and require proper attention to detail. Those items may include:

  • Receptacles are working, free of paint, and are colored correctly
  • Switches work with proper polarity
  • Light fixtures have light bulbs and are colored correctly
  • The breaker is tested and properly labeled

Entries & Exits

The entries and exits of a home are often overlooked when it comes to construction punch lists, but the following items are important to check before moving on:

  • Adjust any hardware on the doors
  • Locks are installed and work correctly
  • Doors open and close without getting stuck


You may be focusing solely on the interior of a house when it comes to punch list items but don’t forget the following exterior areas:

  • Ensure the trim is installed with tight joints
  • The siding is left in good condition with no chips or dents


The floors are one of the most important parts of a home construction project and it’s important to check-off the following items:

  • The grout is touched-up on the tiles
  • The floors are thoroughly cleaned of all construction debris
  • Ensure there is no squeaking or warped carpet

HVAC & Plumbing

Although this part of the house is not always visible from the main living spaces, they shouldn’t be forgotten:

  • Air conditioning is working and zoned
  • Heating system works and is zoned
  • Thermostat works properly
  • Water heater is set to a non-scalding temperature
  • Check for leaks on the supply and drain line
  • Ensure hot and cold settings are correct
  • Faucet is properly running

Walls & Ceilings

It’s very obvious when there’s a chip in the wall paint or missing air vents. Don’t forget to check these items off your list:

  • Paint is touched up and drywall is patched
  • Vents are installed correctly


Nothing leaves a customer more frustrated than a stuck window. Always have the following items included in your punch list:

  • Windows open and close smoothly
  • Window locks work properly


Although the roof is on the exterior of the house, it’s just as important! Don’t forget these things:

  • Check for any obvious damage that might need repaired
  • There’s no buckling, cupping or curling
  • No loose pieces
  • The slope looks to be correct
  • Overhang is not too big/too small

During your next home construction project, it’s important not to write-off a construction punch list as an unnecessary phase in construction. Whether you’re old-school and still use paper, or are using a digital tool like Defects Pro, leveraging a comprehensive snagging list like the one in this graphic will help wrap-up a project, the right way.

View the actual interactice graphic.


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