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Getting Creative With Employee Engagement

Seth and Ashley Getting Creative
April 29, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

RCS Influencers Seth and Ashley Pietsch say keeping people happy with their work is more important now than ever.  

Editor's note: Listen to the full interview to hear the latest ideas from Integrity Insurance on how they can maintain worker satisfaction for the long run.  

Megan Ellsworth: Hi, my name is Megan Ellsworth here at RoofersCoffeeShop® and today I am with Seth Pietsch and Ashley Pietsch with Integrity Insurance. And we're talking about the April influencer topic, which is what unique or special benefits do you offer your employees? Hello, Seth and Ashley. 

Ashley Pietsch: Hi, how are you? 

Seth Pietsch: Good morning. Thanks for having us. 

Megan Ellsworth: Yeah. I'm good. Glad to have you here. What do you guys offer your employees? 

Ashley Pietsch: At our agency, currently right now, just the basics. We offer a health plan, vision and dental, as far as a package goes for them, vacation time. Something special that we're actually teaming up with a newer company is, we're going to be hiring this company to plan things for our employees, such as days off, or they show up to work basically and they make the call and we have a day planned for them. 

Megan Ellsworth: Wow. 

Ashley Pietsch: And this person will be coordinating that just maybe once a year, once every six months, just to let them know that we appreciate them. And it's a paid for workday, all expense paid day for them. So just trying to just show them how much we value them and how much we really appreciate everything that they're doing for us. 

Megan Ellsworth: That's great. That's super great. So it's just a fun day out for them? 

Ashley Pietsch: Yeah. Yep. 

Megan Ellsworth: That's awesome. 

Ashley Pietsch: Yeah. 

Megan Ellsworth: Well, as a roofing contractor, are there any unique benefits that you think people should be giving their employees? 

Seth Pietsch: Yeah. I think there definitely is. It's very competitive out there right now, and when you have good employees that really value your company, you need to do whatever you can to keep those employees happy and keep the morale up. And offering benefits such as Ashley just spoke about, that we offer as far as health insurance goes, dental, 401k, having those benefits available and as options to your employees, whether the employer matches the contributions of the 401ks or not, but having those benefits in place, it does tend to keep or attract employees to either come to your company or stay with your company. Because if you're not doing it, one of your competitors down the road might, and that's an important piece right now with having just extra packages that you can offer your employees, so they feel valued and they feel like they're getting the benefits that they deserve for putting in the hard work. So that's definitely an important thing to have in place right now, [inaudible 00:03:04] able to just keep the talented people employed with you. 

Megan Ellsworth: Yeah, for sure. I love that. Keep the talent. Yeah. You want to keep the talent inside, not outside. 

Seth Pietsch: Absolutely. 

Megan Ellsworth: Awesome. Well, thank you guys so much. Do you have any last words on this month's topic? 

Seth Pietsch: No. I don't think too much more, but keeping the morale and keeping the energy going, I think is everybody's strive and wants, and whatever you can do to implement certain things that gets you outside of the box and to make your employees feel like they're valued, I think that's a very important piece right now with just keeping people happy and keeping people engaged with their jobs. Because having everybody working from home and in different locations, it's hard, it's more difficult to have that, that's option's readily available, so getting creative in that is going to keep everybody engaged and the morale up and everything else. 

Megan Ellsworth: For sure. Well, beautifully said, you guys. 

Ashley Pietsch: Thank you for having us, Megan. 

Seth Pietsch: Thank you very much, Megan. 

Seth Pietsch is the president and Ashley Pietsch is vice president of Integrity Insurance & Bonding IncSee Seth’s full bio here and Ashley’s full bio here.

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